Soundcloud Singles: new Jeff Tweedy, Pissed Jeans, Chris Staples, and Speedy Ortiz

Pissed Jeans single sub pop

New from Pissed Jeans‘ from their coming record called ‘Shallow‘ out October 7th on Sub Pop. Here is a single called “Boring Girls”. Sorta grinding drunk noise with some yelping and banter. If the guy from The Falls got really, really wasted. We dig it.

Switching up gears somewhat here’s Chris Staples “Hold Onto Something” on Barzuk. With 60′s sounding vibe future soudns and acoustic sparsly record from a release called American Soft. If you like Spoon, Wilco and Grandaddy this is a nice mix of those three.

New Jeff Tweedy and son and a song a called “Wait for Love” via dBpm Records. It’s simple with a couple acoustic layers.

Speedy Ortiz - “Bigger Party” – you can download this track for FREE at beginning July 14. Sadie is the queen of the underground. Big fans around here of her band.Guitar jams like pavement meets the sonic youths. You decide.

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RIP – Ramones Reunion Confirmed: Tommy Ramone Dead At 62.

Ramones Logo Joey- Johnny Dee Dee Tommy

Hard to believe that the Rolling Stones have outlived fucking The Ramones. A punk band from queens who essentiallt defined NY Punk with their image and fast rock songs. Borrowing their sound from the blues and turning it on it’s head annoying america and then conquering the world. Never will be another like them. We were lucky to have them. It’s going to be such a great show.

Here’s the whole first album

1.Blitzkrieg Bop (0:00-2:14)
2.Beat On the Brat (2:14-4:46)
3.Judy Is A Punk (4:46-6:18)
4.I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (6:18-8:42)
5.Chain Saw (8:42-10:38)
6.Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue (10:38-12:14)
7.I Don’t Want To Go Down To The Basement (12:14-14:53)
8.Loudmouth (14:53-17:08)
9.Havana Affair (17:08-19:05)
10.Listen To My Heart (19:05-21:04)
11.53rd and 3rd (21:04-23:25)
12.Let’s Dance (23:25-25:17)
13.I Don’t Want To Walk Around With You (25:17-27:00)
14.Today Your Love,Tomorrow The World (27:00-29:13)

Here’s some Road to Ruin demos and half a live set.
Come Back, She Cried A.K.A. I Walk Out [Demo] MP3
Yea, Yea [Demo]
Rock ‘N’ Roll High School (Ed Stasium Version)
Blitzkrieg Bop/Teenage Lobotomy/California Sun/Pinhead/She’s The One [Live]

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nosnow/noalps Indie Rock from Malta & Neuman from Peru

Good mix of punk and dash-pop reggea-ish james like Sublime from this band called nosnow/noalps. A keyboard used in a way that I cant it because the vocals are distorted and this band from Malta just plain rocks my ass. Here’s a two part rock video single. Side A is ” Go Go Go Go” and the flip which is eqaully as baddass is a song called “Black Panther” whichis about partying until you drop. My geoagraphy is bad but the scenery is beuatiful in these cobble stone streets. The video chrome-look treatment is nice as well. Very well done.

nosnow/noalps – Go Go Go Go

nosnow/noalps – Black Panther

Luis Melgar Neuman

I dont’t know much about the indie rock scene in Lima, Peru but this group Neuman two songs “Battle Starship” and “Turn it” are pretty great. We think you should give them a chance from an album called ‘If‘. A pop mix of Interpol and Mercromina from Spain.

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Pyrrhic Victory Recordings: The 65′s + Galanos + Miss Ohio


New Jersey is somewhat a musical paradox.  Outsiders predictably only know about “The Boss” or Bon Jovi being from the Garden State, unless you grew up on Hardcore, then it the same two plus Turning Point, Vision, Bouncing Souls and Lifetime.  Then the Gaslight Anthem eventually exploded onto the scene that even made this transplant proud of his new home state, where insiders never seem to talk about Real Estate, another NJ band  that are both hugely popular and play everywhere else.

But after sniffing over the years, I have pleasantly discovered that New Jersey is chuck full of great bands with many indie labels supporting them.  Pyrrhic Victory Recordings is one of those labels and the wonderful 65’s, GALANOS and Miss Ohio are some of those bands.

