Why is Coachella the New Spring Break?

Coachella girl getting wet
Honestly, I think I could tell you only one band that played Coachella this Spring Break and it was The Replacements who got a lot of cash to play songs from the 90’s. I can’t imagine one kid under 40 30 knew a single tune unless they brought their parents with them. I know this because my friend Andy posted a photo of them. He was actually working the event bringing grilled cheeses to the masses (probably) working 14 hour days having fun watching all the “space cadets”.

I totally had forgotten about this music festival and since I’m a real music fans I was just waiting to find my domestic break during the day so I could race to the nearest record store on Record Store Day. Sorry your loss kids but I don’t think you care about collecting records at all. I’m pretty sure CHVCHRES had a select release and bunch of other groups playing the event but none of them will own a physical copy. Their cool friends who actually like music might though. Twitter also reminded me of all the fun. I saw lots of ass photos (#ASSCHELLA) on the Vice blog called Noisy and useless articles about what people were wearing or not wearing, the different type of freaks, bro gangs and what the bitches were going to see. I have no idea who Haim is and apparently Pharrell is still wearing the same dumb hat even in that 96 degree heat.

Pharrell's Stupid Hat on twitter

I kind of liked it when all those kids went down to Florida or Mexico and they didn’t really make a mess of music festivals. Drank the light beer and twerked before it was a thing. The line-ups are all over the place and not that I’m organizing freak with my sub-genres or anything but Coachella is a mess of a “music festival”. I am glad nobody died like at SXSW this past year in Austin (that I heard of) smashing their car drunk into people –that was horrible. The masses of suckers going to these bloated events pay the really high-ticket prices more than likely because their parents forked over the dough. Not sure anybody noticed but the cost of entry goes up every year even as it’s off set by brands buying their way into the youth market. But alas this is some college kid’s Woodstock or Lollapalooza except they mostly listen to EDM (Electronic Dance Music). I totally have a problem with EDM. Hate me but there are no lyrics to most of the tunes right? It’s fabricated music unlike classic hip-hop which I have the most respect for. You’ll never be able tell me I really love it when they click play during that part and mix in this other part and we all jump up and down. You know with the keyboard thing? Impossible to describe and I suppose something you must experience completely live as you jump to the thumping in unison. Unlike if I say two simple words like “Jane Says” –You will probably sing the whole song from start to finish. See what I mean?

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Best Butts Asschella Bikinis
I love T&A hanging out of frayed denim shorts as much as the next straight guy but music needs substance. At the same time I know the general youth consumer needs to be entertained. Millennials get bored way to quickly these days. Truth be told through lies; it’s more fun to watch them make asses of them themselves from the side because that tattoo they got will need to be covered one day and I hear they have better drugs that we did in the 90’s. Hell even Burning Man has it’s own zip code(89412)! The more you know.

What was your experience at Coachella, pitchfork or SXSW etc? Lets us know in the comments and like this article on facebook!

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10 Songs About Pot, Marijuana & Ganja You Never heard

smoking a joint photo
420: Here’s a bunch of songs about pot. So much great music has been inspired by the Weed and on the weed it’s hard to imagine that the shit is slowly being legalized finally and the government has finally figured out the business of marijuana and that they could tax it like the alcohol and cigarettes to get them out the debt. For a while that is until they fuck it up again and spend their take. Remember the war on drags? What the hell happened to that Gestapo? The really scary part is all the conversations behind the scenes Big Tobacco companies having. Preparing themselves for this day and negotiating with the government on how they can make it work for them — their end of the deal. So we’ll see what happens in the coming years once we’re over the medicinal hump in most of the States. I’m in no way an expert. Anyway, the drug was once vilified and was seen as a harbinger of evil, sex and gluttony. If you’re too high don’t drive. In some cases marijuana is supposed to help people with their some pain, anxieties and as medicinal cancer treatment. So seriously can’t be that bad. You can even make clothing out of the pot. We know we can’t hang with the chronic at all because that stuff has crystals and will make us barf but either way for some other people it’s their beer and we’re ok with that. Life is too boring not to get high on something. To celebrate 420 here’s some songs about pot you may never of heard of before. Please suggest some other songs in the comments below.

