Music for bad weather and storm people

Music for bad weather and storm people

Music Playlist for bad weather and bad storms - aka sandy frankenstorm
Fuck you #Sandy the #frankenstorm. To hell with everybody who keeps ignoring global warming issues in politics and not trying to reduce your global footprint somehow. We’re all guilty of this in many ways. I hope we survive this natural disaster and it does not become some apocalyptic scene. Anyway here’s a playlist of a bunch of songs about inclement weather, rain, sleet, floods and snow to help you brave this situation.

Playlist for badweather:
01. Smells Like Rain MP3 by Unsane from Occupational Hazard (1998) When i think of storms and chaos sometimes i think of the walls of guitar gutter these guys create.
02. Raincoat’s Room MP3 by Swell Maps from Jane From Occupied Europe (1980) An instrumental jam that sets up mood. Amazing record all around of an indie guitar sound that has not changed much since.
03. Rain Test MP3 by Aviso’Hara from Our Lady of the Highway (2001) A slow jam with best line from a movie. “Give me the strength to die well” Name that movie!?
04. Date With The Rain MP3 by Frankie Gee from Groove Merchant Turns 20 compilation. This is a funky one. We’re not just noise blog here. We like the funk the boogie.
05. Seven Seas MP3 by Echo and The Bunnymen from Ocean Rain (1984) This originally came out while I was in freaking just in Highschool but it’s such a stand-up album all the way . Great live band too.
06. Thunderstorm MP3 by the original Buzzkill from their first full length CD release I feel like myself again This is dirgy punk. “This is a stormy Monday and everyday after that!” Good mosh-part at the end.
07. Rain MP3 by Bongwater from Double Bummer CD on Shimmy Disc (1988) Is this really a cover written by John Lennon & Paul McCartney? I just know this is one of my favorite NYC bands from the 1980s. Period.
08. Pouring Rain MP3 by Fishbone from Truth & Soul (1988) This is one of their slow soul jams that really shows how this band could groove. Also another amazing live band that I saw about 8x I think in their heyday. Still awesome now. So check them out. Nobody makes music like Angelo and his boys.
09. The Waves MP3 by The Draymin from their new one Should’ve Known Better (2012) This is particular tune is very alternative grunge. Nice acoustic song with great singing. Check them out.
10. Rain Bird MP3 by Love & Rockets from Earth * Sun * Moon (1987) There is used to be this dark band called Bauhaus. this is an off-shoot of that. The music was always ethereal, dark and inspired. File under #Goth
11. Behold The Hurricane MP3 by The Horrible Crowes from Elsie (2011) Would be almost impossible for this band not to sound like the Gaslight Anthem no matter what Brian Fallon does. Good songs on this record.

Nothing but sexy Prince Covers

Nothing but sexy Prince Covers

Princes Covers Everybody loves this little purple man. He can sling a riff smoother than silk.
Call him whatever you like Artist, Maven or a pompous Perfectionist he kows how to write a song so if you make it sound like shit it’s because you suck.

Little Red Corvette MP3 by Montagna & The Mouth to Mouth from their CD L’avenir. First time I heard this it took me totally by surprise. I mean what’s not to like about a really well done Prince cover right?
Raspberry Berret MP3 by Aviso’ Hara. This originally came out on 7″ EP called Mature & Satisfied. Features Claude Coleman Jr (Ween/Skunk/Amandla) on backing vocals. Best pop punk version of this song ever in my humblest of opinions.
L. M. L. Y. P. (Ween Is In Trouble Dudes) MP3 by Ween from God Ween Satan The Oneness (1990) – This song is called “Let Me Lick Your Pussy”. Saw them do this once at the Court Tavern in 1991. Was awesome.
When Doves Cry (Prince Cover) MP3 by Damien Rice from Like A Version Vol. 1

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More Scary Songs for Halloween

More Scary Songs for Halloween

Monstermash ups  Texas Chainsaw Mashacre

The Texas Chainsaw Mashacre

Here are some scary songs for Halloween along with a mash-ups to go with it to scare up your playlist.

Mladek MP3 by Russian Circles from their record Empros – Slam jammer with a slayer and explosions in the sky tilt. You can hear Jason creeping around on this one. Does not get scarier than this.

