ALL AGES ROCK MATINEE: Eastern Anchors, Overlake, Sink Tapes, Dollar Store Riot, Galanos, Rock n Roll Hi Fives

ALL AGES ROCK MATINEE: Eastern Anchors, Overlake, Sink Tapes, Dollar Store Riot, Galanos, Rock n Roll Hi Fives

What is important to know about this awesome line-up is that it’s ALL AGES. Put together to fill a desperate gap in music. ROCK MATINEE wants Dads & Moms, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles to introduce the kids in their life to music other than what is on the damn Disney Channe! ALL KIDS UNDER 10yr old it’s FREE admission. This organization wants different cities around NJ to host monthly events and help grow the ROCK MATINEE network. There is no hub yet but feel free to email headphonemusic @ for advice.

Come see 6 kick ass bands at one kick ass NJ club at a matinee, all ages shows (yes, bring the kiddies)….$8.00 @ Door!

-Rock N Roll High Fives: 1:00 PM
-Galanos: 1:50 PM
-Dollar Store Riot: 2:40 PM
-Sink Tapes: 3:30 PM
-Overlake: 4:20 PM
-Eastern Anchors: 5:10 PM

ROCKNROLL HI-FIVES Joe Centano and family. Joe used to play in local indie rock heroes Plug Spark Sanjay. His family rocks.

the RocknRoll HiFives – "Good with the Bad" from Joe Centeno on Vimeo.

GALANOS is favorite band around review stalker camp and we’re very psyched to be able to see them on Pyrrhic Victory Recordings.

DOLLAR STORE RIOT Maplewood, NJ noise rock.

SINK TAPES – Indie rock from the basements of New Brunswick, NJ

OVERLAKE – Break-out shoegaze music from New Jersey. Features the ever present Tom Barrett on Vocal and Guitar. On Killing Horse Records.

EASTERN ANCHORS Been rocking forever making melodic noise rock features members of Aviso’Hara on Viva! La Hara Records.


Eastern Anchors + Zero For Conduct Split = Melodically Pounding Sonic “Ummph….”

Eastern Anchors + Zero For Conduct Split = Melodically Pounding Sonic “Ummph….”

So when was the last time you jumped out of your workstation chair and shouted “holy fucking shit” at the (un)shocking dismay of your co-workers after discovering the kick ass sound of that next big band? Yeah, I don’t remember either since it rarely to never happens, but I did just that when I stumbled upon Eastern Anchors.

Researching them after learning my comrades in Tri-State were sharing the stage with the Red Bank trio at Parkside Lounge, NYC somewhere back in 2013.  I stumbled across their 2012 full release,  Drunken Arts and Pure Science which boasts a consistent shit-load of hits (“James the Viking”, “Crown Vic”, “Far From OK” “Herzog, Help Me” and on and on and on…).  The heavy but melodic, sonic, ball-crushing of their sound is just that and beautifully so.

Then they released their 2014 single release “Above Your Station”.  I wish I could honestly say I jumped out of my work chair and shouted “holy fucking shit” at the (un)shocking dismay of my co-workers again but I recently upgraded to an office.  Again, the onslaught of a perfect blend of melodically sonic “ummph” continues like a speeding train of alternate tuning, chugging bass and earth-shaking drums, charging full steam ahead and not stopping for shit.  If this track is just an appetizer, I can’t wait the main dish.  Check out the cute video for the tune below….

Flip the 7 ” over and you will find the delightful sounds of Zero For Conduct and their catchy single “Average Marks Makes Shitty Sparks.”  I don’t know much about this New Brunswick two piece except that I like this first release, though I can’t help thinking post-hardcore DC bands of the late 80s/early 90s, especially early Jawbox between the pounding forward, off the rails music and the singers J. Robbins-ish vox.  Nevertheless, I dig it and looking forward to more from them.

Overall a solid release from the Nefarious Industries label…..let’s hear some more….!

Buy From: Viva La Hara Records | Nefarious Industries

Best of Rock News – NJ and NY Rock shows – Jan 2014

Best of Rock News – NJ and NY Rock shows – Jan 2014

MUSIC NEWS: We recently started a NJ/NY rock shows page on the Review Stalker music blog ( oh hey that’s us) so we can keep track of everything we get invited to go to on our facebooks and are normally missing out on. This month there’s about 10 shows we think you should check out by Lightouts, Brian Fallon, Man Man, Black Wine,Dave House, Shayfer James,Greg D,Reagan Youth, Social Decay,Wharton Tiers Ensemble, Unbutton, Risk Relay and a whole ton more. Check out the shows page!

