Music News – To good to be a lie w/o 2.10.14

Music News – To good to be a lie w/o 2.10.14

The Wrens recording
The Wrens – album working title is Prepare To Be Disappointed. Sarcasm yes. Is Charles Bissell busy. Yes. But it’s coming… revisit The Meadowlands and remind yourself why you love them deep in your heart because they live to keep you waiting. Yes we used this joke twice but seriously they tour this fall to help shape your expectations.

We have no clue what the hell the “Digital Prophet” David Shing is talking about. Let us know if you can decipher what he’s saying because he seems to be made of spare parts and bits the way this is edited. It’s so out of context. The editor botched this up or there really is no saving this dudes haircut. He’s just fried. He needs to actually unplug for a decade!

Mike Watt Hello europe folks can get Mike Watt’s picture book ‘on and off bass’ more econo now (saving big time on shipping) as reported via the press room. On and Off the bass on Amazon. Apparently lots pelicans and his hometown of Pedro. For hardcore fans of firehose and minutemen according to the reviews.

DOWNLOAD: arrow-pierced-egg-man MP3 by Mike Watt from hyphenated-man(2011)

Sludge popster Torche sign to our favorite metal label Relapse Records. Currently recording in Florida on the next release as of yet untitled. Playing show at St Vitus Bar in NYC Feb 26th. Guest listy please!

Radiohead launch a official app called Polyfauna. That is pretty normal as they have more concerns with being a art project and not a band anymore. Do you guys remember King of Limbs at all? Because that was awhile go. So this is like them releasing the song “Bloom” as an app, as a very tardy single. Try it and let us know. Other devoted fans seems to dig it.

Speaking of which. Here’s the SLINT BREADCRUMB TRAIL THEATRICAL TRAILER – this were just crazy kids from Kentucky. Emphasize kids. Super young dudes. Check out this trailer.

Lefty’s DeceiverEx-Patriots MP3 from Cheats 92003) on My Pal God.
Anderson Council –Don’t You Think_ MP3 from Looking At the Stars (2013) Great NJ guitar pop via The Sinclair Recording Co. Check them out.
Lightouts – The Eloise Suite MP3 from Want(2013)

What else happened this past week?

We reviewed new grungsters Vomitface‘s 7″ and a even younger band from buffalo called Made Violent
Posted a bunch of free singles + MP3s by Pedal Distorsionador, Arc Rev One, Martin Van Ruin, Saintseneca, Emil and Caroline
Last weeks Rock news: RIP Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Criminal Hygiene Releases a new 7″ and much more interesting bullshit.

Best of Rock News – NJ and NY Rock shows – Jan 2014

Best of Rock News – NJ and NY Rock shows – Jan 2014

MUSIC NEWS: We recently started a NJ/NY rock shows page on the Review Stalker music blog ( oh hey that’s us) so we can keep track of everything we get invited to go to on our facebooks and are normally missing out on. This month there’s about 10 shows we think you should check out by Lightouts, Brian Fallon, Man Man, Black Wine,Dave House, Shayfer James,Greg D,Reagan Youth, Social Decay,Wharton Tiers Ensemble, Unbutton, Risk Relay and a whole ton more. Check out the shows page!

Vivian's Girls end the band and break-up
In other rock news this week:
Vivians Girls have decided to call it quits as the cute factor has worn off and their new bands are much better with this whole playing guitar business. They booked two ALL AGES shows as a see ya later as noted on their website. The first will be on February 14th at The Church on York in LA. The second will be on March 1st at Death by Audio in Brooklyn. Now shall begin more in-breeding in brooklyn with more off-shoots and who knows what. Also as FYI if you google Vivian’s girls plural you will get a dominatrix website.

On January 14, 2013, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit struck down the Federal Communications Commission’s open internet rules, commonly known as “Net Neutrality” because ISPs are not classified as “common carriers”. This ruling allows ISPs to charge companies for access to its users and charge users for access to certain services. Fewer companies will be able to afford access for innovative ideas and products. Which mean the big media agencies can charge you more for our already sucky bandwidth and choose which website get a faster speeds and connectivity. You should be fucking Pissed about this so help restore Net Neutrality now!

As reported in Guardian/UK Noel Gallager reviewed Oasis videos and guess what? He hates them all! Not a surprise. He’ll be the first rock star to fire himself from his band because of artistic differences I’m sure in future.

BIG TAKEOVER – Heading Towards A Shallow Grave: New York’s Nepotistic Music Scene: New York’s punk scene love itself too much by Cody Conard. There is reason we really don’t know who is who anymore or why bands sorta all sound alike. Cody goes into some details in this rant.

Apparently there was a “Last show” at some place called 285 Kent and Brandon Stosuy from Pitchfork can be heard crying all over the streets of Brooklyn or complaining about people not curbing their dogs. It’s a sad world when a grown man cries for no apparent reason. (as heard on twitter). This is the Yipsters 911.

Just when Vinyl reports record sales because new music lovers are digging the experience of handling the wax. Dr Dre launches beats meusic yet another streaming service! The ironic thing is a lot of hip fans are super into fidelity so is streaming some shitty bit rate gonna cut-it? Check out the article by Brad Wheeler on Why the reports of vinyl’s death are greatly exaggerated.

