The Truth About the HOLE in Courtney Love’s Head

The Truth About the HOLE in Courtney Love’s Head

Courtney Love Nirvana RocknRoll Hall of Fame induction

Courtney Love (49) is a certifiable sycophant with a penchant for the truly absurd and lives to feed her ego with an un-fillable void of narcissism. Obviously, like most celebrities she has her public and “private” time. We can’t tell which is which but it all seems very calculated. Her past version of history has shown she’ll either kiss your ass or tell you any thing until she gets what she wants out of you. We don’t mean to sound like a jilted ex-lover of Love’s or really to put a magnifying glass on her or Nirvana’s past sores. She’s the worst dilettante punk princess of all time, even worse than Sid and Nancy character she played; if any part of the past allegations and conspiracies are true.

The very Beuatiful Kristen Pfaff from Hole

Kristen Pfaff 1967-1994

Rewind to 1994, two months past Kurt Cobain’s death. Love’s band mate Kristen Pfaff was dismayed and delving into the black tar with Courtney and may have admitted to liking her husband and we don’t mean on facebook. Ms. Pfaff over-dosed from heroin and died. We won’t really know what happened for sure unless Love comes outright and says she was jealous but feeling may have been mutual between the two. Love’s husband respected Ms. Pfaff and was quoted as saying to a friend “She’s a fucking talented musician, she’s also a beautiful soul. I think she’s so beautiful, but if I ever told her that, and Courtney found out, it would be hell.” Unfortunately, our theory in this inferno is a simple case of jealousy, money and revenge – Not a suicide or accidental overdose.

DOWNLOAD: HoleGood Sister/Bad Sister MP3 from Pretty On The Inside

A couple years ago in the Guardian in 2012 Love was quoted saying “There will be no musical. Sometimes its just best to leave things alone.” Most musicals are supposed to be uplifting so we’re not sure how this one would end but it’s obvious she’s figured out a new source of income and in the process of writing herself into the history of grunge.
Nirvana Press Photo
Dave Grohl talks about Kurt Cobain MP3 TV Interview
Krist Novoselic on Kurt Cobain MP3 TV Interview

Fast-forward, the story of Nirvana is coming to Broadway and Love is also re-launching her band Hole with the “classic” line-up; which actually should have included Ms. Pfaff on bass if she were alive. Courtney also happened to borrow lines for a song on the album “Live Through This” from her.

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Frances Bean Cobain Until recently, it was fairly well known Love has been estranged from her beautiful daughter Frances Bean Cobain who is now 21! Yet in recent press release gabs she is using the power of apathy to justify the Broadway show to Nirvana fans.

“I know her father’s spirit will be on that stage, and sitting in that theater with her will be the most emotional experience of our lives.”

CHECK OUT: Soaked in Bleach (4/8/2014) This NEW official trailer documentary which reveals the events right before Kurt Cobain’s death as seen through the eyes of Tom Grant, the private investigator that was hired by Courtney Love in 1994 to track him down days before his body was found at their Seattle home. Would have been the first place we would have looked no?

Her subconscious word choice should also be listened too not just in the few clips in this film but all over the press. In a recent interview on BBC this past week Love talks on the Woman’s Hour show that she was “covetous” of Kurt Cobain’s talents to be able to write two songs in less than 20 minutes. Also that she and her daughter are going to the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame induction on April 10th together.

If Frances truly has reached out to her mother then we’re happy for them both but from our point of view the favor is for Dave Grohl & Krist Novelistic – her father’s band mates. Love went on to say because of pressure of “tons of Nirvana fan mail” (We didn’t write any) and support for the idea in social media she is moving forward with the project.

Howard Stern Show – Courtney Love’s Crowd Displeasing Rant on Dave Grohl(2012)

This whole bit is off the charts. A must listen.

Earlier this year, Love won a defamation case from her former attorney, which is actually good for Social Media, who was helping her with Kurt Cobain estate fraud case when she tweeted about her lawyer saying “I was fucking devestated [sic] when Rhonda J. Holmes esq. of san diego was bought off.” Holmes claimed, this hurt her reputation in an 8 Day trial. There were no damages so no precedent has been set yet; meaning there has been no cost associated to crazy unless you count the whole demise of grunge thing.

Ms. Cobain (Love’s Daughter) has said, “Twitter should ban my mother.”

The real truth is we’ll never know if Kurt Cobain’s suicide was murder or not but one thing is certain a whole generation of grunge fans went up in flames and the biggest casuality is his daughter.

