Bandcamp is growing into a music bank and adding payment options

Bandcamp is growing into a music bank and adding payment options

TODAY: Bandcamp HQ announced that they will be rolling out an important transactional change and improvements to the way they collect money from music fans and will be adding payment options. Rather than user payments for digital transactions going from the fan directly to the Bandcamp account holder the payments will be processed by them internally first and then paid out to the account within 24 hours, instead of instantly like they currently are in real timewith the added bummer of a caveat that higher-value transactions may take a bit longer to arrive. So looks like Bandcamp will be playing with your money and making interest with these “improvements” in order to become a music bank.  They claim the revenue share will not be changing, which is one of the upsides and users will continue to receive payments via the only existing option which is users/musician PayPal account. Although I personally would prefer they give the option to pay my bank directly if possible and cut out Paypal all together and maybe that is the longer term goal for bigger labels and business minded folks because all adds up if you consider that music fans have paid artist $115 million, and 3.2 million in the last 30 days alone!

Music fans have paid artists $115 million, and $3.2 million in the last 30 days alone! 

Bandcamp says they are taking over the processing and payout for digital transactions in order to lay the groundwork for several new and exciting upcoming improvements which may include:

  • Accepting more payment options (bigger bank issues involve new transaction fees)
  • Offering of gift cards (new transaction fees to consider and production costs)
  • The streamlining the checkout flow (especially when purchasing items from multiple artists e.g. different user paypal accounts)

Bandcamp also notes that as part of their change they will be updating their current Terms of Use and will be announcing the fine print regarding above shortly. The only upside is that because they are adding the big credits cards (potentially) this will allow more users who want to become bandcamp music fans but don’t have a paypal account.

What would really be transformational in their roadmap is if they could monetize their streaming and all of the embedded music players with a fairer payout for independent artists. If independent services like mixcloud did shared monetization it could be a game changer like YouTube figured out however soundcloud may be poised to do this better. The race is on.



Episode 086: Gimme Indie Rock! by Little Records on Mixcloud


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Music News – To good to be a lie w/o 2.10.14

Music News – To good to be a lie w/o 2.10.14

The Wrens recording
The Wrens – album working title is Prepare To Be Disappointed. Sarcasm yes. Is Charles Bissell busy. Yes. But it’s coming… revisit The Meadowlands and remind yourself why you love them deep in your heart because they live to keep you waiting. Yes we used this joke twice but seriously they tour this fall to help shape your expectations.

We have no clue what the hell the “Digital Prophet” David Shing is talking about. Let us know if you can decipher what he’s saying because he seems to be made of spare parts and bits the way this is edited. It’s so out of context. The editor botched this up or there really is no saving this dudes haircut. He’s just fried. He needs to actually unplug for a decade!

Mike Watt Hello europe folks can get Mike Watt’s picture book ‘on and off bass’ more econo now (saving big time on shipping) as reported via the press room. On and Off the bass on Amazon. Apparently lots pelicans and his hometown of Pedro. For hardcore fans of firehose and minutemen according to the reviews.

DOWNLOAD: arrow-pierced-egg-man MP3 by Mike Watt from hyphenated-man(2011)

Sludge popster Torche sign to our favorite metal label Relapse Records. Currently recording in Florida on the next release as of yet untitled. Playing show at St Vitus Bar in NYC Feb 26th. Guest listy please!

Radiohead launch a official app called Polyfauna. That is pretty normal as they have more concerns with being a art project and not a band anymore. Do you guys remember King of Limbs at all? Because that was awhile go. So this is like them releasing the song “Bloom” as an app, as a very tardy single. Try it and let us know. Other devoted fans seems to dig it.

Speaking of which. Here’s the SLINT BREADCRUMB TRAIL THEATRICAL TRAILER – this were just crazy kids from Kentucky. Emphasize kids. Super young dudes. Check out this trailer.

Lefty’s DeceiverEx-Patriots MP3 from Cheats 92003) on My Pal God.
Anderson Council –Don’t You Think_ MP3 from Looking At the Stars (2013) Great NJ guitar pop via The Sinclair Recording Co. Check them out.
Lightouts – The Eloise Suite MP3 from Want(2013)

What else happened this past week?

We reviewed new grungsters Vomitface‘s 7″ and a even younger band from buffalo called Made Violent
Posted a bunch of free singles + MP3s by Pedal Distorsionador, Arc Rev One, Martin Van Ruin, Saintseneca, Emil and Caroline
Last weeks Rock news: RIP Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Criminal Hygiene Releases a new 7″ and much more interesting bullshit.

The Best Rock Music News –  You blog we blog so what – w/o 2/3/14

The Best Rock Music News – You blog we blog so what – w/o 2/3/14

Phillip Seymour Hoffman black white portrai
RIP Phillip Seymour Hoffman (1967-2014) – Heroin sucks kids. He was the actors, actor. He was a father and a dumb-ass.

