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An Oral History of the Legendary City Gardens

Fascinating behind the scene stories about one of the coolest legendary punk rock clubs, City Gardens, in the very scenic Trenton New Jersey, spanning the late 1970′s to 1994. DJ Jeff Werz talks for 1:45 and plays lots of music … Continue reading

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Eastern Anchors Court Tavern w/ Wreaths + Zero for Conduct

Most cop cars are Crown Vics. Any kid could tell you this. You don’t drive unmarked one’s in bad neighborhoods without locking them up and driving one will give you a certain amount of highway respect – even if you … Continue reading

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Aviso'hara Boss Jim Gettys and Bionic Rhoda WRSU

Coming up this weekend is big retro 90′s show happening Saturday Nov 28th At The Court Tavern. Check out a podcast of Boss Jim Gettys, Bionic Rhoda Aviso’Hara being interviewed by Jard Mignon from on WRSU’s Overnight sensation’s this past … Continue reading

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