Rock Photos

Here are a crap load of rock photos from my music archives and travels over the years in and around NY, NJ and across the country. Now the thing is most of these were taking before you could go nuts with a digital camera. So keep that in mind. Grabbing these shots actually represent countless rolls of 35mm film. For every 36 shots I could expect 10 decent ones sometimes if I was lucky sometimes 3. So your timing on capturing the moment was crucial. So enjoy the moments!

Archers of Loaf Maxwells, NJ icky mettle era

Archers of Load Maxwells, NJ icky mettle era

Photos from the scene outside the scene of bands like Archers of Loaf, Bouncing Souls at the Continental for CMJ, American Standard at CBGBS, Boss Jim Getty’s, buzz-oven at the Brighton Bar, Jacko, Don Caballero at the kyber and more!
Chavez Brownies NYC 1995

Chavez at Brownies NYC circa Gone Glimmering 1995

Lots of random rock photos from shows in and around the tri-state area of bands like Chokebore, Frank Black, CBGB’s, Cows, Ex Models, Rye Coalition at the Brownpants fest, Deadguy, Mars Needs Women, Unsane, and Crash Worhsip.

Ween Court Tavern, NJ 1993

Ween The Oneness Court Tavern, NJ 1993

More random ween photos in my Facebook album.

Court Tavern, New Brunswick, Nj

Sandor and Dan from Buzzkill Halloweeen, Court Tavern 1994 or something

More local New Jersey bands and people at The Court Tavern photos up on the facebook.

Charlie from LandSpeedRecord Wefest

Charlie from LandspeedRecord @ Wefest after passing a kidney stone

Some of the best of times and live peformances I ever had were at Wefest in Wilmington North Carolina. Here’s a handful of photos from Wefest.
Aviso Hara Hit Factory sessions 1999 Producer Tony Black

Self timer photo of Aviso Hara recording at the Hit Factory w/ Tony Black

Playing in Aviso’Hara was the best of times of all the bands I played with. Lots of photos from back then here with our various drummers. There were two rules everything that happened in the van stays in the van and rock out no matter how drunk you are you better play or we’d kick you out.

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