American Football to Reissue Self-Titled Album

american football album re-review

ALBUM REVIEW: Back in the days before iPods roamed the Earth, American Football released their self-titled album in 1999. Now, 15 years after its original release, the album will be reissued on May 20th, 2014. The new, deluxe edition will feature 10 unreleased tracks of demos and live recordings. You can stream one of the unreleased tracks below:

This track in particular is instrumental, though most of the tracks on the album do contain vocals. It is a track filled with quiet beauty, much like the rest of the album. The guitar melodies ebb and flow like tranquil ocean waves, inviting you to get lost in your own thoughts. This is the sort of album to put on when you’re feeling introspective, or when you just want to slow down and relax for a while. The songs have a calming effect, mixed with a bit of melancholiness. It’s an album that evokes feelings of reflection and nostalgia. These songs could be the soundtrack from a rainy summer day of the past, back when the days seemed longer and life seemed less complicated.

The reissue will be available through Polyvinyl, in various formats on May 20th, 2014. You can also pre-order at the link below:

RIYL: Karate, Cap’n Jazz , Jade Tree Bands

Karate – Bodies
Cap’n Jazz – Yes, I am talking to you

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Sound Station Presents – Black Wine (Live Videos)

Black Wine Live - Don Giovanni Records bands
Here’s a few videos of one our favorite Don Giovanni Records bands playing live called Black Wine at a Sound Station presents show. They are just as much retro SST-punk and forward unpunk as it gets. Also on the bill that night was our house band Eastern Anchors, Tri-State, Dollar Store Riot and a bunch of other local locals. BW have a new record called Yell Boss and it’s coming out in early June on the New Brunswick label Don Giovanni Records. You heard it here first folks. They recorded their new album at Volume IV in New Brunswick with Brian from Risk Relay and we can’t wait to check it out. Miranda the drummer/singer for the band also recently started a talky podcast called Totally Bitchin that she does with Jamie from a new band called Small talk. They have about 10 episodes already and worth a listen if you are jonesying for yet another decent podcast. Their most recent show is a interview with Miranda’s hub Jeff who used to play with The Ergs! They are mainly focusing on the local NJ music scene which we think is great. Subscribe iTunes | Tumblr | Libsyn.





Black Wine - Freedom of Choice (Devo Cover) LIVE!

Recommended Podcasts:
Live from the Barages – Recorded live every Friday night from a garage that is bar in Queens, NY. They add “s” to everything and are a bunch of cassette listening chooches. Interviews with dudes who fuck dolphins, Krokus tapes, people who go to mars and lots of band talk – plus a few music breaks inbetween.
Sound Opinions – Based out of Chicago. Pretty main stream indie. they cover the basics SXSW and other popular genres.
Low Times – Short interviews for short attention spans.
You Can’t Stop the Signal – Fast talking, over talking music indie based podcast by Conan and his bandmates. They land good guests.

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RIP Oderus Orungus (1963-2014)

GWAR singer Dave Brockie aka Oderus Orungus

RIP Dave Brockie 1963-2014

RIP: Super sad fucking news today – Singer, Artist, and friend of Aliens Dave Brockie has left this chaotic earth for us humans to deal with without him. His roommate found him dead Sunday in his room. Details are not yet known on immediate cause of death as reported elsewhere but I’m sure we’ll know more as the week unfolds. His twitter personality the Real Oderus made that place not as boring as it could be at times. He was the lead “throat-thing” of the most dangerous band on the planet and spawned GWAR from his own alien space semen in Antartica. Even though Mr. Brockie was originaly from Ottawa, Canada he created a live experience not replicated ever before. If getting covered in space gue seems like a good time. He was also very keen to exploit human sense of moronic comedy and appeared on FOX News and other talks shows promoting his band with a dedication and “Undying” need to be the ultimate lord and master of Earth. He was much respected around the globe too metal and punks bands to mention. Municipal Waste drummer and Richmond Virginia resident Dave Witte had this to say on his facebook page this morning “I can’t believe it, I’m shocked. Dave Brockie was like a Superhero in my eyes. An icon of the arts. Creative, passionate, dedicated…one of the coolest and hardest working people I’ve ever met. I learned quite a bit from him and he was always really nice. I don’t know what else to say, what a shame. RIP Dave Brockie.” We could not agree more.