“420 Mix” by Ecletic Method – Movie’s best Pot moments mash-up
Let us re-introduce you to Jonny Wilson of Eclectic Method. He’s been a video mixologist and mash-up king before it was a thing. He started out physically splicing together music, TV and film and has been setting high-energy beats made exactly for shaking your groove thing. He’s worked with Brian Eno and is no ordinary VJ. His medium base is Video mixing and he’s always pushing what you can do. We first featured a mash-up of his a few months ago when he shared “A Brief History of Sampling” with us so we hope you enjoy this one. He loves to take current popular culture and bring it to the club, The Colbert Report, soundcloud and anywhere where music is. Hard to keep up with all of his output honestly but once you latch on we promise you will be hooked.

Ok the downloads are below…

Sinsemilla Black Uhuru

The Smoke -have some more tea MP3
Fela Kuti -Expensive Shit (afrobeat) MP3
Willie Nelson -Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die MP3 w/ Snoop Dogg, Jamey Johnson, Kris Kristofferson
PSD Mac Lee -Every damn day i smoke dank MP3
Stoned Jesus -I’m The Mountain MP3
Porter Wagoner -Green Green Grass of Home MP3
Mighty High -Drug War MP3 from Legalize Tre Bags(2012)
Muddy Waters -Champagne & Reefer MP3
The Clash – Safe European Home MP3 Give them enough Rope Because they’ve got the potthey got the palm trees…
Black Uhuru -Sinsemilla MP3 from Sinsemilla (1980 Island Records)

CLASSIC TV EPISODE: Taxi “Latka’s Cookies” [full episode]

Nobody makes TV like this anyway – what amazing show which totally features cociane. Now click that facebook link below and share this pot article with your friend ya’ll! Thank you.

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Overlake – Giant Sighs of Beautiful Relief…

Killinghorse Records

Killinghorse Records

My band, Dollar Store Riot, humbly shared the stage with Overlake back in January 2014 @ NYC’s Parkside Lounge.   When the show promoter told me we will be playing with a “shoe-gaze band from Jersey City” I was immediately intrigued.  A shoe-gaze band in 2014?  And from Jersey no less?  Fate took the wheel as I was one of many completely blown away by their set and eagerly looking forward to their soon to be released record to validate that what I heard live beautifully transposed to any type of recording.

And boy, were things quickly validated.

Sighs, Overlake’s first full length release on NJ’s own Killing Horse Records, was released yesterday (4/15) , but I have been devouring the pre-release sale free mp3 download of the album for weeks now.  Sure band members Tom and Lysa were sweet to buy me a birthday shot at the above said post-show, but that doesn’t influence nor change the fact that Sighs is hands down a consistently solid fucking effort and one of the best releases of 2014.  For certain you can hear pinches of I Can Hear the Heart Beating As One, dashes of  Loveless and touches of You In Reverse.   Based on the recent press, a lot of the equally impressed critics do too, claims the band won’t deny, yet somehow pull off their own smorgasbord of familiar sounds with unique freshness.

Overlake Band Album Review Killing Horse Records band van

Sighs is simply a beautiful, whispy, swirly reverby experience (just what you expect from a shoe gaze band in 2014…from Jersey no less) from start to finish with too many good songs to mention (read: ALL of them, my favs being ‘Disappearing” and “Our Sky”).  It is a perfect soundtrack  for a stroll through lonely, rainy NYC streets or Sunday drive through the sunny, Jersey burbs.  If you need further proof,  Sighs is probably one of the very, very few records I overheard my 9 year old son whistling along too in the back seat.  Get. It. Now.


Fri 4/18 Court Tavern, New Brunswick NJ – Overlake w/ Wreaths, Cicada Radio, TV Sound – 4 Year Anniversary Show for Killing Horse Records
Mon 5/19 Baby’s All Right, Brooklyns – Overlake w/ The Everymen, The Brooklyn What

Singles & Bands to Watch: Mutes, Stagnant Pools, Milan Jay, The Van Doos and Distortion Girls
Are you a GBV/Nada Surf fan? Doug Gillard’s New Album ‘Parade On’ is Guitardedly Good
STALK RS BACK: Soudcloud | Twitter | Facebook | Leave some comments and shit. Hit that little blue FB like link. Cool.

