Eastern Anchors + Zero For Conduct Split = Melodically Pounding Sonic “Ummph….”

Eastern Anchors + Zero For Conduct Split = Melodically Pounding Sonic “Ummph….”

So when was the last time you jumped out of your workstation chair and shouted “holy fucking shit” at the (un)shocking dismay of your co-workers after discovering the kick ass sound of that next big band? Yeah, I don’t remember either since it rarely to never happens, but I did just that when I stumbled upon Eastern Anchors.

Researching them after learning my comrades in Tri-State were sharing the stage with the Red Bank trio at Parkside Lounge, NYC somewhere back in 2013.  I stumbled across their 2012 full release,  Drunken Arts and Pure Science which boasts a consistent shit-load of hits (“James the Viking”, “Crown Vic”, “Far From OK” “Herzog, Help Me” and on and on and on…).  The heavy but melodic, sonic, ball-crushing of their sound is just that and beautifully so.

Then they released their 2014 single release “Above Your Station”.  I wish I could honestly say I jumped out of my work chair and shouted “holy fucking shit” at the (un)shocking dismay of my co-workers again but I recently upgraded to an office.  Again, the onslaught of a perfect blend of melodically sonic “ummph” continues like a speeding train of alternate tuning, chugging bass and earth-shaking drums, charging full steam ahead and not stopping for shit.  If this track is just an appetizer, I can’t wait the main dish.  Check out the cute video for the tune below….

Flip the 7 ” over and you will find the delightful sounds of Zero For Conduct and their catchy single “Average Marks Makes Shitty Sparks.”  I don’t know much about this New Brunswick two piece except that I like this first release, though I can’t help thinking post-hardcore DC bands of the late 80s/early 90s, especially early Jawbox between the pounding forward, off the rails music and the singers J. Robbins-ish vox.  Nevertheless, I dig it and looking forward to more from them.

Overall a solid release from the Nefarious Industries label…..let’s hear some more….!

Buy From: Viva La Hara Records | Nefarious Industries

Yes I Am Leaving – Slow Release Australian crud rock

Yes I Am Leaving – Slow Release Australian crud rock

Yes I am leaving - aussie bands

ALBUM REVIEW: 11 songs of noise rock on Slow Release by the Australian power crud rock trio Yes I Am Leaving have a few sharp and dull knifes up their sleeves. The opening track “One” below is a jesus lizardesque pounder and a great introduction to the swinging future punk swagger on the rest of the record. You really need to be a fan of AM/REP bands to appreciate the first three tracks or generally scorching your inner ear drums with cork screw. As the record gets deeper it’s get a little more melodic and husker du sing/song which makes them omni directional. The tracks “Alchemy” and “Timer” picks-up with just a little more of a show-gazer song-scape mentality nod (see what I did there) that I am talking about. So something for everybody here to make you look up the playlist a few times. This record is a follow-up to their 2013 record Mission Bulb. I couldn’t tell you the difference just yet but I can tell you they will be touring the states in Oct/Nov 2014; at least that is the plan anyway and if you were worth the prize tag of your hoodie you would just pick this shit up and check them out. This is minimalistically melodic when needed and has mucho bass thuds to rock the crud out of your head with a swift kick of their boot. You can listen to this record backwards and forwards and it will still be just as good. Facehook| Homeless Vinyl | Soundcloud

RIYL: Janitor Joe, METZ, Today is the Day, Laughing Hyenas

Yes I am Leaving band


Get some: July Crop of rock-n-roll singles (2012) w/ METZ, Fang Island, The Afghan Whigs
Day of the dead Kristen Pfaff RIP Janitor Joe download mp3 here.

