Best Covers of the Artist formerly known as Prince (1958-2016)

Best Covers of the Artist formerly known as Prince (1958-2016)

Rest in peace Prince we now know when doves cry and every once in awhile we get crazy for covers and nostalgia of some amazing sexy song writing, so we felt it appropriate for us to add to the Prince Covers bin and share some we’ve collected or have been contributed from RS blog music fans and our special muse(s). Great music like his is something special that connects people through auditory pleasure like the sound of a baby laughing or the tone of a voice that makes you happy except with a beat you can dance or get funky to. That feeling you get when people applaud something great you have all witnessed or shared my dearly beloved music fans. That happiness is what great music does when you experience it either in your car, at home, a concert or at the gym when you work-out. Wherever or when ever. Music like his has the universal power to join us through the sound we hear and interpret in our own way. Thus always great to hear a rendering of art by somebody else which reminds us how great it is; as it transcends life and the afterlife. Music is basically magical like his and many other greats.

If you are a good musician it’s pretty damn hard to fuck-up a Prince song unless you can’t sing; as his songs are perfect canvas for other artists to put their own spin on things, so here is a variety of indie artists doing their thing. Enjoy and live life without any regrets because you never know when your time will be done.

PRINCE covers Creep by RADIOHEAD.

CROOKED FINGERS covers When You Were Mine by Prince

CYNDI LAUPER covers When You Were Mine from her debut 1985 album She’s So Unusual.

JAMES EDGAR Little Red Corvette from official Studio Sessions

MONTAGNA & THE MOUNT Little Red Corvette from their CD L’avenir

AVISO’HARA cover Raspberry Beret by Prince featuring Claude Coleman Jr from Ween on vocals from the vinyl EP Mature & Satisfied [BUY 7″]

WEEN covers Let Me Lick Your Pussy from God Ween Satan The Oneness (1990)

DAMIEN RICE covers When Doves Cry from Like A Version Vol. 1

MUSE covers Sign O’ The Times live on BBC 1

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Claude Coleman Jr Drum SOLO by WEEN

Claude Coleman Jr Drum SOLO by WEEN

It warmed my heart in huge way to finally see the guys in ween making amends and bringing back some greatness. Takes a lot of personal development and trust to be able create the musical magic these guys have been able to do live and happy to see something that should just be and exist. One of my longest running buds from my New Brunswick day is my brother from another mother is Claude. He is always able to bring out a vibe and humility to his drum thang. His playing is natural and pure instinct; which is always amazing to watch and hear and especially when I had the chance (and feel extremely lucky) that I was actually able to play with him and tour a little when I asked him to play on Suran Song in Stag’s first record Shiny Objects way back in 1995.

Anyway, here’s a couple classic including a solo by Mr. Coleman and “Don’t Squeal On A Pusher” and one of my favorites from GOD WEEN SATAN – THE ONENESS – “Pollo Asado.”


On Facebook Mr. Coleman had this to say about comeback.
“Gonna step outside my comfort zone and post my drum solo from Never Squeal on the Pusher, by Ween, from night 3 from our latest Denver run. The boys know I kinda hate doing drum solos – they’re not for my personality type really, and I have such a complex about my brain injuries/paralysis stuff. But I always just go for it blitzkrieg style, try to make them musical, and give it up for the boys as best I can, ‘cos I know that’s why they make me do them – for them, standing there with shit-eating grins as I go for it. Then I sheepishly limp off stage wondering what the hell happened. But I’ve listened to this one a few times and it’s kinda cool – I’m kinda proud – fuggit. Been digging on old Roy Haynes videos and I can hear the inspiration. Plus the new drums sound rad. Hope my drummer friends dig on it. Turn it up loud dammit, kinda the only way to hear it well. Oh yea – when I stop a little bit into it is when I went to my hands and the snare mike came off, so went back to the stix – loud”



Feature photo courtesy of Bucks County Drum Company } Website.