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The Trouble and the Best Parts about Record Store Day

The Trouble with Record Store Day - Article

Super your local band or record store Saturday on RSD April 19, 2014

SATURDAY – APIRL 19th,2014 is the next Record Store Day; which is now a worldwide phenomenon. RSD is even bigger than Christmas! We interviewed some High-Fidelity geeks who I know hate music as much as they love it, have record labels or work in record stores. These super fans ooze tidbits of info like idiot savants. Shopping for music is such a subjective thing if you are hooked and these are deep into it. There are all types of music fans: the browsers, the professors, and the downloaders (also the ladies like to shop). There is also as much subjectivity in the process when dealing with the discography obsessed that it becomes this strange world. The college downloaders pretty much made it very difficult for small shops to stay open. Most kids today, we fear have never stepped into a record store; which is weird to think about. RSD was brainstormed in 2007 by a few retailers and now is a money-making event that has put them back in black. The movement has helped spike the industry by creating sales opportunities for the big labels, Artists and independents. Although much harder for the small labels to participate in because their new releases are always limited.

One of the main issues is price. We all love a deal and browsers like Dave Galgano owner of Rocket Science Records a small local N.J. label is an all year record buyer, he points out “In general I ignore record store day. It’s basically overpriced reissue of dollar bin records.” In many ways he’s 100% correct. Repackaging and remarketing is as old as the industry itself.

Here’s a stream for a Wreaths S/T Vinyl LP which Rocket Science Records is going to put out.

Keep reading…

Record Store Day slackers or money makers?

The labels put a premium on these supposedly limited releases but the truth is distributors hold the power and over charge because they know there is demand from collectors. The distributors also decide where the inventory goes which is the key here. Supply and demand is such a tricky thing especially when we’re dealing with this one big day.

Neil Sabatino from another NJ Indie label Mint 400 Records mentioned he has particular tastes between the 1960’s and 1994, he says “I mostly buy older stuff and I don’t need a special day set aside to remind me that I love buying records. I pretty much celebrate record store day anytime I have extra cash.”

So what about new music fans who are just getting into buying music? The breed is rare and the industry really needs to grow these fans who are willing to pay for physical artifacts. Mark Knorth from Vintage Vinyl, in Fords, NJ mentioned the “ebayers”. “There’s always some new faces, then there are the usual jerks. They ruin it for the fans…the “eBayers”…they buy it -no matter what it is. The true fans miss out.” So there is a soft gray market where inventory goes back into wild to rip off some poor Dave Mathews fan. This is where the labels don’t get a cut of but the store and distributor make-out so the chances become slimmer of the stores being stuck with an overpriced item even though something may eventually end up in the discount bin because its not any good. So having a collectors market is actually a desired after-effect.

Tim Cronin Ribeye Brother & Jack's Music Shoppe Red Bank NJ

Photo of Tim courtesy of www.redbankgreen.com/

Tim Cronin(Ribeye Brothers/Monster Magnet), from Jack’s Music Shoppe, In Red Bank, NJ mentions that stores have put in policies when discussing the “flippers”. “Not many people are going to admit they are gonna buy something to flip it. That’s why we limit the amount to one apiece until the line is done. That way everyone gets a fighting chance.” Tim mentioned he’s noticed over the past 5 years records; “some younger kids are coming in which is good for business but records themselves have “taken off”(he means vinyl records). Like good drug dealers the stores are selling affordable turntables like Numark or Crosley turntables but Cronin says “RSD is a day where no one is completely happy because nobody ever gets everything they want.”

DOWNLOAD: Good As New MP3 by The Ribeye Brothers from Call of the Scraphead (2012)

Goodluck on Saturday!

Album Review: New Doug Gillard!’Parade On’ is Guitardedly Good.
Follow: Review Stalker on Soundcloud for the latest streams.

