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WFMU’s Vinylmania Record Fair 2011

Starting this Friday Octo 28th through Sunday the 30th at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan (125 W. 18th St) WFMU is hosting their annual Record Fair. It’s been an amazing trip to see all sorts of young folks thinking it’s … Continue reading

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WFMU Funk, Soul, Junk and RocknRoll Freedom

I stepped it up this year with WFMU and this week the delivery made it to my humble doorstep. Five compilations which will take a couple months to listen to and fully absorb their eclectic and number one hit hand-picked … Continue reading

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Wire Playing Live on WFMU in 2011

Once punk got started major innovations were happening all over the place as early as it began in the 70′s. Wire were among the musical scientists who experimented with short and long form along with kraftwerk and Gang of Four. … Continue reading

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WFMU 2011 Pledge drive is on!

I’ve been listening to WFMU since highschool and there has never been any shortage of original entertainment left of the dial on 91.1. from talking dial-in shows hosted by the likes of writer Tom Scharpling or 7 Second Delay where … Continue reading

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Save the good ship WFMU.ORG Holiday Marathon

This is not slacktivism, if wfmu had stock I’d own a healthy amount of shares. Just yesterday I was wearing my two-cow WFMU T-shirt and I was able to give my 91.1 foot description. “Its free form radio baby“… trust … Continue reading

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Ted Leo funny Bottled In Cork video

Ted Leo And The Pharmacists – “Bottled In Cork” (Official Video) from Ted Leo and the Pharmacists I’m a big fan of Tom Scharpling; who not only hosts the best show on earth, he is also screen writer in “real … Continue reading

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WFMU's record library is a gold mine

I love vinyl records. In my basement that I just finished I made sure there was built in shelving to house my minuscule record collection which pales in comparison to the WFMU record library featured here in a video series … Continue reading

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Time to Pledge to WFMU.ORG 2010 Marathon

It’s that time of year right before you pay the tax man where WFMU needs your dough so they can entertain you for another 50 weeks of year. Qaulity free form radio entertainment. For her and his pleasure. Get some … Continue reading

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Time to pledge to

Hey, so you like music? You like independent and strange artists? Ever wonder why the radio sucks so bad? Seriously you must not know about Do your kids, your kid’s kids and your family a favor and start listening … Continue reading

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Sonic Youth and Feelies playing for FREE July 4th

The main batch of tickets for the show are “sold out” but River will be distributing unclaimed tickets 9AM the morning of the concert in Battery Park this July 4th. As part of WFMU’s 50th Anniversay celebration freebie concert series. … Continue reading

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