“Earth is the only planet that has crack” – Oderus Orungus

Ever the political activists and not shy to stick-it to some of greats. You can find recent evidence in one of last tweet threads from yesterday.

The idea of Slayer protesting Westboro church dudes funeral makes about as much sense as the opposite. Hate begets hate, morons. #publicity

If you want to leave your thoughts and Brockie memories in the comments please do.

GWAR -Hail, Genocide MP3 LIVE ON FALLON (2011)
GWAR – How to Avoid Zombie Attacks by Gwar MP3
Oderus Orungus -Oderus Orungus reads Goodnight Moon’ [Uncensored] MP3
GWAR -The Salaminizer from Scum dogs of the universe MP3 from Scum dogs of the universe
GWAR -The Road Behind MP3

Well I’m traveling down the road
And I’m carrying that heavy load I walk around in a stupor Sleazy,
I cant do the show
Hanging out backstage
I’m in a homocidal rage I signed a million dollar contract
I puked on every page
Slaughtered half the crew
Caused they ate the deli-tray
Oh Baby hey
Said I’d do the show but I Canceled anyway

You were road kill baby Till I scraped you in my arms
Just another wattle flapping
On the old turkey farm
So baby….
[Second Chorus by Beefcake]
[2nd Chorus:]
And while the wheels keep rolling
And another milepost gone
All along the road behind
Oh can’t you hear me calling
Just like the sad whale song I’m on the road behind
Well there you have it baby I’m just a sensitive guy
Y’know I snuffed a million planets
But I still find time to cry
Because there’s more to life
Then making other people die
Like a little bloody tear baby
Running out my dirty little eye
And some things baby
They don’t make no sense
Does it really matter if it bugs
Your parents?


Now baby quit yer crying
Put those clown britches on

[2nd Chorus:]
Well the wheels keep rolling
And another signpost gone
Baby can’t you hear me calling
Like a sad whale song [X2]
Sad whale baby

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RIP Maxwells Hoboken NJ (Gutted)

RIP Maxwells Hoboken

Photo by Steve Fallon

Well it’s official; Maxwells as we all knew it is being ripped apart from the inside out. Today on the facebook Maxwells group Steve Fallon one of the former owner posted the “execution” photo of his and our beloved music club. Time to cry a little. There are too many bands to list that played there over the past three and 1/2 decades! To try this task would be completely feutal. Anywhose, there is some action at the White Eagle building in Jersey City which is supposed to be the new location where the owners are going to open up shop one day. Which can not come soon enough! Leave a comment about your favorite experience at Maxwells if you want.

White Eagle? Photo by Mike Sylvia from Killing Horse Records

White Eagle? Photo by Mike Sylvia from Killing Horse Records

In the clubs honor we found a bunch of videos on the youtubes and converted some of the “best” sounding tracks and made this quick playlist for you. Thanks youtubers!

Live at Maxwell’s:
…And You Will know us by the trail of dead -And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead MP3 (2012)
Black Lips -Raw Meat MP3 (2010)
Crooked Fingers -Disappear MP3 (2003)
Dahlia Seed -Punch and Get Out MP3 (1996)
Liz Phair -Help Me, Mary MP3 (2010)
The Muffs -A Little Luxury MP3 (2013)
The Replacements -Can’t Hardly Wait (1988)
Freedy Johnston -This Perfect World MP3 (2010)
The Raveonettes -Hallucinations MP3 (2008)
Screaming Females -adult army MP3 (2011)
Shades Apart -Tainted Love (Soft Cell Cover) MP3 (2012)
Unrest -So Sick b/w Suki MP3 (2010 Teen-Beat Records Anniversary
Tom Tom Club -Time to Bounce MP3
Thurston Moore -Pretty Bad
Yo La Tengo -Pretty in Pink (Psychedelic Furs Cover) MP3 (2010)
Zeke -Holly 750 MP3 NJ (7/21/12)


NIRVANA (1989)


Final Moments at Maxwel by DJ Antone That Summer Concert Feeling

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Irish drinking music to get drunk to all year around

Shane MacGowan, Joe Strummer and the Pogues
Here’s a bunch of classic irish drinking songs that you should be able to sing along with when you are getting drunk. Plus some fantastic match-ups with The Pogues one of the worlds most famous Irish bands next to U2 and The Frames. Seriously who the hell thinks of adding horns to traditinal string music? Anyway, there is a video below of Joe Strummer talking about how the accordian player rocks. Happy St. Patty’s Day!

