Album Review – SOMASEK’s London Recordings

Album Review – SOMASEK’s London Recordings

Somasek London Recordings

ALBUM REVIEW: Something between the electronic gadgetry of grandaddy, Rufus Wainwright’s vocal flair and Mike Peters’s acoustic Alarm marches is Joshua Flowers’s SOMASEK London Recordings. Floating in spacey vibrations plush with wall to wall carpeting set for that modern music you may imagine in A Clockwork Orange’s record store scene. Where they cater to a debonair and young Malcolm Mcdowell’s taste as he flips through records and picks up some play things for a quick roll in the hay. Other times there are some wicked guitar tones in particular on the track “Time Bomb” which scrambles in-between 1-2 drum machine beats but Joshua’s fancy sleeves certainly are most pronounced in the elevated break-up hit “Hologram”. I don’t know maybe this is truly sexy 70’s milko-bar-music but with less of a perverted Eno thing. You definitely may need a compass to navigate these dreamy pop songs but the fantasy will be safe as each of these tunes floats like their own secret magical ruin. Check it out!

Hologram MP3 by Somasek from London Recordings [GET IT HERE FREE]

Greek Song MP3 By Rufus Wainwright from his record Poses to see what we mean.

Q&A:: Joshua Flowers answers the dreaded questions which albums would you take with you to a deserted island and goes into the making of London Recordings on a laptop and corresponding via email with the mixer/producer …felt old-fashioned… It was like working through morse code or something.Read more »