The 65s

The 65’s I’ve Got You EP (2013) picks up right up where 2011’s kick ass Strike Hard! left off.  A solid 4 song onslaught that starts with the punk ‘n’ roll steam roller ”Have you Been Saved?”, continues with the darkly beautiful album title track and ending with is pretty acoustic twang of “Safety Net,” each song heavily complimented by the unique, husky Lucero-ish growl of front man/guitarist  Joseph O. Pugsley.  I Got You is never too far from my weekly listening pleasure, with the 3rd track,”Holes Dug Deep” being one of my personal favorites (“breathe in…breathe out…keep breathing she said“).

THE 65′s “I’ve Got You”


Next up is GALANOS‘ 2 song offering, La Loca, a dark and dreamy, surfy and heavy, beautifully droning offering of slowed down and fuzzed up songs of Velvet Underground-ish proportions.  I could see either song (the title track or “Go Home Rose”) being on the soundtrack to the next Quentin Tarantino flick with a return of Uma Thurman dancing to either.  Indeed a welcoming sight in my humble opinion!  If this is just a the hors d’ourves of what GALANOS is offering, I am looking forward to a full meal and hopefully soon.


Miss Ohio


Miss Ohio’s latest EP, Whippoorwill Road, was officially released last week, delivering a perfect blend of power pop melody and guitar rock grit, with 5 songs that will no doubt make my personal best of 2014 release list.  Oddly, the opening killer track of the same name always brings “Boys of Summer” (either Henley or the Atari’s cover will do) to mind, but in a good way.  Tracks “Bobby Fischer” and “Lights” keep the momentum going (with the latter boasting interesting sounds from a vintage phaser pedal) while I find myself mentally humming the coquettish“Day Job” at least once a day while reconciling my own rock ambitions while working for the man.  Finally I was one happy camper that they (re)recorded ”KGB” one of my favorite tracks off of 2005’s underrated Another Wasted Summer.    Homerun, boys.


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Singles and Bands to Watch: Yes Sunshine, Friendly Faux, Colour of Bone, Drunk Robots & Ryan Joseph Anderson

Here’s the latest singles and bands to watch with some really great tunes and sounds from the US and across the pond.

Yes Sunshine band mint 400 records

Recently added to the Mint 400 Records roster is a fast mod psyche band called Yes Sunshine from Coventry,England. We think they embody that fast paced feel we dig from UK type bands like Pete and The Pirates and a more polished version of The Jam.
Yes Sunshine band on Mint 400 Records
Here’s a quick 5 question interview with the band Yest Sunshine to peak your interest. They will be featured on the coming Mint 400 Records Compilation “Patchwork” which is due out this September! So watch our twitter space for more.

What genre of music do you consider your work to be? Who are your major influences?
Well we consider our music to be a mixture of indie,rock,and punk. We are heavily influenced by artists such Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, Oasis, Pixies, Libertines and of course The Beatles.
What are your songs about? (What specific themes do they cover?)
Well our songs are mainly about, social observations, experiences, teenage angst, and I guess you could say of course love and girls.

What are the differences you see between US rock and British rock at the present moment?
At present we are really enjoying the current New York scene. Bands like Skaters and Drowners are really influencing us. I think there is a visible punk vibe at the minute that new wave UK bands are representing more than US bands.

What has been your biggest challenge as a songwriters? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?
The biggest challenge has been over coming the brick wall. Some days nothing clicks, tensions run high and you can’t even string a sentence of lyrics together. We find that the process of song writing can’t be forced. If it’s going to happen, it will happen when it’s ready. When it does, everything falls into place and everything flows. There’s a buzz and you know you’ve got a worthy song.

What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?
Be committed. Make the necessary sacrifices. Never give up. And practice, practice, practice.

Friendly Faux three left EP review
Psyche, Grunge, Alternative rock whatever it is if it has distortion delivered like Friendly Faux we like it and if they “don’t make any rights” is what I’m usually known to say to my driver when I’m skunk drunk I think we’ll get along here people. We’re super simple this way especially if the bass player is digging in like he is in this mother fucker. Seriously, check out these Columbus Ohio rocksters who can swing the blues big time if they want and rock it out with a few classic arena rock Alice in Chains type backing vocals but yet keep it dirty like a diesel monster truck drag racing down main street. I’m a sucker for power trios and these guys hit it and quit it in all the right places with their no frills rock. These tunes are from their second digital release EP called Three Lefts and we think you should grab the whole thing from them on their bandcamp. The s/t lead track is the dope we’re talking about and make it one louder.