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The magic of Amandla – Before Tomorrow

Great mellow song which reminds me a lot of Pink Floyd by Amandla which consists of the drummer from Ween Claude Coleman Jr. His music is as much a 70’s tribute as he remixes modern bluesy soul retwisting these themes into his own magic. If you mashed Prince and Lenny Kravitz you’d get his music. This song is off his 2nd album Full Catastrophe. New music coming soon and interesting video projects coming soon.

About Ween’s awesome brown sound

About Ween’s awesome brown sound

Ween Court Tavern circa 1993 God Ween Satan Era

Ween Court Tavern, New Brunswick circa 1993 God Ween Satan Era

Ween is the kind of band that you either love or you hate. They originated from the 4-track cassette culture I grew up on so once you get over that hump you are half way there. They created this reality that was inhabited by the entity known as The Boognish. In this head space they played with tape speeds, drums machines and the occasional puff of pot and called each other dude and Jimmy Wilson a lot. I’m not sure they realized when they were in their teens and late 20’s that suddenly this whole hippie culture of college kids would cling on to them. You know burkenstock culture who also like the Grateful Dead, Phish and James Taylor but it happened and kept them alive and working band for over 25 years. Who knows Aaron Freeman (Gener) and Mickey Melchiondo (Deaner) may come to terms once the glory of Aaron’s solo career won’t be able to put asses in seats. We do hope Marvelous Clouds is successful but to not notice the giant conceptual similarities would be deaf, dumb and blind my dear kiddies.

MoistBoyz City Gardens

MoistBoyz City Gardens 2nd show 1995 Photo by The Review Stalker

Mickey has had his solo projects and jam sessions with Chris Harford and the Band of Changes, The Jimmy Wilson Group, and recently local New Hope “old farts” Blueballs and of course the notorious Moistboyz. They even did a set with False Front doing Meddle by Pink Floyd end to end.(which was fucking awesome and I was there.) Anyway, the whole musical ‘click’ down in New Hope is fairly close but what’s really humble about Mickey is he runs a fishing charter service, plays in the local softball team and in general is a very un-rockstar in his off time. I guess the point is he found about his band how everybody else did saying “it was news to him” on their ween facebook page. Which is the sort of crap somebody has to deal with when there is substance abuse and recovery involved. He’s been there the whole time while creating moments of brilliance with his buddy and the occasional turd.

So we think this is a low in the bands history and time will tell what will end up happening. Their 30 year anniversary is just around the corner. All fans of the brown can only hope that slight reprieve will be a short blip for some more songs like Dr. Rock, Puerto Rican Power, Coke on my dick, Spirit of 76 and so on. Lets hope; as there is nothing like what they created but for now enjoy the set from their 1993 tour below. Which was ween at their fucking best. When they became a band it opened up things for them which we love just as much. Starting with Kramer (from The Pod) on bass, Claude Coleman Jr(Drums), Andrew Weiss(bass) and Dave Dreiwitz (bass), Glenn McClelland (keyboards) etc. Seeing these guys was like at one point like going to see Led Zeppelin or at least what we envisioned the long jams were like – truly epic. We also can’t forget their long standing sound guy Kirk Miller who always gave them awesome sound. He was the guy fucking with the delays for their in-between rants. Anyway for some other old photos check out ReviewStalker bookface space.

Songs by Ween:
Piss Up A Rope MP3 from 12 Golden Country Hits (1996)
What Deaner Was Talkin’ About MP3 from Chocolate & Cheese (Elektra)
Awesome Sound MP3 from The Pod (Shimmy Disc)
Pumpin’ 4 The Man MP3 from Pure Guava (Elektra)
El Camino from God Ween Satan The Oneness (Twin/Tone)
Doesn’t Anybody Know My Name MP3 by Aaron Freeman from Marvelous Clouds (2012)
Voodoo Lady MP3 Rumsey Playfield @ Central Park -09.17.2010

