Unremarkable People Q&A

Why drunk family holiday videos are so much fun

As part of my automatic for people short interviews for shorts attention spans – here’s a few question answered (maybe wrongly) by Unremarkable People.

RS: What’s your bands motto?
OP: Semper Vigilans

RS: Who’s in UP and how’d you meet her/them?
Bryan Mandelbaum AKA Bob – Lead vocals/guitar.

Christian – Guitar/back vocals – We met in third grade at Harley Elementary.

Rowen – Keys – Met him when I visited UMBC in Spring 2005. He was making epic prank phone calls.

Matt – We met through an internet musicians listing when he lived and Boston and I no longer did.

Bill – Bass – We met at the last show of my old band in April ’08.

Steve – Tambourine Heard about him for a long time through legend, finally met him at a party in
Boston in ’06.

Jeremy – Guitar/back vocals – Met him at our first band practice last winter.

Derek – Met him last week.

Reinhart -Haven’t met him yet but supposedly he’s in the band.

Adam — Xylophone, Saxophone, Percussion. He’s Jeremy’s brother, friend of our ex-trumpet player, Tommy.

Danny -We were in Ms. Zaug’s second-grade class together in Long Island.
Tommy – Trumpet although there is a new guy on trumpet.

RS: Where’s a good place to watch people get drunk?
OP: A good place to watch people get drunk is inside my family’s home videos.

RS: How do you handle sharp objects?

OP: Tell them to relax.

RS: If you had to pick one thing that is is not a traditional instrument what would it be and why?

OP: I’m not sure I understand the question but I pick timpani.

RS:What band or music do you hate? Why?

OP: I don’t hate any band or any music. Except Anamanaguchi (ouch -ed.). I invited them to play a show in our old loft. They left right after their set and then shit-talked our venue in L magazine.

RS: Do think it’s possible to make music than is new and refreshing without sounding stupid and irrelevant?
OP: The bands that make “new” and “refreshing” music probably aren’t trying to do that. The ones that are probably do sound stupid and irrelevant. And probably don’t know it. And probably would answer this question just like this. Wait a second . . .

RS: Dream concert gig? Who’s there in attendance?

OP: Dream concert gig: We open for the Everly Brothers. At the last minute before we’re supposed to go on, half the band comes down with massive stomach aches. Don Everly himself comes into the green room and gives the speech from Any Given Sunday. We play great.

RS: if somebody wants to contact you how do you prefer this happens?
E-mail unremarkablepeopleny@gmail.com

RS: What’s soft wave?
OP: What soft wave . . . through yonder window breaks?

PS The video “Hey, My Leg Freakin’ Hurts Over Here (Tiny Tim’s Theme)” was made for Neil from Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt who asked the band to do a Christmas song from the point of view of Tiny Tim for his extravaganza this year and this is the result.

Friday 12/10 UP plays Union Pool w/ @RoadsideGraves
Confirmation Bias MP3 from S/T EP
Far And Wide MP3 by Roadside Graves from My Son’s Home

Sat 12/18 Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt Christmas Spectacular @ SILENT BARN
Sun 12/19 Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt Christmas Spectacular @ THE OASIS

Check out more UP tunes on this post:
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