01. The Pogues With The Dubliners -RIP RONNIE DREW MP3 (LIVE TV)
02. The Rattlin Bog -RULA BULA MP3
03. The Wolfe Tones - The Boys of the Old Brigade MP3
04. U2 -Van Diemen’s Land MP3 (LIVE)
05. Shane MacGowan and The Popes -The Donegal Express MP3 (LIVE)
06. The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem -Wild Colonial Boy MP3 (LIVE TV)
07. The Pogues and Joe Strummer -Long Calling MP3 (LIVE 1988)
08. The Pogues and Joe Strummer -I Fought The Law. (LIVE w/ Shane MacGowan 1987)
09. Sinead O’Connor & Shane MacGowan -Haunted MP3
10. The Pogues -Rainy Night In Soho MP3 Live At The Town And Country Club London
11. The Pogues -Dirty Old Town MP3 Live at the Town & Country. Guests: Joe Strummer doing intro for TV, Kirsty McColl, David Byrne and others friends.

Irish Drunk girls doing yoga LOL

MORE DOWNLOADS: Irish Music of The Pogues & The Frames

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Giving Pet Names and totally unpunk missed connections

Pet Names connections review
We’re not going to call a EP sized music offering a EP anymore. We’re just going to thank the artists for omitting the 2nd half of the album or maybe the bad bits when we can. Pet Names lead off track “Empty Fortune Cookie” from their release Missed Connections and following “Something I said” are a good intro to this band. Has the formula and “unpunk” hooks we liked so many moons ago about Green Day. A working mans band that leaves off the fluff but keep the nuts and bolts of the tune in tac. If we hate it we’ll just talk about the “single” and then ask for the check. Pet Names is straight up good indie rock. Rock from Wilmington North Carolina to be precise. Little did they know (maybe they did) that their beach town has a special place in our heart. We learned what Indie rock was all about from our friend Kenyata Sullivan. What good friends you could make 100′s of miles away from your home eventhough they live 10 blocks away.

Anyway, Missed Connections is totally about unpunk connections we make -either by chance or dumb fucking luck. Basically indie rock well disguised as song craft in wolfs cloths. This record makes it count but that is the stuff you cant describe until you get into it a few laps. Vaguely familiar story lines that don’t throw a jab and don’t undermine your choice of brew at the bar. Throw in a acoustic song and before you know it your not cool like us. It’s better -They will be huge so don’t forget to breath in the proces because it will be over before you know it and you’ll hit play again or flip the tape– Whatever happens in the future. You ‘ve just been consumed by a good band laying it down. No gimmicks. Just rock-n-roll. What music discovery is supposed to be like here at the review stalker music blog. We look forward to more. You can totally name your price on their bandcamp page so throw them a couple bux in their guitar case. They deserve it. Alright Fifi?

RIYL: Green Day, Garden Variety, knapsack, GBV

Pet Names -Empty Fortune Cookie MP3

Review Stalker compilation punk rock girl legs Here’s some tunes to mix in with Pet Names and your next mixed tape to listen to on whatever device you prefer.
00. The Anderson Council -Gardening Man MP3 from Looking at the Stars
01. Knapsack -Less Than MP3
02. Silver Scooter -Pumpkin Eyes MP3
03. Hurl -This Numbness MP3
04/ Burning Airlines -The Escape Engine MP3
05. The Queers – Punk Rock Girls MP3

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Girl Tears – Tension of not being suffocated by punk

