Music News – To good to be a lie w/o 2.10.14

Music News – To good to be a lie w/o 2.10.14

The Wrens recording
The Wrens – album working title is Prepare To Be Disappointed. Sarcasm yes. Is Charles Bissell busy. Yes. But it’s coming… revisit The Meadowlands and remind yourself why you love them deep in your heart because they live to keep you waiting. Yes we used this joke twice but seriously they tour this fall to help shape your expectations.

We have no clue what the hell the “Digital Prophet” David Shing is talking about. Let us know if you can decipher what he’s saying because he seems to be made of spare parts and bits the way this is edited. It’s so out of context. The editor botched this up or there really is no saving this dudes haircut. He’s just fried. He needs to actually unplug for a decade!

Mike Watt Hello europe folks can get Mike Watt’s picture book ‘on and off bass’ more econo now (saving big time on shipping) as reported via the press room. On and Off the bass on Amazon. Apparently lots pelicans and his hometown of Pedro. For hardcore fans of firehose and minutemen according to the reviews.

DOWNLOAD: arrow-pierced-egg-man MP3 by Mike Watt from hyphenated-man(2011)

Sludge popster Torche sign to our favorite metal label Relapse Records. Currently recording in Florida on the next release as of yet untitled. Playing show at St Vitus Bar in NYC Feb 26th. Guest listy please!

Radiohead launch a official app called Polyfauna. That is pretty normal as they have more concerns with being a art project and not a band anymore. Do you guys remember King of Limbs at all? Because that was awhile go. So this is like them releasing the song “Bloom” as an app, as a very tardy single. Try it and let us know. Other devoted fans seems to dig it.

Speaking of which. Here’s the SLINT BREADCRUMB TRAIL THEATRICAL TRAILER – this were just crazy kids from Kentucky. Emphasize kids. Super young dudes. Check out this trailer.

Lefty’s DeceiverEx-Patriots MP3 from Cheats 92003) on My Pal God.
Anderson Council –Don’t You Think_ MP3 from Looking At the Stars (2013) Great NJ guitar pop via The Sinclair Recording Co. Check them out.
Lightouts – The Eloise Suite MP3 from Want(2013)

What else happened this past week?

We reviewed new grungsters Vomitface‘s 7″ and a even younger band from buffalo called Made Violent
Posted a bunch of free singles + MP3s by Pedal Distorsionador, Arc Rev One, Martin Van Ruin, Saintseneca, Emil and Caroline
Last weeks Rock news: RIP Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Criminal Hygiene Releases a new 7″ and much more interesting bullshit.

Interview: Mary Kelly – Modus Operandi of gore-core

Interview: Mary Kelly – Modus Operandi of gore-core

Mary Kelly band Modus Operandi album

— We rarely do interviews around here or are inspired to crank out some questions to bands unless we think we might fish something interesting back. In this case the singer/screamer “Si” from Mary Kelly gave some thoughtful answers and insights of his band that at first reminded us of hardcore matinees at CBGB’s where there would be inevitable thrash band on a bill that would turn out to be really great mixing in thrash and hardcore hybrid; and not just a doc martin foot-print in the face. The pits of the pit.

They call their version grunge-core trash and founded themselves in 2007. They like to drink and make love and break it down for us here. We think gore-core is more appropriate. Although I don’t know if there is any loving or real gore with brain spatter for that matter in their live show and probably won’t know unless they make a trek out here from the UK but allas. One hint though is that most promotors don’t want them back. The other thing about that word “grunge” is it’s one of those terms that was worn out in the 90’s, the same as indie rock, or emo for that matter. Terms start to loose their meaning after a while but can get redefined to those that choose to champion their music their way. A way into the images one conjures about a sound. Anyway, their new album Modus Operandi has varying degrees of fast punk with the occasional solo thrown in. Not as metal as GWAR because those guys are aliens and from outer space; but definitely more hardcore than most with a penchant to dress-up in drag or whatever scary flick is giving the youth of today boners. Before we begin their guitar player Matt Spencer want’s everybody to know “he does not like the Wombats.” So they won’t be making any friends there.

RS: Want to tell me in your words why you named the band Mary Kelly and not Hellen Keller or something like that?
SI: We decided to name the band Mary Kelly because if you know anything about this country’s dark past, you’d know that she was the last victim of Jack the Ripper. He absolutely destroyed her. Cut her to shreds and left no prisoners. That’s what we have always tried to do with people’s psyche and also their ears. Plus Helen Keller wouldn’t cooperate.

Mary Kelly grunge core band

RS: Have you ever heard of the the band Perfect Pussy?
SI: Never heard of them although I’m intrigued?
RS: What’s your song Bagpussy about?
SI: Bagpussy is about a friend of my mothers. She never married or had kids but she did have like 9 cats. This one time my father went round there to do something for her and after she didn’t answer the door he peered through the window…the song is about what he saw!