Early Retirement MP3 by Janitor Joe from Big Metal Birds (1993)
My First Knife MP3 by Today is the Day from Willpower(1995)
Slump MP3 by Laughing Hyenas from Hard Times (1995)

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The Trouble and the Best Parts about Record Store Day

The Trouble and the Best Parts about Record Store Day

The Trouble with Record Store Day - Article

Super your local band or record store Saturday on RSD April 19, 2014

SATURDAY – APIRL 19th,2014 is the next Record Store Day; which is now a worldwide phenomenon. RSD is even bigger than Christmas! We interviewed some High-Fidelity geeks who I know hate music as much as they love it, have record labels or work in record stores. These super fans ooze tidbits of info like idiot savants. Shopping for music is such a subjective thing if you are hooked and these are deep into it. There are all types of music fans: the browsers, the professors, and the downloaders (also the ladies like to shop). There is also as much subjectivity in the process when dealing with the discography obsessed that it becomes this strange world. The college downloaders pretty much made it very difficult for small shops to stay open. Most kids today, we fear have never stepped into a record store; which is weird to think about. RSD was brainstormed in 2007 by a few retailers and now is a money-making event that has put them back in black. The movement has helped spike the industry by creating sales opportunities for the big labels, Artists and independents. Although much harder for the small labels to participate in because their new releases are always limited.

One of the main issues is price. We all love a deal and browsers like Dave Galgano owner of Rocket Science Records a small local N.J. label is an all year record buyer, he points out “In general I ignore record store day. It’s basically overpriced reissue of dollar bin records.” In many ways he’s 100% correct. Repackaging and remarketing is as old as the industry itself.

Here’s a stream for a Wreaths S/T Vinyl LP which Rocket Science Records is going to put out.

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Record Store Day slackers or money makers?

The labels put a premium on these supposedly limited releases but the truth is distributors hold the power and over charge because they know there is demand from collectors. The distributors also decide where the inventory goes which is the key here. Supply and demand is such a tricky thing especially when we’re dealing with this one big day.

Neil Sabatino from another NJ Indie label Mint 400 Records mentioned he has particular tastes between the 1960’s and 1994, he says “I mostly buy older stuff and I don’t need a special day set aside to remind me that I love buying records. I pretty much celebrate record store day anytime I have extra cash.”

So what about new music fans who are just getting into buying music? The breed is rare and the industry really needs to grow these fans who are willing to pay for physical artifacts. Mark Knorth from Vintage Vinyl, in Fords, NJ mentioned the “ebayers”. “There’s always some new faces, then there are the usual jerks. They ruin it for the fans…the “eBayers”…they buy it -no matter what it is. The true fans miss out.” So there is a soft gray market where inventory goes back into wild to rip off some poor Dave Mathews fan. This is where the labels don’t get a cut of but the store and distributor make-out so the chances become slimmer of the stores being stuck with an overpriced item even though something may eventually end up in the discount bin because its not any good. So having a collectors market is actually a desired after-effect.

Tim Cronin Ribeye Brother & Jack's Music Shoppe Red Bank NJ

Photo of Tim courtesy of www.redbankgreen.com/

Tim Cronin(Ribeye Brothers/Monster Magnet), from Jack’s Music Shoppe, In Red Bank, NJ mentions that stores have put in policies when discussing the “flippers”. “Not many people are going to admit they are gonna buy something to flip it. That’s why we limit the amount to one apiece until the line is done. That way everyone gets a fighting chance.” Tim mentioned he’s noticed over the past 5 years records; “some younger kids are coming in which is good for business but records themselves have “taken off”(he means vinyl records). Like good drug dealers the stores are selling affordable turntables like Numark or Crosley turntables but Cronin says “RSD is a day where no one is completely happy because nobody ever gets everything they want.”

DOWNLOAD: Good As New MP3 by The Ribeye Brothers from Call of the Scraphead (2012)

Goodluck on Saturday!