Who Killed Kurt Cobain? The Mysterious Death of an Icon
Love & Death: The Murder of Kurt Cobain
Who Killed Kurt Cobain?

RIP Maxwells Hoboken NJ (Gutted)

RIP Maxwells Hoboken NJ (Gutted)

RIP Maxwells Hoboken

Photo by Steve Fallon

Well it’s official; Maxwells as we all knew it is being ripped apart from the inside out. Today on the facebook Maxwells group Steve Fallon one of the former owner posted the “execution” photo of his and our beloved music club. Time to cry a little. There are too many bands to list that played there over the past three and 1/2 decades! To try this task would be completely feutal. Anywhose, there is some action at the White Eagle building in Jersey City which is supposed to be the new location where the owners are going to open up shop one day. Which can not come soon enough! Leave a comment about your favorite experience at Maxwells if you want.

White Eagle? Photo by Mike Sylvia from Killing Horse Records

White Eagle? Photo by Mike Sylvia from Killing Horse Records

In the clubs honor we found a bunch of videos on the youtubes and converted some of the “best” sounding tracks and made this quick playlist for you. Thanks youtubers!

Live at Maxwell’s:
…And You Will know us by the trail of dead –And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead MP3 (2012)
Black Lips –Raw Meat MP3 (2010)
Crooked Fingers –Disappear MP3 (2003)
Dahlia Seed –Punch and Get Out MP3 (1996)
Liz Phair –Help Me, Mary MP3 (2010)
The Muffs –A Little Luxury MP3 (2013)
The Replacements –Can’t Hardly Wait (1988)
Freedy Johnston –This Perfect World MP3 (2010)
The Raveonettes –Hallucinations MP3 (2008)
Screaming Females –adult army MP3 (2011)
Shades Apart –Tainted Love (Soft Cell Cover) MP3 (2012)
Unrest –So Sick b/w Suki MP3 (2010 Teen-Beat Records Anniversary
Tom Tom Club –Time to Bounce MP3
Thurston Moore –Pretty Bad
Yo La Tengo –Pretty in Pink (Psychedelic Furs Cover) MP3 (2010)
Zeke –Holly 750 MP3 NJ (7/21/12)


NIRVANA (1989)


Final Moments at Maxwel by DJ Antone That Summer Concert Feeling

Vomitface 7″ Review

Vomitface 7″ Review

VOMITFACE 7inch review
MUSIC REVIEW: Every once in awhile we ask our twitter followers if they want to review something because we can’t keep up because before you know it something good gets buried deep in the glut of email pretty quickly. Seriously it’s a big problem that you hear other blogs complain about I am sure. We’re a show of one(mostly). Anyway, we’ve had long in depth discourses about Buttnado, Fartnado and more recently barfnado in the twitterverse. Real mature shit whilst drinking beer. So when the Jersey City fuzzz trio (in NJ in case you need a map) VOMITFACE sent us their latest we aimed our buckshot into the wild interwebs. Scott raised his hand. Not knowing anything or even if it was in his wheel house. Either way this is an experiment. If you too want to try your hand please give us a shout [reviewstalker at gmail]. Either way. El Editor-in-Chief dig this.  We do.  Totally RIYL Mudhoney/Melvins/sloppy rock vibe and not afraid of the distortion pedal. (detail of their pedalage below) Judge for yourself. The influences feel right. Give them a tickle on the BOOKFACE.

Bandcamps/t EP by vomitface

From Scott: Not my sweet spot for music but I did listen to each song at least twice to try and be fair….
“Bill Me Later” The first 25 seconds is very Soundgarden-like and captures the listener right away.  The verse then starts to sound like an amalgamation of everything 90s with a sound that made me think of an early Nirvana garage outtake.  The singing was in my opinion the weakest link but I could see younger people enjoying this played live.
“Sloppy Joes” This sounded to me like a super heavy Marcy Playground type song.. good intro again and the chorus also made me think rejected Nirvana demo tapes… It has good energy and I think there’s an audience for it, that’s just what it sounded like to me.
“P.S. I Hate You” The least listenable of the three songs ventures into some sort of punk death metal territory.  Not my thing but certainly a small club song for the right audience.


Pedals: ZVEX Box of Rock–> Daredevil Real Cool Fuzz –> Seymour Duncan Tweakfuzz –> TC Electronic Hall of Fame
Their Bass is run through a Fender Sub-lime and Russian Big Muff.