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Singles & Bands to Watch: Mutes, Stagnant Pools, Milan Jay, The Van Doos and Distortion Girls

Mutes shoegaze band UK

Here’s your weekly dose of excellent FREE singles and MP3s from around the globe of indie. Some of them are even exclusively found here. We highly suggest you fan them, then support likes of The Van Doos, Milan Jay, Stagnant Pools, Mutes or The Van Doos when they do their thing live. Dudes in bands need fans and if you happen to be a hot chick or handsome bloke even better. Tell them Review Stalker sent you. Because we too like it when bros and gals buy us beers at our local pub. Makes this all worth while as we really do try and filter everything we get to bubble nothing but the best. Enjoy!

Mutes – We love our shoegazer around here and here’s something to crank on the autobahn. This comes out in May on One Note Forever. It’s a washed out track made of faded dreams drenched in sweet delicious reverb. This should actually make you stand straight-up so you can get a better listen right into the speakers and turn this up. facebook them and shit and us to while you’re fucking at it.

DOWNLOAD: M.P.D.G MP3 by Mutes fromt their coming EP

Stagnant Pools - We dug these noisters when we first discovered them last year and we’re still fans. they have a another record coming out June 10th called Geist on Polyvinyl Records. Very sonic youth oriented in all the right ways.

RIYL: Jesus and Marychain

Milan Jay - OK the best way to describe this dirty bass, rap music from Ireland if you took “Gratitude” by the Beasties and mashed it up with KFDM or ministry with some white dudes rapping on it. It’s pretty good. They call themselves a electro band but we think it’s much better than most EDM shit. Here is their track called “Get Ghost” – which you can get on bandcamp and throw them a couple euros.

RIYL: HIP HOP, WARTIME (Andrew Weis, Sim Cain, Rollins)

The Van Doos - Yes, bandwagonesque riff rock that is very very much English in all the right ways. Big loud and crunchy snares hits tilts this to some early oasis or radiohead(pablo honey). Very catchy taster that is going to be on their debut album Fingertips. Highly recommend you download this baby we’re looking forward to the rest already. Their video is pretty cool too and we would be pretty deft if we didn’t point out the artwork looks exactly like our web background skin. Get with the program facehookers.

DOWNLOAD: Airborne MP3 by The Van Doos

Distortion Girls - Evol era (yet a another sonic youth reference) space psyche slow jam. Female led drone vocals that is like slow fucking that is super errie with the organ doing it’s thing in the background. It’s sexy in a very gothic kind of way. If you speed it up to 45 might seem weird. Like them you facehookers. They now have exactly 2 people talking about them.

More free MP3′s
Last week’s Singles & Bands to Watch by: The Great American Novel, Afghan Whigs, wyd:syd & Otherkin

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Nirvana – Live Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame – The Best Fuck You

Nirvana Dave Grohl holding up trophy

I got to hand it to Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic on these excellent renditions of Nirvana songs and having some of the most talented female singers perform with them is the biggest fuck-you in the face to Courtney Love could ever get. Here’s a the perfomances as caught by fans on ther smartphones who attended last night’s Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. These are the best videos we found of Annie Clark from St. Vincent doing “Lithium, Joan Fucking Jett doing justice to “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. This is so fantastic. Lorde along with St. Vincent and Nirvana playing “All Apologies”. Such a sad but great version and apropo.

NIrvana Joan Jett playing Smells like teen spirit


DOWNLOAD:Smells Like Teen Spirit feat Joan Jett MP3 (good phone bootleg)

St Vincent Krist Novoselic Rocknroll hall of fame photo

“LITHIUM” w/ Annie Clark (St. Vincent)

DOWNLOAD: Lithium feat. Annie Clark of St Vincent MP3 (total smart phone bootleg)

Lorde playing w/ Nirvana all apologies rocknroll hal of fame

Lorde singing with Nirvana

“ALL APOLOGIES” Featuring Lorde with Nirvana, Joan Jett, and St. Vincent.

DOWNLOAD:All Apologies feat Lorde MP3 (smartphone bootleg sounds pretty good)

Thanks Youtubers!