ween Court Tavern New Brunswick

Ween 1993 Court Tavern Photo by Yours Truly

Classic Ween duo set from Metro Chicago May 7th 1993:
El Camino MP3
Stallion Pt.3 MP3
Vallejo MP3
Puerto Rican Power MP3
Don’t Get 2 Close 2 my Fantasy MP3
Marble Tulip Juicy Tree MP3
You Fucked Up MP3
Shalom Ab Salom MP3
Pork Roll, Egg & Cheese MP3
Captain Fantasy MP3
Poopship Destroyer MP3
Common Bitch MP3
Fat Lenny MP3
Ode To Rene’ MP3
Boing MP3
Papa Zit MP3
Tick MP3
Freedom MP3
Sweet Texas Fire MP3
L.M.L.Y.P. MP3

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Alternative Music for Dad’s playlist

Alternative Music for Dad’s playlist

Father's Day playlist music mix If Keith Richards can be dad so can I. I had no clue I’d be a dad one day. Now with two lovely daughters who are sure to give me some challenges one day you gotta wonder how I’m going to make it through. I know I’ll persevere or just move-out. One of my tips for listening to the music you want on the on road-trip. So you can listen to what you want in the car when you want to listen to these tracks is make the wife drive and you wear the headphones so you don’t have to listen to the princess music. This is option or wait until they fall asleep. Anyway here’s a few songs for good old dads. I’m sure there are plenty more.

Long Gone Daddy MP3 by Nine Pound Hammer from Smoking Taters. It’s about getting in a fight and leaving. Classic rip roaring trucker punk.

Kicked My Dad MP3 by Buzzkill. This is a fast classic bar rock track by New Brunswick, NJ college punks formerly known as Butthead.

Beer For Breakfast MP3 by The Replacements from All for Nothing B-Sides. This is a A-side if I ever heard one and I think the best beer is the first beer and if my lifestyle allowed and I could be on “vacation” everyday and there could be a nice cool breeze hitting me in the face; a beer with breakfast is the way to go especially with weovos rancheros and a coffee to wake your ass-up.

Piss Up A Rope MP3 by Ween from 12 Golden Country Greats. Classic Dean Ween. “I’m sick of your mouth and your 2% percent milk” Man these are some of the most comedically satisfying lyrics that gets down to the business of falatio and not taking shit from the wife. NSFW but funny as hell. Good road trip song. Anybody have the bootleg of them live playing with version of the band in NYC?

’69 Dodge Charger MP3 by The X-Rays from Double Godzilla (with Cheese) via eMpTy Records (1996) . I’m not sure how complete if this playlist did not include a song about a car. My secret fantasy is to own a muscle car with race car style seat belts that gets shitty gas mileage and is fast as bull balls. So here’s a song that does this idea justice.

Beggin’ Dogs MP3 by Obits from Moody, Standard, and Poor. Again any song about a dog is good. This song ain’t a dog though.

Daddy MP3 by Tall Dwarfs from Fork Songs. Pretty amazing band to begin. It’s lo-fi. This particular track has hypnotic riff set to some tv track backdrop.

It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World MP3 by James Brown because it is a man’s world but it wouldn’t mean nothing without a woman or a girl. Amen. Classic misogyny at it’s best.

Trinidad Bump MP3 from Falling off the Reel via Truth & Soul label. If you like the disco era Clash with the bongos and funky driving bass lines this track will totally remind you of that. This instrumental should sneak it’s way into your playlist to add some soul to mix. Plain and simple.

It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World MP3 by James Brown. E’nuf said.

Some songs about drinking beer

Songs about fishing & water with Dean Ween

I grew up fishing with my step-grandfather on a lake in California for a few summers trolling for trout and playing in the mud as a kid. Every year the you’d have to walk down farther and farther to the boat because of the drought. Because of global warming i think that lake might be topped off by now. We stopped going to the lake after he passed away but will always treasure the boredom, eating balony and drinking cokes. It was not a very glamorous spot where the trailer was but it was a small fishing mecca and had this really windy and roller-coaster like road to get there so loved it when Grandpa Doc put the pedal to metal.