The big game was a disappointment but we’re glad grunge triumphed once again. Congrats to Seattle on handing the Broncos their ass. Maybe less pot for Colorado next time? calls it quits. Oh well. We never went there. Did you?

Fugazi Live Series
More from Fugazi live series was released with shows between 87-02 from Dischord Records; as well as Henry Rollin’s band S.O.A “First Demo 12/29/80”. This is for all you DC hardcore freaks. The band released 13 songs — three on the Flex Your Head compilation record and ten on the No Policy EP, which was Dischord’s second-ever release — and performed a total of nine shows before calling it quits in July of 1981.

DOWNLOAD: Henry Rollins – Henry Rollins- Fun With Ian MP3 Spoken word from live at luna park album. Funny stories about working with Ian MacKaye.

“How could posterity be heard in a box?” – Ian Mackaye

We can’t make this up and this knocks the crap out of any dark music placements we could ever think of — as reported, Skinny Puppy Invoices US Government For Using Their Music For Torture. via Synthotopia.

Criminal Hygiene release three new songs via Cultist on something they call Withdrawn and we review it. The are playing a crap load of West coast shows.

Best of Rock News – Shit that happened w/o Jan 27th 2014: Macaulay Culkin, New Helms Alee,The Afghan Whigs, Slint!
How to: How does Hype Music work anyway?
RIP: Five Musicians who died in 2013


Best of Rock News – Shit that happened w/o Jan 27th 2014

Best of Rock News – Shit that happened w/o Jan 27th 2014

All the rock news we care to print from around the web along with the good the bad and the fucktards. This week we have Culkin’s pizza band, Helms Alee, new Afghan Whigs announced, Don Giovanni Records show, Slint box set and more!


Good interview with Ben Verellen the singer guitarist over at Bearded Gentlemen. He talks about touring with two ladies and how their approach to touring is much different than the male drive all night attitude.

The band Featuring Macaulay Culkin Performed in a New Brunswick Basement. Apparently a crowd of 200 Turns out to see the former child star in his band The Pizza Underground. Shortly before 9pm, Culkin and the band’s four other members entered the basement performed a short 15-minute set, changing the lyrics of several classics such as “Take a Walk on The Wild Side” (“Take a Bite of The Wild Slice”) and “Perfect Day” (“Pizza Day”). Pretty funny. via New Brunswick Today

afghan whigs new album

The Afghan Whigs set to Release their first new album in 16 Years on Sub Pop. Called Do To The Beast on April 14th-15th worldwide.

The Screaming Females will release all their debut album Baby Teeth on limited color vinyl and corresponding T-shirts. Then once the pre-orders are made and done. They probably won’t do it again. Don Giovanni Records is really mixing up their marketing strategies as we rarely get emails from them too! Pre-order here.
Don Giovanni Records Showcase 2014
Feb 6th 2014: – Death By Audio Brooklyn, NY $12
Tenement, Night Birds, Vacation, Nuclear Santa Claust, The Groucho Marxists [tickets]
Feb. 7th 2014: – Music Hall of Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY $14/$16
Laura Stevenson, Shellshag, Upset, Worriers, + Guest [tickets]
Feb. 8th 2014: Music Hall of Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY $14/$16
Screaming Females, California X, Brick Mower, Priests, Black Wine [tickets]

Sling Spiderland Box set on touch and go records
Touch and Go announced they will be releasing a SLINT Spiderland Box set in April in case you were dying to hear some of the extra stuff. I think in all fairness the only box set you need to own is the Matador Chavez one which barely had two extra tunes on it. This one will have 14 unleased tracks and demos plus a forward by Will Oldham and the A 90 minute Lance Bangs Breadcrumb Trail Documentary. Which has interviews with Slint and the usual suspects: Steve Albini, James Murphy, David Yow, Ian Mackaye, and Matt Sweeney from Chavez.

Brain Wilson's Secret Tapes 1968-1973 - Beach Boys!
Beach Boys secret Bedroom Tapes we’re discovered (1968-1973) when Brian Wilson stopped being involved with the band and was prescribed Thorazine for anxiety; after recording the album Friends. In 1968 Brian Wilson was just not caring anymore, he was mixing pills with booze, pot and cocaine, he became increasingly withdrawn. Read the full article on LA Weekly.

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LAST WEEK’S ROCK NEWS WRAp-UP: Vivian’s Girls, The FCC and your internet, Noel Gallager, 285 Kent Closes, Nepotism in brooklyn,Vinyl Sales up.
FREE COMPS: Pet Sounds Covered by Mint 400 Records bands
Really, What are the Grammys for anyway?


