Wilco covering “Color Me Impressed” w/ Tommy Stinson

It does not get much more rock-n-roll than this. Here’s Jeff Tweedy just being a lead singer guy while Tommy Stinson from the temporarily reformed Replacements playing “Color Me Impressed” on guitar. This is at some festival in Mass we think. Looks fun. This is the rocking wilco we like.

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Lou Doillon “Devil Or Angel” Live at Ferber Paris

Hey this tune “Devil Or Angel” Live at Ferber Paris by Lou Doillon is pretty nice. Similar to the “yellow” song by Coldplay. She looks a litte like Patti Smith but has a certain tone we’re ok with over here. Nice. I mean seriously does not take much to be better than Rihanna or some other female pop that passes as music these days.

Video: Woods Party and their Thug Dreamz

VIDEO SINGLE: Got a fresh jam Thug Dreamz created exclusively for Review Stalker by the brooklyn based band Woods Party. Footage totally remixed and borrowed from Silk. Enjoy the crowd as they dance to this slow burner with equal party keyboard bass drones and melodic emotion. This band Features former Bubble/Gum drummer Trevor Hahn and Jason Montagna from Montagna & The Mouth To Mouth.

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Gotta love Dirty Laundry TV!

Gotta love Dirty Laundry TV!

Karrie K from Dirty Laundry TV
Yea man there are so many cool online start-up music programs that remind us of the days of cable access we think there is room for even more like this. Dirty Laundry is no Uncle Floyd Show but the premise is pure and the execution is simple. Bands at some point are on tour need to stop and clean their undies. Host Karrie K (ex-Delta Mirror) and sometimes Special Guest Host Katy Goodman (Vivian Girls, La Sera) interview bands cleaning their jeans or at least interview them in local laundromats sometimes. They talk and sometimes they might be under the influences that our bros in Deer Tick. Simple, real and devoid of pretension. Enjoy!

Here’s a few of our favorite recent episodes.




COLOR ME Impressed Documentary

COLOR ME Impressed Documentary

Color Me Impressed Replacements Documentary

I’m wondering when this Replacements Documentary will be On Demand so I can just watch it already. Gorman Bechard interviews Jack Rabid and Jesse Malin . My only claim to fame is I saw the Mats last show at Ritz. Anyway, the bar for a lot of documentaires is getting lower. This one is pretty raw looking judging from couple trailers but seems like they did their homework. I don’t think Paul Westerberg is interviewed. Is he? That would make it really good. There sure have been a shit load of screenings. What people really want is access. What’s the point then right?

From Shit, Shower and Shave by The Replacements
Left of the Dial MP3
Can’t Hardly Wait
Unsatisfied MP3

Total Slacker documentary on VHS!

So dudes, there’s a Brooklyn band called Total Slacker and this dude Norris C. Guncheon made a short documentary on them called Total Slackers. And it’s totally on VHS. Pretty damn cool. If you like pavement and male bonding mixed with The Fall. You might like this noise. Below is a Grimes cover they did for Brooklyn Vegan. They ain’t no rappers but the jams are good.

Oblivion (Grimes cover) MP3 by Total Slacker

Gramme Friday MP3 By The Fall from Totally Wired

Dusted to Total Dust and distorted

Dusted to Total Dust and distorted

Dusted playing live at Ogilvy New York

From the almost Roof top Music Series at Ogilvy New York

MUSIC REVIEW: I really enjoyed the Toronto duo known as Dusted playing a tune called “Property Lines” from their new record called Total Dust. The whole album is subdued but very tastefully distorted. If you like clean-cut guitars and keyboards steer away but if you enjoy dirt on the guitar strings and old school keyboards then by all means dive-in to them. At time it’s sparse but wide open like a lush wash of sounds. The video below a stand-out track and is great because of the deep, dirty low keyboard the that the drummer plays! The live guitar tones coming out of their Traynor amps was cool too. Features Brian Borcherdt on vocals and guitar from Holy Fuck, LIDS & drummer keyboard dude Leon Taheny from Final Fantasy, Rituals, Bruce Peninsula. A lot of mofo bands.

When bands have a day off they get invited to play on the 11th floor. Simple concept and win for me since I rarely get a chance to see bands anymore. They just come to me and play their best 4-6 songs and back to work. A pretty awesome perk.

