Give me a reason to believe your music and my words: VOMITFACE, AZZERAD, 8STEM and PUBLICIST UK

Give me a reason to believe your music and my words: VOMITFACE, AZZERAD, 8STEM and PUBLICIST UK

Fuck music. Fuck writing. Fuck caring. Fuck this shit. There I feel better.

The last record I purchased recently was the new Publicist UK album and it really is a fine piece of vinyl. Also I noticed a post by @michaelazerrad that Sub Pop founder Bruce Pavitt’s is making a site/app called that allows everyone to remix music. This might be the future and they are seeking beta-testers. Since I am a super geek at heart I am now awaiting my access info to be able to peer into the future for at least a minute. It’s a fleeting effort but I’m gonna try.

I recently I let my eMusic credit card lapse after 15 years supporting them and not really feeling inspired to re-up due to some austerity like cut-backs (about $2,100 in downloads at least) that mostly went to labels and bands. I love some of the varied music I have discovered there old and new but a lot of new music is not very inspired. Has the same old non melody, canned sounds and devoid of hooks. It’s a lot of work to make original music – a constant complaint around here. Don’t just publish and release the first song you write. The labor part is gone. Although I am all for inspired song making like Daniel Johnston he is anomaly. Which was/is one of the review stalker number one missions still I think is to help point out and find these nuggets.

1) Listen and bubble up the good stuff

2) Talk about it nicely except for a couple instances like when we let a crappy review of Vomitface spatter on our pages. Can’t apologize to those guys enough. Even though I try to be diplomatic. Sometimes we fail even when we think something is derivative even if it has heart then it’s good. It’s a hard balance because everytime my random players kicks on one of their songs. I’m like this – fuck! Their new one rocks weird and bendy C tuned to make your stomach rumble, its jacked as if Mike Patten puked in his workout cloths wrangling out the beast of melody. You are welcome.

3) Point out music that has passion, artful, weird and or political.

4) Highlight the killer stuff in the nj music scene in particular. Which is was/is a huge aspirational task unto itself. There is so much to cover and if you feel you want to write just let me know. Give me a reason to believe again. I rarely get takers and I think it’s because it’s a “ME” generation thing and I give huge kudos to James at CoolDad Music for digging in so well and caring about so many musicians.

5) If it’s a hit and we hear it. We feature when bandwith allows. Which brings me to my last point. I have not had a lot of time. Life has been a roller coaster of my own design. So give me a reason to believe and it shall be. Post your best song that presents your band in the comments. Let’s see what others think go take a chance and click a link. I ignore about 95% of the emails i get because it’s just email nightmare. Don’t be offended. Send me a CD or piece of vinyl and let me know in the subject line. Getting back to touching and feeling your art and music in my hands is something I will appreciate and it will help you stand out in giant fucking fat glut of mediocre.

Ok rant over Review Stalker Music Blog

Multiple Kurt Vile’s “Pretty Pimpin”, blues Ray Goren and the kitchy Kitty Finer

Multiple Kurt Vile’s “Pretty Pimpin”, blues Ray Goren and the kitchy Kitty Finer

VIDEOS: First-up is a new video from Kurt Vile Directed by Daniel Henry via Matador Records on his coming album b’lieve i’m goin down”. This long hair really reminds me of my old friend Dizzy from Nude Swirl.



Please meet Kitty Finer, who is the daughter of Jem Finer, founding member of The Pogues. This video ‘Girls in the Garage’ was directed by The Raincoat’s Gina Birch from Kitty’s EP Lobby Star. This tune has a nice Ethiopian feel in the beat and mariachi brass with a bunch of ladies getting jiggy in jumpers in a garage. The lead track on the EP is classic alt rock and really good song writing if you dig the feelies and solo Joe Strummer you will like her guitar and banjo jangle. Same campfire style of song writing and story telling. Follow her on Twitter Bandcamp

Introducing multi-instrumentalist Ray Goren talking about his new EP ‘Songs For You’ – out 8/21 via Jay Vee Records and produced by the Grammy Award-winning producer Steve Jordan who does a nice introduction of this new blues guy. Did we mention he is only 15 years old and has already performed with B.B. King, Buddy Guy and Bonnie Raitt? No ok. He’s smooth man.


We love the Little Records podcast – Always Left of the Dial

We love the Little Records podcast – Always Left of the Dial

PODCASTS: Little Records archives the best of ’80s underground rock and the early days of ’90s indie rock into exceptionally thoughtful and curated playlists that it’s our go-to listening. I almost wish they would chat in-between sets but they just jam one great song after another relentlessly for the shear love of spinning great music. Half the tunes I admit I never heard until them because honestly in the late 70’s 80’s 90’s there was just too much great original music to keep up with it and is a full time job to listen. Thankfully these Baltimore based guys have done this job and only taken them 30+ years to create this ongoing themed archive that deep dives into a bunch of shows about the different music scene that offered so much american culture with all sorts of fun sets. Can’t recommend enough for a proper music lesson in what today’s bands are doing completely fucking wrong so just sign-up to their mixcloud stream right now. Don’t question my authority in this matter they take great care each and every show. Plus not to mention my lazy ass does not to get up and visit the stax. I just click play and they are already two steps ahead of me. Enjoy this service.

