Music for bad weather and storm people

Music for bad weather and storm people

Music Playlist for bad weather and bad storms - aka sandy frankenstorm
Fuck you #Sandy the #frankenstorm. To hell with everybody who keeps ignoring global warming issues in politics and not trying to reduce your global footprint somehow. We’re all guilty of this in many ways. I hope we survive this natural disaster and it does not become some apocalyptic scene. Anyway here’s a playlist of a bunch of songs about inclement weather, rain, sleet, floods and snow to help you brave this situation.

Playlist for badweather:
01. Smells Like Rain MP3 by Unsane from Occupational Hazard (1998) When i think of storms and chaos sometimes i think of the walls of guitar gutter these guys create.
02. Raincoat’s Room MP3 by Swell Maps from Jane From Occupied Europe (1980) An instrumental jam that sets up mood. Amazing record all around of an indie guitar sound that has not changed much since.
03. Rain Test MP3 by Aviso’Hara from Our Lady of the Highway (2001) A slow jam with best line from a movie. “Give me the strength to die well” Name that movie!?
04. Date With The Rain MP3 by Frankie Gee from Groove Merchant Turns 20 compilation. This is a funky one. We’re not just noise blog here. We like the funk the boogie.
05. Seven Seas MP3 by Echo and The Bunnymen from Ocean Rain (1984) This originally came out while I was in freaking just in Highschool but it’s such a stand-up album all the way . Great live band too.
06. Thunderstorm MP3 by the original Buzzkill from their first full length CD release I feel like myself again This is dirgy punk. “This is a stormy Monday and everyday after that!” Good mosh-part at the end.
07. Rain MP3 by Bongwater from Double Bummer CD on Shimmy Disc (1988) Is this really a cover written by John Lennon & Paul McCartney? I just know this is one of my favorite NYC bands from the 1980s. Period.
08. Pouring Rain MP3 by Fishbone from Truth & Soul (1988) This is one of their slow soul jams that really shows how this band could groove. Also another amazing live band that I saw about 8x I think in their heyday. Still awesome now. So check them out. Nobody makes music like Angelo and his boys.
09. The Waves MP3 by The Draymin from their new one Should’ve Known Better (2012) This is particular tune is very alternative grunge. Nice acoustic song with great singing. Check them out.
10. Rain Bird MP3 by Love & Rockets from Earth * Sun * Moon (1987) There is used to be this dark band called Bauhaus. this is an off-shoot of that. The music was always ethereal, dark and inspired. File under #Goth
11. Behold The Hurricane MP3 by The Horrible Crowes from Elsie (2011) Would be almost impossible for this band not to sound like the Gaslight Anthem no matter what Brian Fallon does. Good songs on this record.

You are summoned to hear the heavy metal of MALES

You are summoned to hear the heavy metal of MALES

Males metal single review
MUSIC REVIEW: Males from London, England play some pretty heavy sludgy shit. In the vain of Queens of the Stone Age, Big Business, Karp and Hawkwind. For a fuzzy trio they sound pretty huge and fuzzy and we think you should check them out. Really not much trickery other than these are very big riffs by Mr. Goldstone on guitar, Mr. Young on Vocals and Drums backed up by Mr. Ben Smith on bass. So we encourage you to bang your head >>here<<. That is it. Simple really. Get some metal
Download: fathoms MP3 by Males (demo)

If you like this heavy shit. You’ll like this heavy shit:
01. Throttle MP3 by Vaz from the Color Of Noise Am/Rep documentary compilation. This is live and it sounds killer.
02. Bacon Industry MP3 by Karp from s/t
03. At A Crawl MP3 by Melvins from 10 Songs 2 track CD on C/Z (1996)
04. Dead Men Tell No Tales MP3 by Motorhead
05. Cheap Vodka MP3 by Acid Bath from When the kite string breaks (1994)
06. Tub Death MP3 by Buzzkill from Tooth & Sole (1995)
07. Vagabond MP3 by Buzzov•en from the Gospel According to… II (1997) EP Allied Recordings.

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Alternative Music for Dad’s playlist

Alternative Music for Dad’s playlist

Father's Day playlist music mix If Keith Richards can be dad so can I. I had no clue I’d be a dad one day. Now with two lovely daughters who are sure to give me some challenges one day you gotta wonder how I’m going to make it through. I know I’ll persevere or just move-out. One of my tips for listening to the music you want on the on road-trip. So you can listen to what you want in the car when you want to listen to these tracks is make the wife drive and you wear the headphones so you don’t have to listen to the princess music. This is option or wait until they fall asleep. Anyway here’s a few songs for good old dads. I’m sure there are plenty more.