Get Dusted from Polyvinyl Record Company.

(Into the) Atmosphere MP3 by Dusted
Korg Rhythm Afro MP3 by Holy Fuck. Much progier than Dusted. They are not Fela Kuti on this track but maybe a little scary like Magma on this instrumental.

Dear Protestors- Can we protest you on Mayday?

Dear Protestors- Can we protest you on Mayday?

Andry Pacifists protesting on Mayday

Dear Protestors protesting something:
Get a fucking job already. I don’t care if you flip burgers or take tickets at a theater Do something so you’re not sucking off your parents tit already. Learn a little respect and then once you realize how complicated things really are maybe you will contribute a little something to society. I don’t care if it’s in back-alley or on the corner even that is a service but as the Butthole Surfers say

…it’s better to regret something you’ve done than something you haven’t…

Whatever it is; unless your a farmer you can’t live off the land because even begging takes effort and you are reliant on some other working fools to work. So unless you have mental issue or nobody ever gave you break. Get a Mcjob you can’t intern your whole damn life.

Working stiffs unite and protest the protestors.

Here’s a bunch of songs associated to work:
I Can’t Wait to Get Off to Work MP3 by Tom Waits live in Berlin 1977
Paperwork MP3 by Hot Snakes from Suicide Invoice
Working Girls (Sunlight Shines) MP3 by The Pernice Brothers from The World Won’t End.
Work All Day (Sleep All Night) MP3 by The Creation from We Are Painterman

The Bats Pajamas is for Meyer & Kern fans

The Bats Pajamas is for Meyer & Kern fans

Bats Pajamas Totally Music review
MUSIC REVIEW: The Bats Pajamas from Toronto Canada are a dirt rock party mixing some booze and punk all in one no frills sleepover on their EP Totally. If you like the noisy parts of the Unsane the first track “Breaking Sabbath will resonate with you. The rest is more AM/REP in the vain of the Cows and general sick fun dripped in enough reverb that you will gladly download this Free EP! They do a great job in their single video for the track “Sarai”. This is not your regular Bollywood black and white flick. I would say more Richard Kern fantasy meets Russ Meyer go go fest with some slap stick gore-light thrown in for good measure. This is NSFW because of one nip slip but just click play and you’ll see what we mean. A whee bit cow punk on another track called “Red Scared” which we dig very much with just enough variety to not bore us to death. Thanks and enjoy!

Red Scared MP3 by The Bats Pajamas from the Totally EP [GET MORE]

Some other sounds similar to these sounds man:
How Far We’ve Come Now MP3 by La Sera from See the Light (2012). How do buzz-band morph so quickly into other bands these days? This track is via Katy Goodman from Vivians’s Girls with a side project. Not sure why you would do another take of the same thing when what you were doing sounds the same but anyway. Lets not judge and enjoy the output. This is more like the chic band The Like. Sure to appear in your next surfer girl movie.
Bath MP3 by Unsane (1991)
Black Car MP3 by Black Tambourine s/t (1999?)

Thurston Moore Live Maxwells 2012

Thurston Moore Live Maxwells 2012

Thurston Moore Live Maxwells 2012
I’ve got to say I blame Thurston Moore and his Sonic Youth for making me think about instruments as a paint brush versus notes. Can’t say I ever dared to invent or play weird guitar tunings, except for the occasional drop “D” but I often enjoy working with a simple palette. Even a single not solo works for me. Anyway here’s a few tunes by the 99th best guitarists ever as noted by Rolling Stone and a zillion other guitar heads. I put him up and Lee Renaldo in the top 10 innovators of the instrument.

Bad Moon Rising Sonic Youth

Circulation MP3 by Thurston Moore from Demolished Thoughts (Matador/2011)
Pretty Bad MP3 by Thurston Moore from Psychic Heart (1995)
Lonesome MP3 by Thurston More from Sensitive/ Lethal (2008) This one is really irritating noise so beware.
Frozen Gtr MP3 from Trees Outside the Academy (2007)
Shadow Of A Doubt MP3 by Sonic Youth from E.V.O.L. (1986)
Madonna, Sean And Me MP3 from E.V.O.L.
I Love Her All The Time MP3 by Sonic Youth from Bad Moon Rising (1985)