Rock Vidoes by Speedy Ortiz and Sex Jams

I like days when we get a bunch of great songs that somehow magically all gel together. That or the RS fans are getting smarter of what they send us. Anyway, here’s are two videos by bands we dig: Speedy Ortiz and Sex Jams filtered for your auditory and listening sonic loving pleasure.

First up is a 90’s guitarist wet dream in the very capable hands of the indie band Speedy Ortiz with their video debut of “tiger tank” via Wreckroom. This is from a coming record of their’s I would assume. Real solid playing and straightforward rock video.

“I got a boy who likes to fuck to CAN” Probably one of the greatest lines ever. Here’s a live version of them doing a song formally known as “Taylor Swift” at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn or at least I thought they had to change the name of the song. Anyway. Good stuff.

Speedy Ortiz Livage:
Jan 27 T.T. the Bear’s Place Cambridge, MA
Feb 23 Cameo Gallery Brooklyn, NY

Next up is our new favorite Austrian band Sex Jams that is every bit punk-noir as EVOL era Sonic Youth. Their full album titled Trouble, Honey comes out March 1st on Siluh Records. This one ditty “Shark Vs Apple” is every bit psychedelic as it is a pagan punk sing along. A big beer can and concert party scene ensues in this one; with guitars as clangy as Polvo or something off of Day Dream Nation era SY. I think pretty close to what The Pony’s were going for when they were around. Yeah, we know you will love this.

This is a great a sex jam by Sex Jams:

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Sex Jams from Trouble Honey

Sex Jams from Trouble Honey

Sex Jams Album Review Trouble Honey
ALBUM REVIEW: Yea so if you told somebody to make a band that sounded something like Hole and but told them to make the music and guitars drill deep in your head they would sound like Sex Jams. While not as bombastic or crude as lets say Songs About Fucking the tunes have a sonic youth flare. In particular the 2 guitar attack is evident on the slow sex jam “Twist and Turns”. Now we you know we don’t just push any old crap on you so know that if you are a sex worker or a naughty librarian this music should speak to your inner throbbing nyc style punk rock. Not quite GG Alin gutteral punk but something that rises above the blood and bad smell of the rest. This is smooth when it needs to be in a etheral Ravenettes kind of why and so ungodly distorted at other times in the vein of No Age or GvsB you’d think you can actually walk on the music itself. Out March 1, 2013 from the mighty fine Austria label

Shark vs Apple MP3 by Sex Jams from Trouble Honey
No Face MP3 Free Single by Sex Jams

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