Going Down In History Waco Brothers at Monty Hall 4.16.16

Going Down In History Waco Brothers at Monty Hall 4.16.16

ALBUM REVIEW: Here’s a good way to celebrate DIY country punk the day after tax day with the Waco Brothers at Monte Hall in Jersey City and their newest studio album in years called Going Down In History (Bloodshot Records). Seasoned alternative guys mostly Chicag0-ians and one brit ex-pat with guitar lineage (Mekons, Jesus Jones, Dollar Store). In the New York area go see them in all the halls.

04/13/2016 Union Hall
04/16/2016 Monty Hall


The rock shuffle number “We Know It” is one of our favorite tracks on this album, respectfully the opener “DIYBOYB” gets political in way circling up the wagons talking of the posthumous world where artisal world will live on through ideas as they sing “you can’t kill us because we’re already dead”. We asked Jon Langford thoughts on playing WFMU’s venue Monty Hall and he said “I did a session there with the Mekons but haven’t played a full on show there yet so I am very interested to see what mayhem will ensue.” We also ask John like where they find the energy to make grizzly music like this still? and he said “they bottle their rage in the winter time and unleash it in spring!”

Throw it back covers with Sonic Youth, Erectus Monotone, Redd Kross + More

Throw it back covers with Sonic Youth, Erectus Monotone, Redd Kross + More

Here’s a few covers from the FREEDOM OF CHOICE compilation album released on Caroline Records in 1992.

01: CA Plane Pour Moi MP3 Performed by SONIC YOUTH. Originally written by a Belgian born Roger Allen François Jouret in Plastic Bertrand (1977)

02: Rock And Roll Girl MP3 Performed by The Muffs, originally written by Paul Collins from the band called The Beat.

03: Destination Unknown MP3 Performed by Erectus Monotone, originally Written By the Bozzio’sand Cuccurullo in their group Missing Persons.

04: How Much More MP3 Performed by Redd Kross, originally by The Go Go’s

05: 5′ 1″ MP3 Performed by the Hoboken based band Tiny Lights. Originally written by James Newell Osterberg, Jr. AKA Iggy Pop

06: Pump It Up MP3 Performed by Mudhoney, originally composed and performed by Declan Patrick Aloysius MacManus AKA Elvis Costello in 1978.

07: The Wait MP3 Performed by Das Damen, originally by The Pretenders.

08: Tainted Love MP3 Performed by The Finger, originally written by Ed Cobb for Gloria Jones but made famouse in the new wave scene by the Soft Cell version in the 1980’s.




Soft Cell – Tainted Love (1981) – Original Music Video from Francis Craig on Vimeo.

Check out Northern Soul for more like this. Incredible sounds.

09: Wishing MP3 Performed by It’s OK, Original by A Flock Of Seagulls. From what I can tell It’s OK was a session band that put a cover together. Anybody?


10: Dreaming MP3 Performed by Yo La Tengo, original by Blondie, Make sure to catch YLT on wfmu’s fund drive marathon where they play a all request a cover set!

11: Wuthering Heights MP3 Performed by White Flag originally by Kate Bush

12: I Got You MP3 Performed by The Connells, Originally written by Tim Finn from New Zealand from the Split Enz.

13: Homosapien MP3 Performed by Big Dipper, originally written by Pete Shelley from The Buzzcocks.


14: Mexican Radio MP3 by Polvo, originally written and performed by Wall Of Voodoo. The original one for this was one of better MTV videos back in the day. Also song is full of hooks. So there is that.

15: Antmusic MP3 Performed by Hypnolovewheel, originally by Adam and The Ants.

16: Don’t You Want Me Baby MP3 Performed by Chia Pet who were a Kokopop band one of Kramer from Shimmy Disc off-shoot labels. This song was originally by Human League.

17: Hero Worship MP3 Performed by Permanent Green Light, Originally written by Ricky Helston Wilson (RIP 1953-1985) from The B-52’s.

18: Girl U Want MP3 Performed by Superchunk, originally written by Casale and Mothersbaugh from Devo.

Give this a liker, you liker.