Long Gone Daddy MP3 by Nine Pound Hammer from Smoking Taters. It’s about getting in a fight and leaving. Classic rip roaring trucker punk.

Kicked My Dad MP3 by Buzzkill. This is a fast classic bar rock track by New Brunswick, NJ college punks formerly known as Butthead.

Beer For Breakfast MP3 by The Replacements from All for Nothing B-Sides. This is a A-side if I ever heard one and I think the best beer is the first beer and if my lifestyle allowed and I could be on “vacation” everyday and there could be a nice cool breeze hitting me in the face; a beer with breakfast is the way to go especially with weovos rancheros and a coffee to wake your ass-up.

Piss Up A Rope MP3 by Ween from 12 Golden Country Greats. Classic Dean Ween. “I’m sick of your mouth and your 2% percent milk” Man these are some of the most comedically satisfying lyrics that gets down to the business of falatio and not taking shit from the wife. NSFW but funny as hell. Good road trip song. Anybody have the bootleg of them live playing with version of the band in NYC?

’69 Dodge Charger MP3 by The X-Rays from Double Godzilla (with Cheese) via eMpTy Records (1996) . I’m not sure how complete if this playlist did not include a song about a car. My secret fantasy is to own a muscle car with race car style seat belts that gets shitty gas mileage and is fast as bull balls. So here’s a song that does this idea justice.

Beggin’ Dogs MP3 by Obits from Moody, Standard, and Poor. Again any song about a dog is good. This song ain’t a dog though.

Daddy MP3 by Tall Dwarfs from Fork Songs. Pretty amazing band to begin. It’s lo-fi. This particular track has hypnotic riff set to some tv track backdrop.

It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World MP3 by James Brown because it is a man’s world but it wouldn’t mean nothing without a woman or a girl. Amen. Classic misogyny at it’s best.

Trinidad Bump MP3 from Falling off the Reel via Truth & Soul label. If you like the disco era Clash with the bongos and funky driving bass lines this track will totally remind you of that. This instrumental should sneak it’s way into your playlist to add some soul to mix. Plain and simple.

It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World MP3 by James Brown. E’nuf said.

Some songs about drinking beer

Buzzoven vs Buzzkill

Buzzoven vs Buzzkill

Seven Inch Friday: This little punk rock story is probably one of my favorites although I probably won’t do it justice; it’s funny none the less. It’s the story of how the whole New Brunswick NJ scene got a Buzzov•en t-shirt but first about the music…

This here 7″ has three grunge pot smoking epics that came out in 1992 sometime out on the Santa Rosa CA label Kirbdog Records. The band originated out of North Carolina and was led by Kirk Fisher. He was the guy behind the violence. The instigator of sludge metal. Fans of the melvins/eyehategod know exactly who these guys are. They always used horror film samples in-between songs, real smoke and the slower the rock distortion groove the better. After lots of touring and small releases they made it to Roadrunner records and were later promptly dropped. I had the opportunity to see them several times and witnessed first hand their asinine antics of lighting fireworks and kirk pulling a gg allin drawing blood on himself or throwing bottles of bud across the room; then giggling about it like little girls when the victim could not figure out who it was. I thought it was obvious. One time at the Brighton (photo below) Kirk got upset because Sebastian Bach was asked to leave so he wouldn’t get beat up. Sounds funny but apparently he had the good pot. Kirk had his priorities.

mp3 Hatebox
mp3 Fade / On Your Knees

The most notable of nights happened when they decided to get in a fight with Buzzkill (NOt the uk band) after playing The Melody in New Brunswick. Now Buzzkill (formerly Butthead ) with just Dan and Bruce are 12 1/2 feet tall combined. The smelly pot smoking hippies did not stand a chance. For all their stupidity and getting pummeled they decided after being kicked-out of the party by force to take their vengeance on one of the party goers cars. In the end Kirk ended up in a orange suite for a few days in the New Brunswick lock-up and they left behind a whole box of T-shirts. Anyway, be sure to update your calender Sat Dec 26th 2009 as Buzzkill are playing The Court Tavern for a reunion show along with Prosolar Mechanics and The Stuntcocks. Bring back the 90’s man.

Mp3 “Rock and Roll Gas Station” from the album UP on A/T
Mp3 “This place sucks” Tooth & Sole
Mp3 “Dirge” from the debut I feel like myself again

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