The Monster Mash MP3 by Bobby Pickett – A classic oldie but goody.

Psycho Killer on the Dance Floor (Talkng Heads) MP3 – This is a “mash-up” by Aplusd from TEXAS CHAINSAW MASHACRE – Get yours here.

Scary MP3 by The Kelley Deal 6000 from Boom! Boom! Boom! (1997)

Every Day Is Halloween MP3 by Ministry. This is the disco new wave version of Ministry. Great song from the 80’s.

Black Mastermind MP3 by Monster Magnet from Spine of God (1992). Every song on here is by and for the Devil.

Shout at the Devil MP3 by MÖTLEY CRÜE or this indie cover by my old band. You decide. Shout At The Devil MP3 by Aviso’ Hara

Chase The Devil MP3 by Eagles of Death Metal from Death By Sexy (2006)

Happy Death Men MP3 by Echo and The Bunnymen from Crocodiles (1980)

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Archers of Loaf Reunion Show Cat’s Cradle 2011!

Archers of Loaf Reunion Show Cat’s Cradle 2011!

We love the Archers of Loaf around these parts. I’m not sure if Indie Rock as I knew it would have any real meaning without Icky Mettle. Seriously, the record is wholesome college noisy indie rock with just the right amount of grit and sing-along to make it a true college radio break-out. They got weirder as they went breaking boundries staying under the radar from major airplay. Meaning no top 40 hit but all hits on every record in their own right. So it’s about time they did a reunion show. Don’t get me wrong big fan of Eric Bachman’s post AOL band Crooked Fingers which was more neuvo folk with a huge following all on his own but there is no denying the Loaf. I’ll have to find out more about this show and if there are any more shows planned? The past year there has been a bonanza of reunions…

Archers Of Loaf Live Maxwells -IckyMettle Tour

Here’s a live show from 1998 that Captain’s Dead posted last year. The pic above was 1994 or so I think. I don’t remember that era as it was a total blur of some amazing music coming out every month that it was hard to keep up. Also, nice live review of the show on Sunset in the Rearview; apparently some nut from Jersey traveled down to North Carolina based solely on a rumor AOL was going to be playing.

1. Telepathic Traffic by Archers of Loaf from Harnessed In Slums Alias 7″ Single [Buy]
2. Distance Comes In Droves LIVE MP3 -awesome version of this song Live (Like i was saying no clue what show this is from but it’s good)
3. Smoking Pot in The Hot City MP3 instrumental from Private Street For Bu-Bu- [get some vinyl records]

Cue up the tape to the right spot as I remember playing a Sunday night show at the old Brownies around 2000 in the loweast side with Aviso’Hara and for some odd reason (really fucking stupid actually) I left my bass at the front of the stage so I had to return the next night to pick it up right before the Monday night show. The door guy let me in and thank g*d it was there hiding in the shadows. I think we actually got the club a noise pollution ticket and then they became a old hipster disco. Anyway, Then on my way out I run into Joe from Plug Spark Sanjay and a couple other Hoboken friends who had shown up to see Mr. Backman play a solo set with just him and his guitar with a bunch of effects. So I stayed and was blown away and have been a fan ever since hearing and seeing this reimagined style of folkish indie rock. Music is about accidental discovery sometimes and that night was one of those instances. [Get some back catalog Archers]

Crooked Fingers Live Shows:
Jan 21st The Grey Eagle, Asheville NC
Feb 19th The Bell House, Brooklyn, NY

1. The Rotting Strip by Crooked Fingers from Bring On The Snakes (2001)
2. New Drink For The Old Drunk MP3 from s/t [Buy]

3. Hit it nowMP3 by Plug Spark Sanjay from Regular Pinto (1999). We’ll have to revisit this record and band properly very soon (actually I think I lost this record so need to get a burn from somebody – help!?) but if there is anything new you’ve never heard of and this is it; you should download this right now. Don’t pause for even a second. It’s the opening track to their debut and it’s a #1 hit and it’s catchy as all get out.
4. Accidental (Moron) MP3 by Aviso’Hara from Our Lady of The Highway. Recorded at The Pigeon Club in Hoboken, NJ by Wayne Dorell. More Our Lady by Aviso’ this way »

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