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Risk Reward, Lightouts, Eastern Anchors & Joshua Jesty

Risk Reward, Lightouts, Eastern Anchors & Joshua Jesty

Don Pedro Brooklyn The Club is open
DON PEDRO, BROOKLYN PHOTOS SUN JAN 6th 2013: Here’s a post-mordam photo review of what could said to be the first unofficial – official Show in 2013. Jake from Don Pedro was nice enough to let us host our own show from start to finish and it sure was nice to be able to put together a bunch of bands we dig or have written about all on one bill. We hope to do it again in the near future. If you have a venue where you’ll give us total creative control just let me know. Here’s some photos from the night.

Joshua Jesty Don Pedro Brooklyn
We realize Joshua Jesty’s band from Ohio has a convoluted band name and we’re not even going to dare mess it up right now. They did a good job of covering the replacements I must say and we all were grateful they made 9 1/2 hour trip from Cleveland in 11hrs to play the show. Don’t ask.

Eastern Anchors Don Pedro Brooklyn 2013

Photo by Jeff Schioppa

To not be total self serving concert hogs Eastern Anchors went on promptly at 10pm. Served up our version of indie rock tuning. Go ahead and grab a free Eastern Anchors MP3 from posted back on Dooms Day. Remember to set-back your Mayan Calendar another 1,000 years while your at it.

Lightouts Don Pedro Brooklyn, NY< Next up were the Gawanus band known as the Lighouts. They have been deligently been working on their new record a months and months. Recording singles which we’ve featured here and finally they are seeing the light. They are musician and as today’s modern rockers do they have been working yet another video which we’re excited to see. There is something to say about ladies wearing nude liatards. That is all were going to say.

Lightouts Don Pedro Brooklyn Center Stage

We were all glad when Queen’s Risk/Reward played the anchor slot as they basically wipped us all upside the head volume wise. Not only can they rock but they also host a Friday night live Podcast called Live from Barage. It’s a bar in John Houlihan’s garage. Get it? Yup their banter is much more refined than most stand-up comedians we suggest you tune-in to both things. They fuckin’ rock.

Risk/Reward Don Pedro Brooklyn Pink Tele
Like well conditioned Rock jocks that they even managed to do a instrument switcheraroo and showed their Sugary side. Still gritty and loud. They closed the night with a hit.

Risk Reward Don Pedro John Houlihan on Guitar
Here’s a verison of what they closed the school night with at the Live at PRF BBQ last year in 2012. Enjoy!

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Relations on 100M records vs Lightouts

Relations on 100M records vs Lightouts

Relations 100 M records Review
MUSIC REVIEW: Relations EP by the band known as Relations on 100M Records is synth-punk duo from New York City. The guitars on this are fiercely savage in the way Wire or Wedding Present drive you with subtle use of feedback. They got good tone. The bass peddles you around the bases of this EP with somewhat of Joy Division factory influence here which we think you should check out being there is a drum machine employed as part of the backing band. This EP is over before it begins and we’re already looking forward to more. Don’t know a lot other than to wonder why so much black and white art bands? Why??

Download: Take No Sides MP3 by Relations

Light Outs Cure cover Push Review
We’re big Lightouts fans here on the RS music entertainment blog. We like bands who do good covers and here is yet another one by these guys on their latest called The Big Picture single. This is one of many collections they’ve put out in the past year. Consistent quality always catches our ears. They know 80’s and 90’s alternative rock without the hairspray or use of corny keyboards.

DOWNLOAD: Push (The Cure cover) MP3 By Lightouts [Get some schwagg]

Sounds like this:
The Baby Screams MP3 by The Cure from Head on the Door
Swan Lake MP3 by Public Image Ltd Second Edition
Totally Wired MP3 by The Fall from the Rough Trade Anthology

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Top 5 Singles of 2011

Top 5 Singles of 2011

Best of Singles 2011

Tumble these Singles

Here’s our Top 5 singles of 2011. Sometimes a band has a song where just by itself it’s the shit. Everything else around the album is sometimes window dressing and we’re just not aware of anything else. In some cases more than others we think ok there’s the hit or crap the band just releases a few songs so it’s a bunch of EPs. Anyway, here’s a few jems worth bring to your attention. Happy New Year and Enjoy!

05) “Don’t Think I’ll Make It Through Another” MP3 Single by New Animal. Perfect blend of alt-pop and psych rock. Great things to come from these guys. Another bedroom demo band experiment gone right. Check them out.

04) “Keep Me Waiting” MP3 by Cymbals Eat Guitars from Lenses Alien. The whole album is supersonic without a doubt. The vocals take you on a meandering journey however what I love the most about this music is the guitar interplay. On this tune the vocals is what binds things together because it’s as if Polvo turned into a rock band powerhouse then suddenly you are in the eye of hurricane and it’s over.

03) “And It Come And Goes” MP3 by the Lightouts. This is a head bopper. Simple guitar riff with a killer chorus. What else does a song need?

02) “Teenage Tide” MP3 by Letting up Despite Great Faults from Paper Crush. This is whispy alternative anthem. Sonically perfect no doubt about it. I would even dare to say a #1 hit.

I really like The Bump by Deer Tick. So here’s a live version which was one of best of Albums of 2011.

01) Hyacinth Girl MP3 by The Eversons. We featured these guys a couple months ago and gotta say this song is a great indie song. No doubt about it.

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