EDITORIAL: The Truth About the HOLE in Courtney Love’s Head and the theoretical motive behind Kurt Cobain’s murder — not suicide.

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The Truth About the HOLE in Courtney Love’s Head

Courtney Love Nirvana RocknRoll Hall of Fame induction

Courtney Love (49) is a certifiable sycophant with a penchant for the truly absurd and lives to feed her ego with an un-fillable void of narcissism. Obviously, like most celebrities she has her public and “private” time. We can’t tell which is which but it all seems very calculated. Her past version of history has shown she’ll either kiss your ass or tell you any thing until she gets what she wants out of you. We don’t mean to sound like a jilted ex-lover of Love’s or really to put a magnifying glass on her or Nirvana’s past sores. She’s the worst dilettante punk princess of all time, even worse than Sid and Nancy character she played; if any part of the past allegations and conspiracies are true.

The very Beuatiful Kristen Pfaff from Hole

Kristen Pfaff 1967-1994

Rewind to 1994, two months past Kurt Cobain’s death. Love’s band mate Kristen Pfaff was dismayed and delving into the black tar with Courtney and may have admitted to liking her husband and we don’t mean on facebook. Ms. Pfaff over-dosed from heroin and died. We won’t really know what happened for sure unless Love comes outright and says she was jealous but feeling may have been mutual between the two. Love’s husband respected Ms. Pfaff and was quoted as saying to a friend “She’s a fucking talented musician, she’s also a beautiful soul. I think she’s so beautiful, but if I ever told her that, and Courtney found out, it would be hell.” Unfortunately, our theory in this inferno is a simple case of jealousy, money and revenge – Not a suicide or accidental overdose.

DOWNLOAD: HoleGood Sister/Bad Sister MP3 from Pretty On The Inside

A couple years ago in the Guardian in 2012 Love was quoted saying “There will be no musical. Sometimes its just best to leave things alone.” Most musicals are supposed to be uplifting so we’re not sure how this one would end but it’s obvious she’s figured out a new source of income and in the process of writing herself into the history of grunge.
Nirvana Press Photo
Dave Grohl talks about Kurt Cobain MP3 TV Interview
Krist Novoselic on Kurt Cobain MP3 TV Interview

Fast-forward, the story of Nirvana is coming to Broadway and Love is also re-launching her band Hole with the “classic” line-up; which actually should have included Ms. Pfaff on bass if she were alive. Courtney also happened to borrow lines for a song on the album “Live Through This” from her.

RELATED: Obituary - Day of the dead Kristen Pfaff RIP Janitor Joe

Frances Bean Cobain Until recently, it was fairly well known Love has been estranged from her beautiful daughter Frances Bean Cobain who is now 21! Yet in recent press release gabs she is using the power of apathy to justify the Broadway show to Nirvana fans.

“I know her father’s spirit will be on that stage, and sitting in that theater with her will be the most emotional experience of our lives.”

CHECK OUT: Soaked in Bleach (4/8/2014) This NEW official trailer documentary which reveals the events right before Kurt Cobain’s death as seen through the eyes of Tom Grant, the private investigator that was hired by Courtney Love in 1994 to track him down days before his body was found at their Seattle home. Would have been the first place we would have looked no?

Her subconscious word choice should also be listened too not just in the few clips in this film but all over the press. In a recent interview on BBC this past week Love talks on the Woman’s Hour show that she was “covetous” of Kurt Cobain’s talents to be able to write two songs in less than 20 minutes. Also that she and her daughter are going to the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame induction on April 10th together.

If Frances truly has reached out to her mother then we’re happy for them both but from our point of view the favor is for Dave Grohl & Krist Novelistic – her father’s band mates. Love went on to say because of pressure of “tons of Nirvana fan mail” (We didn’t write any) and support for the idea in social media she is moving forward with the project.

Howard Stern Show – Courtney Love’s Crowd Displeasing Rant on Dave Grohl(2012)

This whole bit is off the charts. A must listen.