Vivian's Girls end the band and break-up
In other rock news this week:
Vivians Girls have decided to call it quits as the cute factor has worn off and their new bands are much better with this whole playing guitar business. They booked two ALL AGES shows as a see ya later as noted on their website. The first will be on February 14th at The Church on York in LA. The second will be on March 1st at Death by Audio in Brooklyn. Now shall begin more in-breeding in brooklyn with more off-shoots and who knows what. Also as FYI if you google Vivian’s girls plural you will get a dominatrix website.

On January 14, 2013, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit struck down the Federal Communications Commission’s open internet rules, commonly known as “Net Neutrality” because ISPs are not classified as “common carriers”. This ruling allows ISPs to charge companies for access to its users and charge users for access to certain services. Fewer companies will be able to afford access for innovative ideas and products. Which mean the big media agencies can charge you more for our already sucky bandwidth and choose which website get a faster speeds and connectivity. You should be fucking Pissed about this so help restore Net Neutrality now!

As reported in Guardian/UK Noel Gallager reviewed Oasis videos and guess what? He hates them all! Not a surprise. He’ll be the first rock star to fire himself from his band because of artistic differences I’m sure in future.

BIG TAKEOVER – Heading Towards A Shallow Grave: New York’s Nepotistic Music Scene: New York’s punk scene love itself too much by Cody Conard. There is reason we really don’t know who is who anymore or why bands sorta all sound alike. Cody goes into some details in this rant.

Apparently there was a “Last show” at some place called 285 Kent and Brandon Stosuy from Pitchfork can be heard crying all over the streets of Brooklyn or complaining about people not curbing their dogs. It’s a sad world when a grown man cries for no apparent reason. (as heard on twitter). This is the Yipsters 911.

Just when Vinyl reports record sales because new music lovers are digging the experience of handling the wax. Dr Dre launches beats meusic yet another streaming service! The ironic thing is a lot of hip fans are super into fidelity so is streaming some shitty bit rate gonna cut-it? Check out the article by Brad Wheeler on Why the reports of vinyl’s death are greatly exaggerated.

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Happy Mondays at Wonder Bar Asbury Park

Happy Mondays at Wonder Bar Asbury Park

Happy Mondays Show Wonder Bar Asbury Park NJ

ROCK SCENE: There is a new night in the Asbury Park music scene which has been bringing you FREE shows every monday night at the Wonder Bar all summer long. Don’t try and find out about it on bars official site though as the Happy Mondays music series has its own facebook page. The shows are continuing in the fall with lots of past local luminaries such as Battery Electric, wreaths and others. Tons of give aways and concert ticket at the Stone Pony, Wonder Bar, Convention Hall or Paramount Theater! So get on it and like them on the facebooks you facehookers!

Mon 9/9 Eastern Anchors and Corrina, Corrina

RIP – Songs for Jason Molina – a compilation for your good karma

RIP – Songs for Jason Molina – a compilation for your good karma

GOOD CAUSES: We all go through the exit door at some point in our short journey on earth with the living and sometime that shit just happens too fast for some and we leave some folks behind. Being sensitive to this fact Steven Vineis has put together a compilation benefiting the late and great Mr. Jason Molina formerly of the Magnolia Electric Co which you should just buy now at

Songs Jason Molina Comp

He recorded under several names at Electrical Audio in Chicago but in essence the output was all his energy and ability to crank out tunes at an amazing pace. Not just any basic singer songwriter stuff but the stuff that can make you cry. Mr. Albini had some very kind words on the news of his passing back in March of this year.

I loved hearing Jason Molina sing. He was a genius at turning a phrase and making it into something more than the words in it. Jason was almost supernaturally prolific, and several times I watched him write an album’s worth of songs in a weekend, recording them on the spot. Much of his recorded output with Magnolia Electric Co is the evidence of him and the band playing his songs for the very first time. It’s amazing, really, that it was any good at all, much less so touching and fully realized.

Jason was a unique talent and I will miss him. My heart goes out to all his friends and family, all of you I’ve met have been good people who did well by Jason.
-Steve Albini

Here is the first song on the compilation by Eastern Anchors.

The compilation is a mixed bag of covers and dedications by 39 bands for a $10 suggested donation. All proceeds go to his family to help them cope.

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