RIP – Ramones Reunion Confirmed: Tommy Ramone Dead At 62.

RIP – Ramones Reunion Confirmed: Tommy Ramone Dead At 62.

Ramones Logo Joey- Johnny Dee Dee Tommy

Hard to believe that the Rolling Stones have outlived fucking The Ramones. A punk band from queens who essentiallt defined NY Punk with their image and fast rock songs. Borrowing their sound from the blues and turning it on it’s head annoying america and then conquering the world. Never will be another like them. We were lucky to have them. It’s going to be such a great show.

Here’s the whole first album

1.Blitzkrieg Bop (0:00-2:14)
2.Beat On the Brat (2:14-4:46)
3.Judy Is A Punk (4:46-6:18)
4.I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (6:18-8:42)
5.Chain Saw (8:42-10:38)
6.Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue (10:38-12:14)
7.I Don’t Want To Go Down To The Basement (12:14-14:53)
8.Loudmouth (14:53-17:08)
9.Havana Affair (17:08-19:05)
10.Listen To My Heart (19:05-21:04)
11.53rd and 3rd (21:04-23:25)
12.Let’s Dance (23:25-25:17)
13.I Don’t Want To Walk Around With You (25:17-27:00)
14.Today Your Love,Tomorrow The World (27:00-29:13)

Here’s some Road to Ruin demos and half a live set.
Come Back, She Cried A.K.A. I Walk Out [Demo] MP3
Yea, Yea [Demo]
Rock ‘N’ Roll High School (Ed Stasium Version)
Blitzkrieg Bop/Teenage Lobotomy/California Sun/Pinhead/She’s The One [Live]

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Casey Kasem Vs Dick Clark (RIP)

Casey Kasem Vs Dick Clark (RIP)

Dick Clark American Bandstand Jukebox photo
I always confused Casey Kasem (1932-present) and Dick Clark(1929-2012) to the detriment of Richard. Banal music personalities who introduced top 40 to America. Eventually Danny Terrio from Dance Fever did a number on the youth but Dick’s show held on for a long time.

Agreeably Dick Clark America’s Oldest Teenager show American Bandstand initially broadcast from Philadelphia then moved to Hollywood lasted from 1957 to 1987 and was more popular but Casey’s explosive diarrhea moments made him infamous. Here he is sampled in the U2 song “I Still haven’t found what I’m looking for” covered by the California group Negativeland. I suppose you could consider this is a early mash-up. I also did not know Casey did the voice over for Shaggy from Scooby Doo. Anyway, when somebody dies you learn so much about the people around them but in Dick Clark’s words “For now, Dick Clark…so long.” We’re still here at the Morbid Channel so for now be well.

Here’s some songs about your youth.
Teenage Wasteland MP3 by Left & Right from Miss Virginia (2010)
Teenage Lobotomy MP3 by The Ramones from Rocket to Russia (1977)
The Way Gene Would Groove It MP3 by DICK CLARK from JUST BLUES Reflections of the Artistry of Gene Harris
Waving My Dick In The Wind MP3 by Ween from The Mollusk a ode to Jimmy Wilson
Death Of A Disco Dancer MP3 by The Smiths from Strangeways Here We Come
Psychotic Reaction MP3 by Count Five from Psychotic Revelation: The Ultimate Count Five
Chicken Fat MP3 by Dave Clark Five And The Playbacks (Crown Records)

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The Ramones Rocket To Russia 1977

The Ramones Rocket To Russia 1977

Ramones Rocket To Russia - Sire - 1977

Ramones Rocket To Russia - Sire - 1977

Hard to believe Rocket to Russia by The Ramones came out 34 years ago today in 1977! I first spun this record 8 years after it’s release. This is the one and only Ramones record in my humble opinion to own. It’s a dirty shame cancer took Johnny and Joey Ramone. I know I need to go get my prostate checked. So let this be my and your reminder because there will never be a band making like this ever again.

01) Cretin Hop MP3
02) Rockaway Beach MP3
03) Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
04) Locket Love MP3
05) I Don’t Care MP3
06) Sheena Is A Punk Rocker MP3
07) We’re A Happy Family MP3
08) Teenage Lobotomy MP3
09) Do You Wanna Dance MP3
10) I Wanna Be Well
11) I Can’t Give You Anything MP3
12) Ramona MP3
13) Surfin’ Bird MP3
14) Why Is It Always This Way MP3

Couple Ramones Covers:
Life Is A Gas (Ramones Cover) MP3 by The Strokes
Pet Cemetary (Ramones Cover) MP3 by Parallels

Other Classic Records:
Minisitry: Industrial sounds like The Land of Rape & Honey

Summer Tones Playlist 2011: Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue Part 1

Summer Tones Playlist 2011: Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue Part 1

While Dave’s away I’m filling in with some stalker style posting.  So while the review stalker soaks up the sun and catches those great big waves of the Pacific the NYC pavement soaks up the heat and humidity making it time for more songs inspired by the summer and the weather.

Something Old:

With 90-plus degree temperatures in most of the country this week I cant help feeling and singing this song. It’s the Velvets at their most poppiest. It’s sure to get stuck in your head especially throughout the heat wave.  Who really loves the sun?  Not everyone.

Who Loves The Sun MP3 by The Velvet Underground from Loaded (1970)

Bonus cover alert!  Here’s a faithful version performed by Scotland’s favorite jangly pop band.  They most certainly don’t love that fireball in the sky.

Who Loves The Sun video by Teenage Fan Club from Sparky’s Dream single (1995)

Something New:

These new brit-rockers channel the Ramones clocking in at 1 minute and 39 seconds of sheer pleasure.  They even name drop and mention that great Queens thoroughfare, Cross Bay Boulevard!  Joey would be so proud.  And all for the love of this pretty Danish face. Guaranteed satisfaction after watching this clip.

Norgaard video by The Vaccines from What Did You Expect From The Vaccines (2011)

Something Borrowed:

Mods rule as they collect soul singles, tear up the dance floor and wear real cool clothes.  Witness all of that as The Who were captured here live from London’s Marquee Club in February of ’65 while being filmed for a French TV documentary, Les Mods as they rip through their version of the classic Martha Reeves and the Vandellas song about the weather.  Try not to break out in a sweat.

Heat Wave video by The Who from A Quick One (Happy Jack) (1966)

Something Blue:

It’s time to chill out with the wind down track for a hot summer’s day. It’s so beautifully haunting.  Follow it up  with a big ol’ glass of ice cold chardonnay or sparking rose.

Summer Wine video by Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood from  Nancy & Lee (1968)

Stay tuned for part 2 sometime next week.  Try and keep cool.