DOWNLOAD: three lefts MP3

Colour of Bone sympathiser single

Next up is the UK’s Colour of Bone – which is this weird electronic mix of big house bass romp and roc-rave music on their single called “THE SUPERSTITIOUS TWIST”; whilst I’m not sure why all songs must yell at me in capital letters. This one at 80hz is sure to leave you a little deaf perhaps. The artwork is explosive in that BIG DATA kind of way but i guess people like their head exploding. Classify ‘Sympathiser’ under Alt-Elec-Rock along with your mescaline and speed. This music brings out certain musical texture you don’t actually need to be high to understand. It grunges out when need when the Beasties bring that beat around.

Drunk Robots glorious noise

I don’t know much about this electronic slow dub project called Drunk Robots from Portugal but I like it. Here’s a track called “have you seen my glasses” from the 22 track album organiosed. Good experimentation with noise, ambient sounds and electronic rock. Pretty mellow but not put you to sleep mellow. Creepy yet carries a melody like Air intrumentals. Drop-off and explore Drunk Robots.

“Fortune and Fate” by Ryan Joseph Anderson from his record The Weaver’s Broom, which was recorded in Nashville by engineer/producer Andrja Tokic (known for his work with Alabama Shakes). Good alt country. Very dark stop motion video which is back by a great whiskey voice teetering on to raspy but much better than Deer Tick’s country swagger. We like this Ryan Joseph Anderson fella.

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Album Review: Gustave Tiger At The Idyll’s End

gustave-tiger-band budapest cathedral punk
ALBUM REVIEW: Gustave Tigers – At The Idylls End starts off with a art school spoke Azalia Snail self titled diatribe which I tuned out on at first. Then the music quickly picks up the pace in what this Budapest band calls cathedral punk. Which is very fast, sharp like steak knifes and fitting like a casket demolotion derby (whatever that is). You how young bands have a energy and bounce to thir music because they might not know better? This music is perfectly dissedent in ways only their music can explain because I’m not fluent in Hungarian. Seems to be mostly female fronted vocal and by all accounts pro-feminist jesus fuckers. This noise goes by at a blisteirng pace and most evident in the star spangled rant called Clitoris Crucifix clocking in at :40 seconds giving Pussy Riot a lesson in song crafting. There are 14 tunes on here in total and not a dull moment to found. Noisy, dreamy, psychedelic with just enough of a vocal hook to remind you that you don’t need a keyboard to make good music. A bunch of delays and reverb but none the less Szurcsik Erika on vocals, Dorozsmai Gergő Guitar and vocals, Mezősi Péter drums and Szabó Csaba bass and vocals make a nice mess of things. You shall name your price on their bandcamp page although we give you a MP3 here for free courtesy of the band. Check them out facehookers but not sure it’s all in english. The name of the band is Gustave Tiger. This is their 2nd album and it’s sonic, dissident-pop in all the right angular hard to reach places, much hipper bands pretend to be but never are.

Gustave Tiger from Budapest

RIYL: Sonic youth, Alice Donut, Buthole Surfers, Trail of Dead, The Fall, weird art rock

DOWNLOAD: Sister Sybarite MP3 from At The Idyll’s End (May 2014)

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Singles & Bands to Watch: Dead Waves, Street Eaters, Weird Womb and Hive Bent

Lots of heavy as shit singles and bands to watch for you today on review stalker. Keep things coming and know that we do listen and share things first on our soundcloud.

Dead Waves Singles review
To start check out the A-side off this new 7″ from this noisy band from Queens called Dead Waves. Recorded in one take with Mr. Albini – just how he likes it. This tune has got enough stomach churning distortion to make your seizures and morning shakes feel like a good thing. PRF crew alert here this is right up your melvins encrusted alley.

EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD:Oracles of the Grave” MP3 by Dead Waves

Next up is Weird Womb from NY and the A-side “Pale Piss” from their 7″ ep Ruined by the 90′s recorded at Vanancy nyc. Tighter than mudhoney with Henry Rollins style singing. Maybe a little more on the Guy Picciotto style in the vocal department when i think about all the tracks. This is more punk than 90′s grunge in southern California Wasted Youth kind of way. You can order the 7″ WEIRDWOMB.COM.

Street Eaters blood musles bones
Check out the grinding grunge off of the Bay Area’s post-punks Street Eaters. Here’s a track from their upcoming release Blood::Muscles::Bones on Nervous Intent Records. The 1st track reverse tracks from this coming record starts off like Hüsker Dü’s Dreams Reoccurring off of Zen Arcade then it goes strongly forward. Female fronted vocals which reminds us of Amanda Black Wine(Don Giovani).