Earlier this year, Love won a defamation case from her former attorney, which is actually good for Social Media, who was helping her with Kurt Cobain estate fraud case when she tweeted about her lawyer saying “I was fucking devestated [sic] when Rhonda J. Holmes esq. of san diego was bought off.” Holmes claimed, this hurt her reputation in an 8 Day trial. There were no damages so no precedent has been set yet; meaning there has been no cost associated to crazy unless you count the whole demise of grunge thing.

Ms. Cobain (Love’s Daughter) has said, “Twitter should ban my mother.”

The real truth is we’ll never know if Kurt Cobain’s suicide was murder or not but one thing is certain a whole generation of grunge fans went up in flames and the biggest casuality is his daughter.

Who Killed Kurt Cobain? The Mysterious Death of an Icon
Love & Death: The Murder of Kurt Cobain
Who Killed Kurt Cobain?

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Gillard’s New Album ‘Parade On’ is Guitardedly Good.

Doug Gillard Parade on Album Review

Parade On – Out 4/8 on Nine Mile Records

ALBUM REVIEW: Some of you know who Mr. Doug Gillard is even without actually having his phone number in your contacts or perhaps you got his digits from his previous release Call from Restricted. If we lead you to any record this year please let it be his latest and greatest Parade On as it’s guitardedly good.

We mean this with all affection and not a single bit of sarcasm; this is a bus you must get on. Doug’s passion for manipulating a 6 or 12 string guitar is on the same level as Johnny fucking Marr; strum for strum and we never met that Brit. He’s a band leader who will lead you down a path with several possible outcomes. One, inspire you to make your next record greater than good and NOT just ok,  but great. Two, in the process make you pay attention to the details, or you will do us a favor and quit playing music so the good stuff can bubble-up. Three – you’ll take a deep dive into the depths on a download binge 30,000 feet of stacked records. Four, sell some off your guitars (Maybe you’ll donate one to a charity like The Project Matters ‏@TPMNJ) while you mull over the second option. Actually you might NOT have to do any of this because this one stands all on it’s own. However, if some of you actually happen to step foot into a record store (even if just on record store day next week) and look up the likes of Nick Lowe, XTC, or Death of Samantha. Some of you may consider seeing him play with his band or taking the leads in Nada Surf. The two shows he’s playing with GBV are sold out so your out of luck there.

The pointed point is this is his third solo full-length coming out on Nine Mile Records strewn out over a few years of being a professional musician. I can’t even count all his other releases he’s played for you but it does not matter that is what wiki is fucking for. If I were record clerk (I vowed never to do so this) — this is the album I would literally point you towards besides the song “I AM a Tree” he recorded once with Guided By Voices. There I said it and it only. Took me two, three whole paragraphs. After that you are on your own.

We interviewed Doug Gillard last year, even played a show with him at the Asbury Lanes and enjoyed him nerding out talking about his guitar set-up. There is enough exploratory timeless guitaring on this album set forth as a reminder the guitar neck is an expansive and mysterious place. Dudes can play guitar and makes all the tones sound effortless while allowing you to hum along with vocal melodies. Our faves on this album are all of them. “Your Eyes” is the most Smiths like one, the opener is another classic similar to XTA or Nick Lowe with something off of Labour of Lust (1979) but don’t let us bore you with our shallow knowledge record store clerkdome. This one is going directly to our top 10 of 2014.

MP3s: New Guided By Voices 7″ on Fire Records
For nerds: Doug Gillard’s Guitar set-up
Donate a Guitar to The Project Matters to help teens stay out of trouble and learn a trade. Like professional rock musician. Contact TPMNJ on facebook to learn more.

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Singles & Bands to Watch: by The Great American Novel, Afghan Whigs, wyd:syd & Otherkin

SINGLES/ BANDS TO WATCH: We’re going to try and keep this weekly post going. Give us a chance to say our peace about the latest singles that have been slamming our inbox without going on too deep. An extension of one of our awesome tweets if you will.