Episode 087: Left of the Dial by Little Records on Mixcloud

Podcast 045. Sub Pop Singles Club
One of the more genius moves for Sub Pop in its early days was the creation of the Sub Pop Singles Club, in which subscribers received a new, limited-edition seven-inch once a month via the postal service. READ ON AND LISTEN.

Totally like this so your mom see’s what good taste you have in music.

Bandcamp is growing into a music bank and adding payment options

Bandcamp is growing into a music bank and adding payment options

TODAY: Bandcamp HQ announced that they will be rolling out an important transactional change and improvements to the way they collect money from music fans and will be adding payment options. Rather than user payments for digital transactions going from the fan directly to the Bandcamp account holder the payments will be processed by them internally first and then paid out to the account within 24 hours, instead of instantly like they currently are in real timewith the added bummer of a caveat that higher-value transactions may take a bit longer to arrive. So looks like Bandcamp will be playing with your money and making interest with these “improvements” in order to become a music bank.  They claim the revenue share will not be changing, which is one of the upsides and users will continue to receive payments via the only existing option which is users/musician PayPal account. Although I personally would prefer they give the option to pay my bank directly if possible and cut out Paypal all together and maybe that is the longer term goal for bigger labels and business minded folks because all adds up if you consider that music fans have paid artist $115 million, and 3.2 million in the last 30 days alone!

Music fans have paid artists $115 million, and $3.2 million in the last 30 days alone! 

Bandcamp says they are taking over the processing and payout for digital transactions in order to lay the groundwork for several new and exciting upcoming improvements which may include:

  • Accepting more payment options (bigger bank issues involve new transaction fees)
  • Offering of gift cards (new transaction fees to consider and production costs)
  • The streamlining the checkout flow (especially when purchasing items from multiple artists e.g. different user paypal accounts)

Bandcamp also notes that as part of their change they will be updating their current Terms of Use and will be announcing the fine print regarding above shortly. The only upside is that because they are adding the big credits cards (potentially) this will allow more users who want to become bandcamp music fans but don’t have a paypal account.

What would really be transformational in their roadmap is if they could monetize their streaming and all of the embedded music players with a fairer payout for independent artists. If independent services like mixcloud did shared monetization it could be a game changer like YouTube figured out however soundcloud may be poised to do this better. The race is on.



Episode 086: Gimme Indie Rock! by Little Records on Mixcloud


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Sample Answer – Good Boy EP

Sample Answer – Good Boy EP

ALBUM REVIEWS: OK meet Maurice O’Connor who is originally from Dublin, Ireland and his project Sample Answer. I was prepared to not like this but it grew on me quickly. Here’s a track from his Good Boy EP. Folkish yes but more americana urban beats that make this a fresh take on where hip hop should be. More than likely a hybrid of what is going on in music from a worldly perspective in my humble opinion. The vocals are sincere and not somebody who you are going to find pretending to be some giant pop-start on America’s Got Talent any time soon. Here’s to hoping he puts a good band together and we get a chance to check these jams live. I like the slide guitars on “proud” reminds me of the Afghan Whigs and I wonder if he ever heard of them? These tunes have soul man.

RIYL: Sublime, De La Soul

[Mixtape] Re-Surch – “Popes Pond Legend” Yo check out the raw @resurch

[Mixtape] Re-Surch – “Popes Pond Legend” Yo check out the raw @resurch

VIDEOS: To make up for the months of a questionable hiatus from posting music and writing about I’m just going to post the newest random shit I have received has some merit besides the obvious half of a new wrens song we posted earlier today. Here is a Beck remix of looser and a original with some def rap skillz that I could never match. This stuff is raw and probably sounds great on cassette from Boston, Mass. Check em out Twitter | Web


Re-Surch – Nigga Nigga ft. Napoleon Velasquez, $.A.K
He says the word so many times in this it looses it meaning but very old school none the less and I suppose the whole point of the chorus. The imagery in this video is NSFW or small children but may be a good conversation piece around the confederate flag and why it’s fucked up that so many states were still flying it about their capitals.

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NEW WRENS! – well half a song at least

NEW WRENS! – well half a song at least

There are horns on this and this short message from Charles on their facebook page. At this point the long winters might get something completely out before them but lets see.

This was the last song finished (a week ago Sunday) and up to the night before, tried to fit this back into the larger song but just couldn’t make it work. This was the final version, now playing at 1 halfstep down (instead of three like the previous snippet) but still slower than the orig. But even this is still sort of an unfinished mess between the diff. drum takes playing, the vocals recorded at diff. speeds, the 12-string in the L speaker cutting out. So in the end, out it stayed.

Ok likers do what you’s do.