WFMU’s Vinylmania Record Fair 2011

WFMU’s Vinylmania Record Fair 2011

WFMU Record Fair

WFMU Record Fair Oct 28 - 30

Starting this Friday Octo 28th through Sunday the 30th at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan (125 W. 18th St) WFMU is hosting their annual Record Fair. It’s been an amazing trip to see all sorts of young folks thinking it’s cool to own a piece of music and not just digital copy. All weekend they will be spinning 45’s and featuring the recent Italian documentary Vinylmania by Director Paolo Campana. I hope to attend on Friday to rummage the crates of records. A bunch of bands will be playing like The Black Hollies and Sediment Club. This is a real NY experience so if you’ve never gone before and you’re going to be in the city put it on your agenda. Dust off that turn table . While you are chewing on this also think that you will be supporting the station that gives you most by being totally comercial free. Sp consider giving them a spin and a pledge of support. They do great things for a free form spirit and bring you programming like none other on the planet. oh and they plays songs.

Run With Me Run MP3 by The Black Hollies from Softly Towards The Light (2009)

Terre T DJ Premium

Cooking Cherries 2011

Lollipop MP3 by Nimbus on BASF 7″ Germany (1971). This track is from a 31 song marathon DJ premium from Terre T who is just one of the amazing nutball DJs on WFMU who go through the stax to bring you amazing obscure punk and rarities. This particular comp has somewhat delicious food themes.

Light Sweet Crude MP3 by Obits live on Evan Funk Davies Show (4/21/2009)

Here’s a couple random finds from my local jersey shop the Sound Station.
Bold Soul Sister, Bold Soul Brother MP3 by Black on White Affair from this great comp Wheedle’s Groove – Seattle’s Finest In Funk & Soul 1965-75.
Tameyawt MP3 by Tinariwen from Tassili. This has some of the TV on the radio guys. It’s sung in a african dialec. Has a Nick Drake feel.

WFMU Funk, Soul, Junk and RocknRoll Freedom

WFMU Funk, Soul, Junk and RocknRoll Freedom

WFMU Premiums & Compilations

I stepped it up this year with WFMU and this week the delivery made it to my humble doorstep. Five compilations which will take a couple months to listen to and fully absorb their eclectic and number one hit hand-picked selections. The task is daunting as DJ’s Michael Shelley, Evan “Funk” Davies, Dave the Spazz, Bob Kelly and Mr. Fine Wine’s labor of love WFMU pledge drive compilations with over 125 songs. So if you have not upped yer pledge you are missing out and you may have to wait till next years music offerings. Here’s a few dropped “needle” selects from a first pass. You may be able to grovel and donate to get one of these comps retro-actively but I stopped taking chances years ago. Some are ultra obscure which would take you a lifetime to find so. Enjoy!

DJ Premium Selects:
Divagando MP3 by Sexteto Electronico Moderno from Michael Shelley Presents: Music is Freedom
Gimme Some Lovin’ MP3 by Kongas from WFMU & Evan “Funk” Davies Present: Starting With The 70’s Vol 2
Sick MP3 by Prince Charles from Rare & Collectable Fine Wine: 2011 Wfmu Downtown Soulville Premium
You’ve Got Your Troubles MP3 by Billy Strange from Everybody Back to Bingo’s Bachelor Pad from Dave The Spazz – Bingo is a pet Monkey in case your’re wondering and he appears mixed in on every track!
Confessions of a Psycho Cat MP3 by The Cramps from Caligula’s Frat Party! – R-r-real Rock & Roll Volume 11

Wire Playing Live on WFMU in 2011

Wire Playing Live on WFMU in 2011

Once punk got started major innovations were happening all over the place as early as it began in the 70’s. Wire were among the musical scientists who experimented with short and long form along with kraftwerk and Gang of Four. On Tuesday April 2011 they will be playing for the first time live on wfmu’s Brian Turner’s radio show between 3-6pm est. Be sure to tune in as they resurrect punk on the airwaves. Their third album 154 is among the trilogy of their break-out experimentation that pushed what art music could be. While Gang of Four were like political mechanics and Kraftwerk the robot space makers — Wire were the sonic mixers making unique pastiches of keyboards and distortion unique from to song to song – some fast some slow. On their first album you were lucky to find anything over a minute long.