Girl Tears Tension album review
MUSIC REVIEW: We love the idea of having a ton of meaningless short songs hit you one by one instead of long as winded punk drama. The Ramones made it ok and these tunes are half the length. When it’s good the fact that it’s the same melody over and over and the same progression means there is room to grow. Enter LA’s Girl Tears with no keyboards to be heard and where size/length/width does not matter. Just good old buzzcock like sing-song tunes where it goes by so fast you can’t even pretend to know the lyrics. The same 4/4 beats hit you on the head like highschool popularity contest. Sometimes faster. Sometimes slower. Sometimes in double time. The attitude has the simple energy where one song just runs into the next for no apparant reason other than they want to do their job and get back to the bar. Job well done and thanks for not snuffing out punk and smothering it with all the extra stuff. Total running time is faster than teenage sex.

Also check out the Dirty Laundry TV casette compilation. Only $6.00 dollars.

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What was the New Brunswick Music Scene like in the 90′s?

New Brunswick Music Scene

Photo: 223 Livingstone Ave – home to BGT, Aviso’Hara & a few basement shows

PART 1: Before todays bustling New Brunswick, NJ basement scene, Screaming Females and Don Giovanni Records there were 6 clubs to play a gig at that were not sequestered or are hard to find in the 1990′s. The times o’ plenty. We had The Melody, The Roxy, Plum St. Pub, Budapest, Bowl-o-drome and the still standing Court Tavern. This might seem like ancient history. For every club there were about a 100 bands that frequented the clubs in rotation. Some of them made broader strokes playing gigs down the shore, Hoboken, Philly, NYC and beyond. If you told somebody you were playing Brooklyn they looked at you strangely because there were really no places to play there. Although a gig at a old mustard factory comes to mind but still blurry. Bands that played basements like Louis St stayed there for the most part unless they were a hardcore outfit of which case we know of the success stories there ranging from lifetime to deadguy then those pesky and annoying emo bands. Now the scene has changed to an extreme 180 degrees in 2014. The balance of “official” live venues that served alcohol slowly have long been eaten up by Johnson and Johnson and UMDNJ to a eradication of mass proportions. New Brunswick is down to one place that we know of. Yea you probably know a guy who blathered this to you. In turn underground places started to have a insulated affect on the scene. It’s totally foreign to us suburban outsider now but we know it exists. we hope it does. Maybe not as publicly as it once did but we feel the force. What is amazing to see is that the caliber of bands has not changed. There’s kooky bands, to downright terrible ones too. They just happen to do things differently with a tremendous output from just one label (that we know of). Plus that whole internet placebo effect. (We will get into this later.)

The point of this pointed post series is to shed some light on the swath of bands we enjoyed watching, much thanks to a couple long threads on the FB’s led by queen-scene bee Amy Saville from Prosolar Mechanics and Jim Testa from the ever present Jersey Beat. Gigs were happening all the time. Actually, when we started doing the zine thing back then; we always wanted to have a local point of view and bring to our readers new bands they have not heard of yet from inside or outside of the scene. All in an effort to make things less insular –you know hippie-dippy punk. Not just for our knowledge but for all. Not much has changed as far as our special purpose in life. You can read our about section if you want. Hopefully we can go as deep with a lot of bands and include friends (jim/amy, etc) doing the writing to give you a different perspective. I’m sure we seem like aliens because in the era where anybody can have their first debut “EP” release in a matter of one weekend is deeply confounding and troubling. There were a lot more hoops to cross to get people to check out your music, record it, etc. Again, we can dive into this trouble in a later post but for let us drag you to the water.

Steve Albini's old studio basement

BGT recording in Steve Albini’s old studio basement, Chicago. Turning knobs.

So lets kick this off with BubbleGum Thunder. Here’s a video of a song that was recorded by Steve Albini at his home studio in Chicago. Plus a bunch of tracks that were never released “officially” on any LP or CD. Here is a posthumous video premier. The band had released three 7″ singles before it’s demise. The best official release was Coward b/w Cheater 7″ on Model Rocket Records. Trust me the irony of posting mp3s of the tunes Steve recorded is not lost on me. He mixed the tracks identified below. They were never mastered properly but herein are the best of tracks from my point of view that the band did. What was great about this band is the chord progressions were bit complex but the playing was ballsy. Joseph the guitar player/singer used lots of open chord tunings to make his life simple and stupid. The results were a very unique sound you rarely hear in my humble opinion in bands today. There was songwriting at work.