On tour now doing all of North America so be brave and indulge yourself and check them out live they will be on the East Coast in July! Full date listing on

MP3 Bonus:Dreams Reoccurring by Hüsker Dü

These next guys called Hive Bent – reminds me of a version of Battles meets No Age. Really all there is to say. Check them out pretty big sounds for what sounds like drums and super sonically heavily distored bass. Sure to break a bass string near you or at least your punk hymen. Whatever comes first.

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Champion Lover Toronto Noise Punk Debut

Champion Nover Toronto Noise Punk Debut Release

ALBUM REVIEW: I am starting to wonder what is in the water now that all global warming is melting all the snow in Canada because the rock-n-roll that is starting to come down by the likes of Champion Lover is getting meaner and darker. The Toronto based noise punks have their scopes set on getting you fucked-up a lot which we’re totally fine with being that we’re in New Jersey and our home state’s super hero is The Toxic Avenger. This is a monster sized caliber release with jagged distortion episodes that manage to get inside your worst dreams. At other times pretty trippy power psyche(yea we said this) where the bassiness will make your bad day get worse. Pounding you with the opener “Read my Mind” and wipe off the blood with “She Likes Wu-Tang”; these are the real champions on this debut. The last track “Vacant Heart (Spring Break)” is what we can only imagine is a bad trip gone completely sour. So put your head in the barrel on their bandcamp to dose yourself. You might not need drugs listening to them because they are drug rock and will make you scrape your face-off.

RIYL: Weekend, Sonic Youth, Place to Burry Strangers


Review: Overlake Sighs – NJ Psyche
Singles & Bands to Watch: Mutes, Stagnant Pools, Milan Jay, The Van Doos and Distortion Girls
Singles and Bands to Watch: Sex Scheme, Dead, Barrows & De Duiven


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HUDSON the Band roots rock into the unknown

hudson band in the unknown reviews
MUSIC REVIEW: LA’s Hudson’s(The Band) new release Into The Unknown is a rocknrolla Americana trip with some of your favorite classic rock moves. On this EP you’ll find citar sounds, beatles harmonies and billy gibbons blues stomps. These guys are pro-musicians and we don’t mean that in a derogatory sense as they can actually play their instruments. Which is a rarity and more than likely due to their commitment to doing residency shows which is paying off in beer tabs. We would say on par with the likes of the bluesmen in The Sadies which is a high compliment around these parts.. We love when the slide guitar is implemented right in your face because if you are going to commit to it. Do it all the way right in your face to the point where women and children are holding their ears. Their tune “Jezebel” has some bonham/John Paul Jones nod at the end and the title track “In the Unknown” is where you might want to save the children first. Check them out and let them take in their RV around much of the good music on one release. They really are owning this American Rock-n-Roll thing. If you are a fan of Jack White, Black Crowes and ZZ Top then you’ll more than likely wanna grab some icey PBR’s and tap the dashboard in your pick-up with these guys at your next tail-gate party. You can own the EP June 2nd on iTunes.

RIYL: Black Crowes, Sadies, Jack White


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GoPro Chronicals: Mudderella 2014 New Jersey

Muderella 2014 New Jersey
GoPro Chronicals: So much fun was had at this years New York/New Jersey Muderrella event. Here’s the video I edited and put together within 24hrs of the mudfes. There were 5 miles of obstacle, tutus, and team Comradery at the fest. Was a marathon to say the least running around the course catching all the action without falling on my ass or loosing a show in the sticky mud. Every group took off down the motocross field every hour after a little warm-up. 1,000′s of people running amuck (haha) through the course. Everybody we captured on film genuinely seemed to be having a great time and showed their spirit animals. I would of loved to have a drone to capture more overhead shorts but maybe next year right?

Music in this video by The Joy Formidable and a song called “whirring” from their amazing album THE BIG ROAR (2011). I hope they don’t get to mad but I think it really captures the energy of these tough mudders and we hope it brings some notice to some of the Muderella organization’s partners Futures without violence and refuge.

Here’s the group of ladies that were in the first wave. I finally caught up with them on the CRUSH IT slide at the last obstacle before the finish line.

Mudderella group Shot 2014 New Jersey

GoPro Chronicles: Chemtrail vs Contrails – GeoEngineering over NJ?
Best GoPro film soundtrack ideas – Captain Beefheart
MORE: VIVA! LA HARA FILMS & VIDEOS on the tumblr page.

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