Sounds like:
The Wipers – Window Shop For Love MP3 from is this real?
Melvins – Oven | Vile MP3 from Ozma /Gluey Porch Treatments
Nirvana – Floyd The Barber MP3 Live Amsterdam 1991

Nirvana and Sir Paul McCartney playing at the Sandy Benefit

New song by Nirvana? WTF? The dude from Germs Pat Smear playing with a Beatle. Not sure even the stones could be as cool to do something as awesomely 90’s sounding as this. Even in the 1990’s. Here’s a couple songs by Nirvana about chicks as an ode to the hurricane we know as Sandy. You should check out these two local NJ Hurricane Sandy music compilations while you are at it.

About A Girl MP3 by Nirvana (LIVE) Amsterdam 11.25.91
Molly’s Lips MP3 from the Hormoaning EP

Really, What are the Grammys for anyway?

Really, What are the Grammys for anyway?

54th Grammy Awards

This is the Best of the Music Industry?

Bruce Springsteen Grammys 2012 EDITORIAL: Grammys, 2012. Seriously, there was once a time when the Music Industry would spend millions of dollars developing bands and performers. At some point in time ( they blame the internet piracy thing) they sort of hammered away at people’s tastes to the point where they don’t have any. So what are the Grammys for? Interesting fact there was once 109 categories and now there are 78! Is the music industry shrinking although it still thinks in big business terms and not how they used to develop song writers, building their audience and developing the performers — you the know — the art where good people like producers and engineers bring out the best. Now it’s about how fast they can exploit something and cheaply to make the business needs.

The only reason I watched the Grammys this years was to see what twitters reaction to Grammys was going to be – actually can’t imagine taking in other events like this or politics any other way. Brings whole new meaning to the silent majority. On the one hand it’s a award show but it sure as hell didn’t feel like they gave out more than 8 awards the whole 3 1/2 hour long broadcast. The Foo Fighters (5 Grammys), Adele (6 Grammys) and [insert skinny white chics name here ] sort of took them all home with them. They still allow lip syncing for “Artist” performances but then suddenly when you get a performance out of The Foo’s or Beach Boys backed by Maroon 5 I think a sudden appreciation of live talent may be taking a turn for the better. Well at least we hope. Big business knows what works so they work desperately to make sure none of the pop divas are perceived as having big asses, sing flat or having drug problems (RIP Whitney I think god meant the show not you) but anyway. The point is perception is everything.

There are always going to be manufactured artists and those who think a meat dress is unique. It’s easy but does it take talent? Remember when the abomination known as the Black Eyed Peas made a mockery of Half time shows? We all appreciated the dress malfunction. Autotune is starting to not be impressive and people really resent it never mind the horrible lip syncing. Who the hell wants to see Chris Brown dance? I know one demographic who does not mind -mostly. These are one trick ponies that like Grunge/Nirvana sound alike bands the Industry has seemingly bled the “genre” and spit it out so many times but agree they could use some new categories as suggested by Dave Grohl and Butch Vig that are little more nostalgic shall we say like “Best Garage Record” or “Best old-school album”. Now there is an idea!

About your new band:
With best new artist award going to Bon Iver – I still could not hum you a song although I could for last years winner. The deciders may start to develop bands we already love thanks to the internet and MP3 blogs like this one acting as their scouts. So many amazing bands in the past like the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin never played the Grammys even though they were dominating ticket sales in their hey-day. It’s a strange phenomemom. Bruce opening this years show was a good start to keeping to basics and what works. A magical moment where we all seriously appreciated because that is real talent to sing and write you own songs. What a concept! Don’t get me wrong getting a Grammy is no small feat but it’s cool when you feel somebody has earned it.

Rope MP3 by Foo Fighters this from the deluxe version does not sound analog. oh the irony from Wasting Light [Buy It!]
Smells Like Teen Spirit MP3 by Nirvana Live in Amsterdam 11.25.91
Rhinestone Cowboy MP3 by Glen Campbell [Buy Some]
Wouldn’t It Be Nice (Stereo Mix) MP3 by The Beach Boys (1966)
Bluebird MP3 by Bonnie Raitt (1971)
Who Is It (Bjîrk cover) MP3 By Bon Iver Live in DC [Buy For Emma, forever Ago]
Skinny Love MP3 By Bon Iver [Get the whole set ]