Album Review: New Doug Gillard!’Parade On’ is Guitardedly Good.
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Flexible Vinyl – The Best Pre & Post Punk Rock and New Wave

Flexible Vinyl – The Best Pre & Post Punk Rock and New Wave

Vinyl radio Show The Slugger- WRSU

We dig our old pal Sluggo; a former bartender and booking guy at the Court Tavern in New Brunswick NJ. Although he goes by The Slugger on his weekly Radio show on WRSU radio show (Thurs 6-7pm 88.7fm). His friends call him Doug. In this cast he plays a solid set of some pretty awesome Pre and Post punk rock and New Wave. Every week is something different though and he does NOT take requests. Basically if you’ve ever put a quarter in jukebox at the Court is what listening to this show is like. Almost. Except for the drunks breathing on you at the bar and the old movies playing on VHS on the old TV. A education none the less with tunes by Butthole Surfers, Devo, Captain Beefheart, Jonathan Richmond, The Cars, Mission of Burma, Roxy Music, The Sparks, Peru Ubu, The Damned, XTC and a ton shit I’ve never heard ever before except by name and some more popular tunes. Follow him on Facebook and also check out his band Mr. Payday. Also a education in what punk rock should be like.

Flexible Vinyl radio show 1.16.14 by The Slugger on Mixcloud

MR.PAYDAY direct from a New Brunswick basement is the new Jack Kevorkian sound track

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Top 5 iTunes albums for 2013 …the confusion ensues

Top 5 iTunes albums for 2013 …the confusion ensues

It’s funny if you strictly go by what I’ve listened to the most this year The top 20 are mostly old bands that have been around for more than 10 plus years. My go to bands. Then again you have to consider on top of me living in a bubble there is a lot of crap out there that never get enough spins to show-up. We’ll try to give you play by play and list the top five here as scrobbled via desktop and now mobile. No Car plays or vinyl were accounted for Same old story but here are the release highlights of the best music of 2013.

New Replacements Album songs for slim

01. I listened to The Replacements 178 times in the past 12 months. Obsessive maybe. Mostly probably due to the fact they played a couple shows over the summer. We’re always hopeful for a chance to see Paul and Tommy play together in New York but that is not happening yet. So we went back and listened to a bootleg Live at Maxwells that Captain’s Dead Posted. So for all intent and purposes this was our most popular band this year. In that mix was SLIM Benefit. Not sure it got as many plays but Westerberg can do no wrong. [BUY LP VERSION]

Buy new My Bloody Valentine albums
02. Next up with 168 plays is My Bloody Valentine. And you know what? We didn’t even get a chance to listen to their new one that much except for a few passes on the youtubes at first so these plays don’t even count that! it’s dreamy and Kevin Shields still makes music his band can barely perform live. Nice follow-up a couple eons later to loveless. You can’t go wrong with this album because he’s a master in the studio. Pricey though but kind of thing a audiophiles should invest in the vinyl version for bragging rights. [BUY MVP LP CD]

Buy The Night Marchers Swami Records
03. On the other end of the rock guitar is old reliable JOhn Reis. He’s always going to use volume and atidude from the first note. If you love Hot Snakes and or Rocket From the Crypt. Then new Night Marchers album fits right in the middle of those two bands. Smack dab in fact. We’re leaning towards this over Obits because of his knack for a better hook in this round. This shit just rocks start with “Roll On”. [BUY NIGHT MARCHERS LP]

Buy The Sadies new album Internal Sounds
04. The brothers Dallas and Travis Good from The Sadies combine some of the best things from Country, Surf and Alternative jams. This is a super solid album. Earlier in the year we had a chance to catch them at Mercury Lounge when this record came out. They were amazing live band. Everything awesome you would expect from above genre influences. They are now influencers of taken something old and refashioning it into songs all their own.

Criminal Hygiene top 5 iTunes  bands
Ok first off. This has gotten many more plays than Last.fm account would let you believe. Because we 1st streamed their shit on bandcamp.com. We dig this band’s style. We gushed when first listened back in January. So get with the program if you call yourself a indie rocker at all or forever please just kill the term. This is one of the genres only hopes. Because that keyboard and computer bullshit you listen to all the time sucks a big harry homeless person’s ass(no offense to homeless people). Anyway, if you ever heard the tune “go” by the replacements then you might dig the single of theirs called “rearrange me”. There is a feeling on every track for even the most jaded of mother fuckers. Sometimes a little out of tune but it’s ok this is only rock-n-roll.

