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The magic of Amandla – Before Tomorrow

Great mellow song which reminds me a lot of Pink Floyd by Amandla which consists of the drummer from Ween Claude Coleman Jr. His music is as much a 70′s tribute as he remixes modern bluesy soul retwisting these themes … Continue reading

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About Ween’s awesome brown sound

Ween is the kind of band that you either love or you hate. They originated from the 4-track cassette culture I grew up on so once you get over that hump you are half way there. They created this reality … Continue reading

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Alternative Music for Dad’s playlist

If Keith Richards can be dad so can I. I had no clue I’d be a dad one day. Now with two lovely daughters who are sure to give me some challenges one day you gotta wonder how I’m going … Continue reading

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Songs about fishing & water with Dean Ween

I grew up fishing with my step-grandfather on a lake in California for a few summers trolling for trout and playing in the mud as a kid. Every year the you’d have to walk down farther and farther to the … Continue reading

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Clair Reilly-Roe covers U2 on Island In The City

I love the joke in the Blue Brothers movie: So what kind of music do you guys have here normally? “Both Kinds. Country & Western.” Well the answer around here is about the same but I thought it would be … Continue reading

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Birthday Boy by Ween

COVERS: This is probably one of my favorite Ween songs, ok in the top 10 but it’s a perfect little Bob Marleyesque ditty. I’ve seen Chris Hartford cover it really well what seems like 15 years ago at the Court … Continue reading

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