RS: You guys remind of my friend Dave Witte’s band Municipal Waste. What are your influences? Because you guys sound like Die Kruezen mixed with a bunch of 80’s NYC thrash bands like Prong.
SI: Our influences as individual members are quite different. Personally my lyrics are usually about things that scare or worry me and I’d say that comes from growing up with depressed parents and listening to bands like Nirvana, The Cure and AFI. It’s only in later life I’ve started to appreciate the stuff that my mother especially, used to listen to. Bands like Creedence, Prince and of course Chris deBurgh although they haven’t consciously had any direct influence on my writing…I don’t think. I know Matt’s influences are The Wombats and that’s about it so we really had to try hard with him. Oh and breeze doesn’t like radiohead so that was difficult. We were doomed from the start really.

RS: Are you ever afraid of Riot GRRLs getting mad at you?
Si: We’ve always had a lot of female attention. It’s something that just came naturally. I’m pretty sure we counted once and between the 5 of us we had slept with 6 girls so that’s something like a success rate of 250%? The girl that Sean slept with may have been a Mini Cooper though.
RS: Would you play a gig with Pussy Riot?
SI: We’d love to play with Pussy Riot…I believe in them.

RS: Which usually helps are there any tunes we can let out into the wild? ( I think he missed my meaning on this one)
SI: Take your pick really although if you want an insightful, truthful look into the band, may I recommend ‘there’s no such man as Michael Fish’. A track that is already being skipped over dispite the album only having been out a few weeks. It’s a 6-something minute epic, spoken word Song about how to treat and discourage astraphobia in children. It’s a very important piece. Enjoy. Either that or Penny Dreadful which is a fucking cool song about monsters. Plus there’s a wicked video for it!

BUY LINKS: Amazon | iTunes | Mary Kelly Site

RIYL: 80’s hardcore, Token Entry, Verbal Assault, Moshing

Heroin – “Leave” MP3 by s/t (1997)
Send More Paramedics – “Zombie Crew” MP3 from The Hallowed And The Heathen (2003)

Free Electronic and Indie MP3’s of the Day

Free Electronic and Indie MP3’s of the Day

Gloom Balloon by Tape Flemming Music Review
This is a seriously mixed bag of tunes with semi jeff magnum homages, loud and jangly indie bands and some electronic based musiks but you’ll get the drift as we hip you to some cool stuff for your downloading and listening pleasure. We try to give you at the very least a incomplete sentence about each band.

Gloom Balloon – Summer Buzz And Summer Fervor MP3 by the dude named Tape Flemming from the band The Poison Control Center. Uplifting band name too. This tune is like joyous part of Christmas in a very Flaming Lips kind of way. It’s about celebration of living. Check it out. RIYL: Neutral Milk Hotel. Band Website / twitter

Dead Waves Band Brooklyn
Dead Waves – Over Me MP3 from the EP Take Me Away. This is a trio based out of Brooklyn with two brothers from Queens. RIYL – early jesus and mary chain mixed with the thermals and some melviny screaming into the mic antics. Totally worth checking out in our humble opinion. Actual rock music with zero keyboard bullshit. Bandcamp / twitter

Tri-State – Hawk in the Fog MP3 from a self titled EP from a bunch of dudes from Maplewood NJ area. One of the members was in the band Dune Buggy. Which we have one of their 7″s somewhere in the stacks. This is a pure and adulterated “jangly” pop tune alla Real Estate (not sunny day). Super catchy. Like them on the facebooks.

Futuristic Blast – TheDifference-MachineMP3 from The Psychedelic Sounds of the Difference Machine This is total DJ Shadow shit here but we love it. Comprised of Dr. Conspiracy and DT who raps, freestyles, cuts and works a delay peddle. To be safe file under hip-hop but don’t corner them there. 16 song album avail as LP/CD from their bandcamp.

Night Surgeon Gondola Crimewave single review
NIGHT SURGEON – Gondola Crimewave MP3 from the self titled EP Gondola Crimewave This duo is from Portland Oregon. File under Uk electronic sounding. Name your Price on their bandcamp page.

Panes Choice Errors single Review
PANES – Choice Errors (Lee Gamble Remix) MP3 – This music reminds me of when you are coming down from a acid trip. It could be background music for walking around a neon lit airport. Worth checking out.

Let us know what you think in the comments section. Except for you spammers. We fucking hate you.