Mickey Melchiondo AKA Dickey Moist has a sports fishing company called Archangel Sportfishing company on his off time he can take you out on a boat to all the hot spots in either fresh water along the Delaware or in the open water near Belmar, NJ.

Here’s a few from The Mollusk by Ween:
The Mollusk
The Golden Eel
Ocean Man

Ocean City MP3 by Kurt Vile from Square ShellsHold My Tongue MP3 by The Sleepover Disaster from The Oceanographer EP
Heavy Water MP3 by British Sea Power from Valhalla Dancehall
Dirty Water (Stereo) MP3 by The Standells from The Hot Ones (1966)
Roses In Water MP3 by Sunny Day Real Estate from How It Feels To Be Something On

Clair Reilly-Roe covers U2 on Island In The City

Clair Reilly-Roe covers U2 on Island In The City

Clair Reilly-Roe's Island in the City

I love the joke in the Blue Brothers movie: So what kind of music do you guys have here normally? “Both Kinds. Country & Western.” Well the answer around here is about the same but I thought it would be a good idea to focus on some pop music for a change. So here’s a cover by Clair Reilly-Roe doing “New Years Day”. Some pop can really gets under your skin mainly because you hear it too much or it all sounds the same, etc. Easy to be a hater for sure but every once in awhile there is some music that is pretty pleasant and you find yourself humming along because it’s just a good song or they actually do have taste. I literally pictured some Rastafarians jamin’ behind her in my mind when I hear her cover this song in her style and I’m then suddenly transported to a fancy beach front bar in the Hamptons or Cape Cod maybe. You get the picture. This music will help you escape your miserable winter doldrums. Also helps if the singer has some flammable assets and the music is recorded really well so there you go. Clair’s voice will burn right through with a blink of eyelash so check it out.

Back story short and full disclosure. I met Clair on a video shoot for the Create or Else documentary series that I’ve been working on for awhile. She is one of the many independent artists being produced by Tony Black’s music production umbrella and is a featured artist in the mini-doc. She spiritedly says about her tunes:

…girls say that it’s good make out music!

As is appropriate around these parts stalk her on twitter @ClairReillyRoe She’s got a city soul but you can check her out for yourself at The Bitter End Thursday Jan 20th 7pm

a great pop song walks the fine line between charming and annoyingTony Black

Clair hamming it up with Review Stalker Editor on set Somehow I get around.

MP3 New Years Day(U2 Cover) by Clair Reilly-Roe [ Kick starter ]

‘ISLAND in the City’ Album Sampler by Clair Reilly-Roe

Nicole Atkins makes pop noir

Case in point here’s another very hotish indie pop singer Nicole Atkins from the Jersey Shore (not that dirty Jerzy Shore) doing a great Can cover.
MP3 Vitamin C (Cover) Nicole Atkins From a recent 7″ B side on Razor & Tie.
MP3 Vultures is the A side from the 7″ and also single on her new record Mondo Amore. Sort of a haunting track reminds me of a darker bluesy Tiny Lights with the same jam band pop country feel. [Buy]

MP3 Song of the Weak by Tiny Lights from their stellar record Prayer For the Halcyon Fear (1985). Features the bass playing of my old pal Dave Dreiwitz (Ween). Everything always comes full-circle.

Birthday Boy by Ween

Birthday Boy by Ween

COVERS: This is probably one of my favorite Ween songs, ok in the top 10 but it’s a perfect little Bob Marleyesque ditty. I’ve seen Chris Hartford cover it really well what seems like 15 years ago at the Court Tavern and I even think Dave Dreiwitz was playing bass at the time. Here are a couple others plus the original from God Ween Satan The Oneness. Oh the picture above is the commemorative hat and coolie for music dorks over 40 I might make.

Birthday Boy by Ween [Buy]

For more Ween tracks that you can shake a boognish at try the Brown Tracker.

This is a good one by Mary_Lou Lord with Elliot Smith on guitar.

Ween plays a small records store in Denver.