We Are Scientists are Business as usual

We Are Scientists are Business as usual

We Are Scientists Business Casual
Lots of 80’s all up in this 5 song EP by We Are Scientists new release Business Casual. First track “Dumb Luck” has a hair metal vibe. Cool use of guitar trills (action of pulling off and on your electric guitar strings) but then it kicks into the chorus and you want to jump. The next couple tracks “Return the Favour” and “Good Answer” are business as usual for these New Yorkers then they hit you with “Take My Breath Away” (Yes Top Gun). Now if you are trying to mix-up nostalgia mix this would be good track to throw in there. Our favorite cut is actually the demo of “Courage” on here. Great songs are just great in their most basic state. Either way. They are still a good pop guitar band even if the hair thing is not your thing.

Buy to Own:
iTunes | Spotify | 10″ Vinyl

DJ Red Alert Goes Bazerk – Goodbye Kiss.FM

DJ Red Alert Goes Bazerk – Goodbye Kiss.FM

DJ Red Alert Goes Bazerk

I was a white suburban punk who discovered black radio. On our way to the City driving down 1 & 9 on the Pulaski skyway we would always manage to find this music fitting and tune into Kiss FM or BLS. Wherever DJ Red Alert was scratching records live on the spot we would stop on the dial. Probably where we first heard the Beastie Boys. This music got us in the mood for whatever else was to follow that evening. I didn’t even think of recording his set because every Friday night we would find him spinning the latest rap records that we would never hear anywhere else. So it’s very sad for me to hear that Kiss.FM are turning into a sports channel and will be merging with WBLS. After 30 years of serving a community Anyway, when ever I run into a recording from back in the day I grab it so here’s a few of what I have from Boogie Down Production and DJ Red Alert. This is the stuff that when The Clash rolled into the area you know they were listening too because it was just so edgy. It’s sad day for radio but thank god we have of these nuggets to give you an idea what the live experience was like.

DJ Red Alert Set 1988 Live Kiss FM RT18:35
Kiss FM NYC (1994) DJ Red Alert w/ DJ Enuf. RT:37.34
I WANNA ROCK CONNECTION MIX #1 DJ Red Alert. The run time on this one is 10:08. It’s got some classic shit on it in a very short time. This one has got Snoop Dog.

Expressway to Yr Skull lock & groove Sonic Youth

Expressway to Yr Skull lock & groove Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth Evol

Evol by Sonic Youth

Evol was one of the first sonic youth records i ever bought i think. Might have been sister or confusion is sex. not really sure because I picked them all up as soon as figured out i really liked them. I don’t think i had listend to my vinyl copy in 10 years and totally forgot about the lock-n-groove at the end of side one. Most of you kids are like what the hell is he talking about? Basically it’s literally record groove that keep flipping the last rotation over and over again. Analog at it’s finest because a cd nor iTunes can even do this. So here’s a burn of “Expressway To Yr Skull” with about 3 minutes of lock-n-groove and static at the end making this version 10:00 minutes long. Enjoy the extra noise as we posted Pussy Galore tune here too.

Expressway to Yr Skull MP3 (00) by Sonic Youth

The cover art a repurposed still from Richard Kern‘s Super8 movie Submit To Me

Some related NY noise bands:
SM 57 MP3 by Pussy Galore
Trigger, Man MP3 by Boss Hog

Love Buzz Groovey Tunes 7″ Friday

Love Buzz Groovey Tunes 7″ Friday

Happy Christmas and winter solstice. Heres a four song Nirvana bootleg 7″ put out on Teen Spirit Records(001) from a performance on the Mark Goodier Radio 1 Sessions from Nov 1991. The actual vinyl says they are “Groovey Tunes” by a band called Love Buzz, which is an awesome song on their Sub Pop release Bleach(1989) but most hardcore fans know this but you may not have these live versions which is proof positive they were an awesome live band. Fair to say this is out of print. Enjoy.

MP3 Download:
Something in the way
Been a son
Bonus: Love Buzz Live in Amsterdam from the same tour 11.25.91. This whole bootleg show is actually the Nirvana record I love to listen to the most because it fuckin’ rocks all the way through and captures the Nevermind (Sept 91) grunge spirit right before punk broke and shit hit the fans and the whole world caught on to the band.