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Free Single Download by Foolish Atoms

Free Single Download by Foolish Atoms

Free Single Download Foolish Atoms

FREE SINGLES: We normally run at the notion of what we call bed room rock but this first single “How To Remain Solid Under A Sky Of Gas” by Foolish Atoms is pretty good. Album out Nov 25th: A Crack in the Glass Eye by dreamer Chris Norrison who used his night vision and any instrument at his disposal to craft this tune and bunch of others on this release. While I’m not sure we want to know how metabolic howitzers where used but the usual inspiration must of been in play with the proper combination unlocked as all the right influences could only have conjured this music up. If a muse was harmed in this process we don’t know but certainly some sort of insomnia and rock star dreams were tested. If you like early GBV, Silver Jews, Galaxie 500 then get your headphones ready for some ear spice via Adult Teeth.

How To Remain Solid Under A Sky Of Gas by Foolish Atoms

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When I’m Dead by The Dead Heads
Wildlife Control – Ages Places to love space

CXCW 2013 online music festival is happening now!

CXCW 2013 online music festival is happening now!

CXCW 2013 Couch by Couch West

CXCW 2013: Bands, solo singer songwriters and performance artists. It’s not too late to think of an idea and perform a tune to participate in the online music festival for us poor grubs who are NOT going to SXSW this year. Three years running there is a much cooler home that you can say is yours and drink and eat whatever you want for Couch by Couch West. Kids as young as 9-10 even have bands that are performing live and getting internet famous. People are blowing up couches and playing on trains. This is a fun happening and here’s just a few of many.

All Access Pass CXCW 2013 Lanyard

Here is Uncle Leon doing a song called “beer train” on a new york city subway for CXCW 2013. There is one lady on here that does not take her nose out of a book, actually like most folks numb to something fun and different. Typical new yorkers disappoint me. This festival is not for her but perhaps you think you might be able to change the world one song at time.

Next up is a local to us from New Brunswick, New Jersey resident and one man band Keith Kenny doing a really great song called “Filling Holes”. We never heard of him before and thank goodness for CXCW to fill us in on great music happening in our own damn backyard.

The Foresters are the youngest band ages 13-10 with a tune called “Way Up high”.

Every hour from morning until night the crew at CXCW are posting photos and videos. So no matter when you check-in they have plenty for you to check-out.

Nirvana and Sir Paul McCartney playing at the Sandy Benefit

New song by Nirvana? WTF? The dude from Germs Pat Smear playing with a Beatle. Not sure even the stones could be as cool to do something as awesomely 90’s sounding as this. Even in the 1990’s. Here’s a couple songs by Nirvana about chicks as an ode to the hurricane we know as Sandy. You should check out these two local NJ Hurricane Sandy music compilations while you are at it.

About A Girl MP3 by Nirvana (LIVE) Amsterdam 11.25.91
Molly’s Lips MP3 from the Hormoaning EP

Everything Everything Grant Hart Documentary

Everything Everything Grant Hart Documentary

DOCUMENTARY: I remember a much healthier looking Grant Hart and it seems this film by Gorman Blanchard “Everything Everything” going to show the darkside judging from very ominous looking Kickstarter trailer. It was the year 2000 or so when I met Grant in Athens GA at the 40 Watt on tour with my old band Aviso’Hara. He was doing a one man show and his guitar tour in a cadillac. Working to make back tax money I think he owed from all his huskers money that he never claimed. Being a wild man throwing beer cans into the audience. Yelling at them for requesting Hüsker Dü songs that he did not write or people not getting into it. I don’t know, when methadone is your sober friend I’m not sure you ever wake up from the cloud of “you fucked up” with that stark trip.

Grant Hart Athens GA 40 Watt

Ralph Singer/ Guitarist from Aviso'Hara & Grant Hart

Bob Mould gave the man lots of props in his Autobiography for truly writing some steller songs. His voice is that of an angel lets not forget his gifts. But lets be clear he’s a much prettier singer than Mr. Mould. But what do you really know when you think you’re on dope. Anyway here’s wishing him a blues masters recovery and comeback one day.

If there’s one thing that I can’t explain
Is why the world has to have so much pain
With all the ways of communicating
We can’t get in touch with who we’re hating

DOWNLOAD: Now That You Know Me MP3 By Grant Hart from Intollerance
2541 MP3 by Lorrie Matheson & the Brass Tacks (Grant Hart Cover)
Turn On The News MP3 by Hüsker Dü from Zen Arcade
Think It Over Now MP3 by Grant Hart from Good News For Modern Man
For fun here’s a new tune by that other Minneapolis rocker.
My Road Now MP3 by Paul Westerberg -2012

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LISTEN AND DOWNLOAD: Our Lady of the Highway by Aviso’Hara