The Great American Novel - singles
The Great American Novel - We don’t know why “bushwick nights” didn’t make their previous record either because this has some elements of The Who we dig on the track. In a way we’re glad this is a single so we can enjoy it all on it’s own. “Anthem for Beer Cans” was also apparently cut because it had 1 too many choruses but equally as good as they thought it sound similar to Bulldog Skin. Maybe the whoo who part and pete townesend parts. Seriously dudes, what good rock does not sound like a Guided by Voices or The Who when you put it into perspective. Name your price on their site.

RELATED: Yes sad face is the name of this album

The Afghan Whigs - “The Lottery” from their coming album ‘Do to the Beast‘. Greg Dulli is sounding like one too many cigarettes on this first cut released by Sub Pop. We do like the bands sound as it fits nicely between Gentlemen era guitar thronging and 1965. Which for us is their super sweet-spot.

wyd:syd - “Yesterlove” – pronounced as “wide side. This music is made by 5 guys from Singapore playing light shoe-gaze pop and recommended if you like guitar delays and spacey rock music you shall enjoy this. Very Brooklyn sounding. So we guess there are hipsters everywhere.

Otherkin – “SLN” – Good bass playing on this track from this Dublin based band. We really dig it because they remind us of music like Interpol meets The Dismemberment Plan. Very alternatively affirmative in the right places. Oh and by the way SLN is not an abreviation for “Special Local Needs” at least until the band gets out of their keeping a secret mode. Good song either way. Check out their video below.

SINGLES: Here’s some swirly guitars: Champ vs Lazyeyes
Single of the Day: “Bird” by Tim Foljahn
SINGLE REVIEWS – Esom vs New Manic Spree

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Schtick Bands: The Upper Crust vs Clowns for Progress

Upper Crust vs Clowns for Progress
Dear Punks,
We know that many of you debate things like this topic all the time and ask yourself who is your favorite schtick band? Does it have midgets playing kiss covers? “If not then I’m not interested.” But then you promptly go back and listen to bands like these and it’s easy to see the appeal. In our high-court; the debate was settled in a pretty swift duel with our facehookers. Everybody voted democratically to the side of the one that sounded most like AC/DC. Was 4/1. We were also trying to figure where have all the good schtick bands gone? RIP to Oderus Orungus who fronted the #1 band in the solar system in this genre but who else is out there? Besides like mock metal bands like The Darkness. We did find The Weirdest Band Blog to bring us up to speed on some. Which will have to take a dumpster dive and see if any of these other “weird” bands can rock as hard and be as witty as The Upper Crust because you are the audience and we are the entertainment. You deserve to be snobbishly entertained by the best our high-society has to offer. What was fun about seeing is that they made it all about the audience and if you could keep from spitting out your beer betwixt songs you were doing well.

According to one of our in-house rock historians Ray Kubian (Drummer Dean Ween Group, True Love, etc). “The Crust were best as a 5 piece with Lord Rockingham(Ted Widmer), whom also sang lead on some songs and happened to be one of Bill Clinton’s speech writers. When they became a foursome ‘roque’ band Nat Freedberg (Aka Lord Bendover) continued in true aristocratic fashion with other the fops. Nat previously had The Satanics and a band called The Titanics. Both equally awesome bands. Chris Harford does a song called “Broken Man” on his Time Warp Deck album which was penned by Freedberg.” It is rumoured they still continue to play since they began in 1995.

Now on the other side of the make-up for us; seeing a schtick band perform live is the main thing. Clowns for Progress played through solid state amps or at least it sounded like they did versus all of the vintage gear(of course) thee Upper Crust used. All guitards would be drooling by the candle warmth of their sound – the clowns sounded like every other band on epitaph or look-out. We remember the Clowns being kinda brown and pompous dicks at times being NYC darlings of “pop punk”. We didn’t understand and saw them a few times and had a good time either way. Anyway, we digress. Their songs were good on paper but personality wise we just enjoyed poofs more. Let us know what you think. We want to know. We like the Clown’s taste of covers so we will generously give them that.


Clowns for Progress
Hurt Me Baby MP3
Martian MP3
Kids are alright (The Who Cover) MP3


Upper Crust
Rock ‘n’ Roll Butler MP3
Let Them Eat Rock MP3

We’re Finished With Finishing School

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