ALL AGES ROCK MATINEE: Eastern Anchors, Overlake, Sink Tapes, Dollar Store Riot, Galanos, Rock n Roll Hi Fives

ALL AGES ROCK MATINEE: Eastern Anchors, Overlake, Sink Tapes, Dollar Store Riot, Galanos, Rock n Roll Hi Fives

What is important to know about this awesome line-up is that it’s ALL AGES. Put together to fill a desperate gap in music. ROCK MATINEE wants Dads & Moms, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles to introduce the kids in their life to music other than what is on the damn Disney Channe! ALL KIDS UNDER 10yr old it’s FREE admission. This organization wants different cities around NJ to host monthly events and help grow the ROCK MATINEE network. There is no hub yet but feel free to email headphonemusic @ for advice.

Come see 6 kick ass bands at one kick ass NJ club at a matinee, all ages shows (yes, bring the kiddies)….$8.00 @ Door!

-Rock N Roll High Fives: 1:00 PM
-Galanos: 1:50 PM
-Dollar Store Riot: 2:40 PM
-Sink Tapes: 3:30 PM
-Overlake: 4:20 PM
-Eastern Anchors: 5:10 PM

ROCKNROLL HI-FIVES Joe Centano and family. Joe used to play in local indie rock heroes Plug Spark Sanjay. His family rocks.

the RocknRoll HiFives – "Good with the Bad" from Joe Centeno on Vimeo.

GALANOS is favorite band around review stalker camp and we’re very psyched to be able to see them on Pyrrhic Victory Recordings.

DOLLAR STORE RIOT Maplewood, NJ noise rock.

SINK TAPES – Indie rock from the basements of New Brunswick, NJ

OVERLAKE – Break-out shoegaze music from New Jersey. Features the ever present Tom Barrett on Vocal and Guitar. On Killing Horse Records.

EASTERN ANCHORS Been rocking forever making melodic noise rock features members of Aviso’Hara on Viva! La Hara Records.


Album Review – Dereconstructed by Lee Bains III and The Glory Fires

Album Review – Dereconstructed by Lee Bains III and The Glory Fires

ALBUM REVIEW: Man these are good’ole boys re-invented with some rock-n-roll pride that stings you right in the face. Lots of fast jams that remind me of the fast parts of Nine Pound Hammer and burry The Supersuckers with their last rights. Lee Bains III and The Glory Fires is pure and uninhibited by their past. They let the bong rip one energetic tune after the next. It’s not a put-on and you can feel them flying their flag over the music with a different message and a new kind of pride. Taking on the world with dirty sweat, grit and the quest for the good weed. Lee is putting in the good work like a rock-n-roll as a preacher leading the boys into a tornado of rock and a hail locusts. What is important to know that these guys are a live band of regular dudes who happen to be on Sub Pop now who love to play music and listen to all sorts of shit. Hung out with them, drank cheap beer and the good tequila and these men are the real deal. Over the top distortion with great guitar tones is what you need and they delivery. Soon enough you will catch them live and thank us. Website | Twitter


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Mint 1967 classic rock-n-roll covers

Mint 1967 classic rock-n-roll covers

I think it was almost a year 1/2 ago or more when Neil Sabatino mentioned to me he was planning on putting out a covers release on his label Mint 400 Records but the twist was all the songs were originally written or released in 1967! That is like 47 year ago people. 1967 was a significant year in music and this covers compilations just scratches the surface with current group who are re-interpreting for posterity their own unique takes and in our humble opinion do it justice 100%.


So much psychedelic music and a whole era of uncharted waters in pop music, far too much to mention here as there are whole blogs that really blow it out better than our little brain can handle. The First Pink Floyd album came out then and whole bunch of groups like The Kinks or The Creation had releases that we are still unearthing today. Was basically like the 90’s but the original 90’s if that makes any sense. A musicology student finding this download in the future will be very grateful when they discover this in a meta archeological dig. They say every 30 years popular music re-invents itself and we have yet to see anything as original as this era. Musically we have been borrowing ever since. So we will see what happens but here is a great set of re-interpretations of some amazing songs by 21st century bands and artists like The One & Nines, Fawn and Rabbit, The Duke of Norfolk, Fairmont, Jack Skuller, The Maravines, Moscow Centre, Murzik, Neterare Fan Club, Tri-State and Zach Uncles. This is a great idea because these bands actually don’t give a shit about EDM? Some things should just be honored and set free. So here it is. Stalk the label and download some nuggets need that re-discovery. facebook | Twitter


Here’s a few 1960’s pop selects:
Let’s Spend The Night Together MP3 Cover The One and Nines – Original by The Rolling Fucking Stones.
To Love Somebody” MP3 cover by Fairmont. Originally released June 1967 by The Bee Gees
I’ll Be Your Mirror” MP3 cover by Murzik. Originally released by The Velvet Underground original lead vocal by Nico.


Pet Sounds Covered by Mint 400 Records
Choice download links for band The Creation
Documentary Movie review: “David Bowie Is” is a bunch of bullshit By Keith Hartel

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