The Living End of Punk by Zeke

The Living End of Punk by Zeke

ALBUM REVIEW:World Famous Zeke is heavy-grass ladden smoke out American Rockn’Roll punk rock. Yeah no shit. Take the really fucking ugly side of MotorHead and mix it with something really fast from the dank weed of Crypt Records and you’ve got the dark tattoo that is Zeke. Needless to say they are relentless speedy stoner rock and apparently W’s Patriot Act caught up to the band so they can’t Leave the good ole’ USA as of late. Which is good news for the rest of the minds in the world and bad for the shitty education system in America. So, if you are looking to burn some additional brain-cells. Pick-up The Living End(Released in 06′) or you can even go as far back to Flat Tracker (circa 96). That’s right Zeke bikers all the crank that is fit to make your trip wiz right by can be picked-up from Emusic if you like. They have been bringing on the blitzkrieg since 1993 and still going strong. Currently on Relapse. Damn I hope they release some new shit soon. The buzz is just wearing off from seeing them live like what must be like 10 years ago…but in the meantime cover up that crappy tattoo and listen to them.


Download the Numbing drum pounding on “Dragon Fly” from The Livin’ End

Download more railroading on “Mystery Train” from Flat Tracker

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