Kate Tucker – Ghost of Something New EP –

Kate Tucker – Ghost of Something New EP –

Kate Tucker Ghost of Something New EP reviewMUSIC REVIEW: Kate TuckerGhost of Something New EP (Noise Trade) – I’m going to tell all you manly men types with your new mustaches and hippie cologne. You would not want to leave this girl for fear she’d write a killer song which on first listen would turn you into a puddle of salt. So fair warning. Lucky for you she mixes it up a bit on her most recent EP but still delivers sultry alt country angel tinged vocals that are truly aspirational. The shining light of alt-rock maybe. You can be brave here but even she admits to us on the twitter she only “seems to write sad songs.” In this case we recommend a whisky chaser to get you in the mood because to us these songs are like having drinks with an old friend. This amiable friend happens to be a little dark at times but somehow she gives us hope even when we are down. Her voice brings on a little smirk and fills us like lighting does on a silent stormy night with her melodic electric guitar interplay. In particular on her opening song “Revolution” and equally pervasive on the title track bringing the EP to a close. Here’s a video from her 2010 release White Horses plus a couple treats. Check her out I have a feeling you’ll be hearing more from her soon.

Revolution MP3 by Kate Tucker from the Free Ghost of Something New EP [GET IT NOW]
I’m on Fire (Bruce Cover) MP3

Reminds us of:
Blood River MP3 by Abbe May from Design Desire
That Teenage Feeling MP3 by Neko Case from Fox Confessor Brings the Flood
Neptune City (In A Different City Version) MP3 by Nicole Atkins from Bleeding Diamonds (2006)

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Nicole Atkins: Sexy voice with The Magic Eyes

Nicole Atkins sexy voice with The Magic Eyes

Nicole Atkins sexy voice with The Magic Eyes

We recently did a bunch posts of women in rock that matter so here’s our favorite Jersey Girl Nicole Atkins doing a couple covers and a series of video vignettes from her new record Mondo Amore (Lots of love) for her single “Dark Magic in Your Eyes”. She’s remisicent of a rocking Patti Smith and the country style of Juliana Hatfield but with her own vocal style. When listening to her music and watching her videos you get this sense there’s a lot of demons but not in a evil Courtney Love way but more of a Anais Nin old soul kind of way. If in victorian times there was rock music she’d be the queen of the scene. Which is passion recomposed for 2011.

Sexy Nicole Atkins Photos by Lucia Holm

She’s been at this music thing probably since her birth 32 or so years ago and putting out records, playing and singing on other people’s records. A hardworking musician with a mission slowly building up a following from North Carolina to New York and about to embark on a short tour to make her mark a little deeper in your heart. Lets see kicking it off with Bowery Ballroom show ain’t too shabby.

Here’s a Video of another track called “Vultures” directed by my pal Mandy Bisesti and photographer Lucia Holm (actually I think these Jerzy girls have done all of the videos from Ms. Atkins’s new album). This one seems to have been shot in Monmouth County from the looks of it along the banks of Red Bank, New Jersey — one of my old stomping, rocking and drinking grounds. It’s deep, dark and beautifully shot; really giving the song and the listener a baptism.

Download music and covers:
Inside Of Love MP3 Nada Surf cover by Nicole Atkins from Digs Other People’s Song’s – Probably one my favorite Matthew Caws tracks and she builds it beautifully. [Buy]
Under The Milky Way MP3 Cover by The Church Also unadulteratedly good. She was 10 when Starfish came out. Must have discovered them when lived in Australia.
Cool Enough MP3 from Neptune City (2007 Columbia)

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