RIYL: Cows, Hum, Unsane, Helmet

BubbleGum Thunder New Brunswick Music Scene bands
01. Bedwetter MP3(basement recording)
02. Cheater MP3(Albini)
03. Coward MP3 (Albini)
04. Ghost Town MP3 (Albini)
05. Sad Man MP3 (Albini)
06. Safe from Me MP3 (Albini)
07. Acid Gravy MP3 (Albini)
08. Swallowed MP3 – Basement recording. Probably one of meanest sounding bass parts I’ve ever played. This is nasty and will rip you up like the little music whore you are. Wait for it at the :46 second mark to feel what I am talking about. You might want to amp up this up in iTunes a little for playback.

If you never had to pay Mark your entry fee to see a band at The Court Tavern. You really are part of the new generation of bands.
“If you ain’t playing. You are paying.”

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GRIZZLOR – Destroys your alien face

GRIZZLOR destroys - we're all just aliens
MUSIC REVIEW: This is a noisy punk band by definition. Big mucky-pup dumb guitars with distorted “alien-like” vocals in the vein of Gibby Haynes from the butthole surfers and when you add bigger dumb punk drums; the formula gives you the GRIZZLOR thing. Monster rock for monster bros from New Haven, CT. The EP artwork brain drawing totally reminds us of the movie When Mars Attacks. Seriously WE’RE ALL JUST ALIENS is planet melting molten rock with big thug like guitars you can use to beat-up your space alien friends. Squash them like bugs with the sheer guitar volume. These songs are blunt objects that rock well.

RIYL: Scratch Acid, Melvins, Cows

Attack of the capital letters: VOMITFACE 7″ review – This is post nirvana ga-rage rock.
Singles: CHAMP vs Lazyeyes

Other random tunes:
Hot Water Music - Elektra MP3 (90′s)
The Replacements - Rock And Roll All Nite MP3 Kiss cover 1985-10-18: 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis, MN
Atkins, Martin’s China Dub Soundsystem - Yellow Cab MP3 from Made in China (2007)

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GoPro Chronicles: Chemtrail vs Contrails – GeoEngineering over NJ?

GeoEngineering over NJ? Chemtrails or Contrails
GOPRO CHRONICLES: Nobody looks up into the sky. Lets admit it. We might glance up at the stars every once in awhile but during the day we either see clouds or blue skies. The reality is that this real-estate is managed by air traffic controllers, the Airforce and known flight patterns that we know of; but besides that we the people are not really aware of any thing else that goes on up there in our airspace. Who is doing things that affect our environment? Our necks work and we can see when the weather man confirms it’s going to rain or snow. But they say never anything. They just read what is in front of them. That is what “news” anchors do. This video was shot last week, february 20th & 19th 2014. There are a lot more questions than answers. Watch this video.

Background music by My Bloody Valentine “No More Sorry” from their album Isn’t Anything (1988)

Last winter we experience about 25″ of snow in the New York/New Jersey tri-state area. This year it’s double the amount of snow. The reality was though that it was very warm and we’ve had these crazy catastrophic and paralyzing storms like Sandy, etc and down in Atlanta that have never had snow. This year it’s dramatically different and I wonder who is driving the weather? And Why? What is in the stuff that is in the sky? What aren’t we being told? We hear about global warming and slowly people are starting to wake-up but is our “government” doing something the issue without causing wide spread panic and recognizing the facts. The technology has been there to create man made snow on sky slopes for decades but not at this scale.

fIREHOSE -Chemical Wire MP3 from Ragin’, Full-On (1986)
Pretty Girls Make Graves - Chemical, Chemical MP3 from The New Romance (2003)
Aviso’Hara -Better Living Through Chemistry MP3 from goodnight sweetheart (1999)

Related Articles:
Geoengineering – This video explains the issues of aluminum in the sky pretty well. Even fox news is asking questions.

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