Glen Hansard’s Rythm and Repose is coming

Glen Hansard’s Rythm and Repose is coming

Glen Hansard Rhythm Repose on Anti
Glen Hansard is a traveler and I’m not sure he’s ever supposed to settle down. A troubadour since I first met him playing a solo across the country promoting his band the frames in Asbury Park. I was reminded of what real musicians could be. He’s more than just a singer guitar player guy. I honestly hate the genre because all I can think about is JT and the time I fell asleep at a concert. Anyway, Glen has been in living in NY the for the past year and half working on the Broadway version of his movie Once. Yup. good enough for U2 good enough for him. Here’s a song from the Hunger Games soundtrack. His first ever solo record is coming June 19th Anti and it’s called Rhythm and Repose. He’s a personable guy. Here’s a video of him just playing without a mic at SXSW. Which is typical Glen. If you like these few ditties pick up For the Birds. You’ll be mad at yourself you waited this long. We can’t wait for this one. Sometimes performers send chills down your back and you wake-up and say to yourself. “Now, if I could only be 1/10 as good as him”. Try as you might Glen’s one of those inspiring characters. Yet, he’s humble and just puts himself out there with every performance. Part Irish charm but mostly a troubadour of life.

Take The Heartland MP3 by Glen Hansard From The Hunger Games
Suffer in Silence MP3 by The Frames from Burn The Maps (2005)

Rocktober Crop O’ Singles

Rocktober Crop O’ Singles

Move it a long my dear protestors this is a real insurgency. Every month we smash or trash some songs and then let you grab the spoils. There would be busted and bruised ego’s if you heard us in the board room throwing darts at some of the music that does not make the cut. For the record all bribes are accepted as there is no real formal process other than sending us a downloadable link for your latest and greatest track. We think these are number one hits in their own rights but do feel free to follow the unedited Review Stalker noise on the twitters. Enjoy!

Drew Smith Single ReviewLove Teeth MP3 by Drew Smith. We’ll start you out on a slow burn jam which comes with a nicely illustrated collage video. This would also be a great song for a endtro-intro to a film or HBO series like Big Love because the string orchestration draws you in while still remaining at it’s core a decent hip alternative thing going on versus some of that Dave Mathews junk. Drew has a vibe which is reminiscent of Matt Pond PA so if you are fans check him out.

Femme FatalityBackroom Darlings MP3 by Femme Fatality from That’s It, Thar’a It.This one is big fuzzy electro disco assault where any thing can happen in the backroom of the green room of the club. Girls sleeping with dogs and guys crossing over to the other side. It’s a trashy sordid affair. We really can’t tell who is into what these days but this music should make any hipster make crazy whoopie sounds. Think The Faint using the tools Kraftwork taught them to use for backroom concert fan situations via

The Gift Horse Single Review by Brown Shoe Diving Bell MP3 by Brown Shoe from The Gift Horse. This is some pretty boy rock music with some of the singing done in a falsetto voice that whisks then it rocks out a bit. The marching band snare drum shuffle moves this along like a rolling wave of underwater seaweed being run over by a lawnmower. Whatever that means we give you this band’s song because it’s good. Get the rest of The Gift Horse manscape on Brown Shoe’s band camp page.

All Tomorrow’s Parties Photos I’ll Be Your Mirror

All Tomorrow’s Parties Photos I’ll Be Your Mirror

All Tomorrow's Parties - Fist of Tarver of Chavez Asbury Park, Nj

All Tomorrow's Parties - Fist of Tarver of Chavez Asbury Park, Nj

Here’s a couple photos from last night. I wish I had a proper camera but sometimes if you just work with what you got it really is all about your timing so the rest of you can suck it. All Tomorrow’s Parties was a blast last night. Always awesome to see the 1 millionth Chavez reunion. One day maybe one day we’ll hear something new out of these men. The word is that ATP is now contracted to have the event in Asbury’s convention hall for next couple years after this weekend’s show. This works for me although I’ve always wanted to have a reason to go to Monticello, NY because the damn weather people are telling me what the temperature is there for some reason. I tried to sit through Bonnie Prince Billy but was not in mood after laughing my ass off to Reggie Watts and be run over by Shellac and Chavez. We waiting in line to watch Thinking Fellers Union. They were as quirky as I remembered them.

Repeat The Ending MP3 by Chavez

Shellac of North America All Tomorrow's Parties - I'll be your Mirror Asbury Park

Shellac of North America Todd Trainer All Tomorrow's Parties

Watch Song MP3 by Shellac from 1000 Hurts

For the rest of the weekend I’ll need to live vicariously through everybody else who is staying down there for the weekend into Sunday when Public Enemy plays and maybe Radiohead? Holy Hell I wish I could see that double bill.

One of the more pleasant experiences to break-up all the noise was seeing Reggie Watts. The guy introducing him in this google performance is a tool but you get a good idea of his schtick. He reminds me of old school SNL so maybe one day he’ll get to do that show.

A Future In The Future MP3 by Reggie Watts from Why S#!+ So Crazy?

For more photos from ATP and shit check our Review Stalker Facebook page. Thanks