It’s So Obvious MP3 from Pink Flag (1977) [Buy]
French Film Blurred MP3 from Chairs Missing (1978)
The 15th MP3 from 154 (1979)

Gang of Four playing Damaged Goods. Live, Atlanta 1980. The guitar riff in this song totally reminds me of “this ain’t no picnic” by The Minute Men.

WFMU 2011 Pledge drive is on!

WFMU 2011 Pledge drive is on!

I’ve been listening to WFMU since highschool and there has never been any shortage of original entertainment left of the dial on 91.1. from talking dial-in shows hosted by the likes of writer Tom Scharpling or 7 Second Delay where there is really no point other than asking people some mundane things for an hour. On the flip side I’ve discovered so much amazing music it’s even hard to fathom the audible experience without them anymore – trust me you won’t be able to keep up. So if yer some sort of hipster (you know what I’m talking about ) it’s worth the while to tune-in and dig into your pocket and give what you can. It’s the station that keeps on giving. I personally could wear a different WFMU T-shirt or bumper sticker every night of week for months (might need washin’) to get your attention. So the least I can do is turn you on to them and some of the cool schwagg you can get with a simple pledge. See it as a investment in the future of music. You’ll get much enjoyment anytime you may randomly tune in and not to mention that your modest donation can/will also be considered a tax right-off for your personal bail-out. Do it for Charlie Sheen’s Tiger blood if anything.

Here’s some past goodness you can expect:
Pillow Fight MP3 by Sloan live from Cherries Jubileeee!: Terre T’s Wfmu Marathon Premium 2009
Deltone Rock MP3 by Dick Dale from Michael Shelley presents Cut That Out!
I Should Have Known Better MP3 by The Skatelites Also from a Michael Shelly Cut that Out Vol1
Walk, Don’t Run MP3 by Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass from Cut That Out Vol 2!
I Shall Be Released (Bob Dylan cover) MP3 by Jeff Buckley Live over the phone jams with a band that is live in the studio. This is a classic example of what you get. If you’re not crying by the end you’re not human.

More sample pledge premiums on beware of the blog.

Upcoming: Wire and Mike Watt will be playing live in April on Brian Turners show.
Feel the magic.

Save the good ship WFMU.ORG Holiday Marathon

Save the good ship WFMU.ORG Holiday Marathon

This is not slacktivism, if wfmu had stock I’d own a healthy amount of shares. Just yesterday I was wearing my two-cow WFMU T-shirt and I was able to give my 91.1 foot description. “Its free form radio baby“… trust me the parents at the 3 year old’s birthday party thought I was a lunatic. Everybody shifted to the right. But for those of you inclined to flip to the left of the dial this Wednesday there is a quick end of year wfmu.org pledge drive starting at 9AM or now if you like. For every $1,000 you as a pledger can help add a helium balloon to lift the Director Ken’s lawn chair. Help blast him off into the sky. In lieu of maxing out another credit card and enable them to put some tinsel on the Marathon Chrismikah holiday tree by making a donation of any amount. So you can get your ears on into next year or field questions about your wears at kids parties.

Here’s five songs about love to help get you into the giving mood.
1) Turn On Your Love Light by Bill Black’s Combo from Michael Shelley’s Cut That Out! Vol. 2 WFMU marathon comp a great DJ Premium you can pledge towards. Trust me this is a great compilation.
2) Pink Love by Blonde Redhead from Misery Is A Butterfly.
3) Original Love by The Feelies from Crazy Rhythms.
4) I Love You [Demo] by The Velvet Underground from Loaded
5) ILoveGirlsWhoLoveRockandRoll by True Love from I Was Accident. This is best song ever written, recorded and produced on a 4-track!!.

Ted Leo funny Bottled In Cork video

I’m a big fan of Tom Scharpling; who not only hosts the best show on earth, he is also screen writer in “real life”. (Isn’t everybody?). He’s a comedic spinster and spends most of his radio show hanging up on people and letting the Howard-esque one’s hang on for the fun if you are not conversationalist you are toast. Something sycophantic about it all but somehow super under-indie ground Ted Leo (also frequent guest of the show) put a cast of characters together and debuted his song Bottled in Corks on Funny or Die;s video channel. Here is a totally tongue and cheek and self referential uber cheese rock video. the song is classic Ted Leo.