Best of Rock News – NJ and NY Rock shows – Jan 2014

Best of Rock News – NJ and NY Rock shows – Jan 2014

MUSIC NEWS: We recently started a NJ/NY rock shows page on the Review Stalker music blog ( oh hey that’s us) so we can keep track of everything we get invited to go to on our facebooks and are normally missing out on. This month there’s about 10 shows we think you should check out by Lightouts, Brian Fallon, Man Man, Black Wine,Dave House, Shayfer James,Greg D,Reagan Youth, Social Decay,Wharton Tiers Ensemble, Unbutton, Risk Relay and a whole ton more. Check out the shows page!

Vivian's Girls end the band and break-up
In other rock news this week:
Vivians Girls have decided to call it quits as the cute factor has worn off and their new bands are much better with this whole playing guitar business. They booked two ALL AGES shows as a see ya later as noted on their website. The first will be on February 14th at The Church on York in LA. The second will be on March 1st at Death by Audio in Brooklyn. Now shall begin more in-breeding in brooklyn with more off-shoots and who knows what. Also as FYI if you google Vivian’s girls plural you will get a dominatrix website.

On January 14, 2013, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit struck down the Federal Communications Commission’s open internet rules, commonly known as “Net Neutrality” because ISPs are not classified as “common carriers”. This ruling allows ISPs to charge companies for access to its users and charge users for access to certain services. Fewer companies will be able to afford access for innovative ideas and products. Which mean the big media agencies can charge you more for our already sucky bandwidth and choose which website get a faster speeds and connectivity. You should be fucking Pissed about this so help restore Net Neutrality now!

As reported in Guardian/UK Noel Gallager reviewed Oasis videos and guess what? He hates them all! Not a surprise. He’ll be the first rock star to fire himself from his band because of artistic differences I’m sure in future.

BIG TAKEOVER – Heading Towards A Shallow Grave: New York’s Nepotistic Music Scene: New York’s punk scene love itself too much by Cody Conard. There is reason we really don’t know who is who anymore or why bands sorta all sound alike. Cody goes into some details in this rant.

Apparently there was a “Last show” at some place called 285 Kent and Brandon Stosuy from Pitchfork can be heard crying all over the streets of Brooklyn or complaining about people not curbing their dogs. It’s a sad world when a grown man cries for no apparent reason. (as heard on twitter). This is the Yipsters 911.

Just when Vinyl reports record sales because new music lovers are digging the experience of handling the wax. Dr Dre launches beats meusic yet another streaming service! The ironic thing is a lot of hip fans are super into fidelity so is streaming some shitty bit rate gonna cut-it? Check out the article by Brad Wheeler on Why the reports of vinyl’s death are greatly exaggerated.

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Union County Music Fest 2008

Union County Music Fest 2008

We are a couple weeks away from the anual Union County Music Fest in NJ. This year’s show has a couple local bands actually from Jersey who are not interantional super stars including Val Emmich and The Roadside Graves. The big headliners are Everclear and cracker on Fri 9/5 and The B52’s and Gin Blossoms On Sat 9/6. For the kids Saturday at 11Am is Dan Zanes! Very cool. Last years show was pretty good with Fountains of Wayne and the addition of a beer garden. Bring your own food and cooler with mixed drinks to save a few bucks. The kids area was really fun last year and I can’t wait to let my daughter run around.

Support Artists on just by listening!

Support Artists on just by listening!

The time has come where every small town garage band can get paid directly by advertising depending on songs played directly on by their Artist Royalty program! (Not download)I didn’t believe it at first when announced this past January but only time will tell when the first reports come in this October. This is a huge leap for music fans supporting their favorite artists. Caveat is you don’t belong to a online collection company that has the online rights and you must own world wide distribution. I’m no lawyer but I think US $10.00 @ .005 a play is 200,000 plays? That is a lot of ad revenue or page views! So start listening to stuff online as much you like.

Start playing and get some Free music by:
The smooth indie rock sounds of The Slow Wire
The almighty noise rock anthems by Aviso’Hara | Own it on Emusic
The old-skool classic jersey alt-punk-rock of Psychic Fair
Albini produced and tweaked indie rock of Bubblegum Thunder
Brought to you by your fine friends from Headphone Music Recordings.

Here is the payment terms fine print:

>for the free radio service, 10% of the Share of’s Net Revenue from the free radio service.

for the personalised premium radio service, the greater of 10% of the Share of’s Net Revenue from the personalised radio service or US $0.0005 for each complete transmission on the personalised radio service of a track which forms part of Your Content transmitted on the service.

>for the free on-demand service, 30% of the Share of’s Net Revenue from the free on-demand service.

>for the premium on-demand service, the greater of 30% of the Share of’s Net Revenue from the premium on-demand service or US $0.005 for each complete transmission on the prepaid or subscription on-demand service of a track which forms part of Your Content transmitted on the service.