Video: Drive Like Jehu Live  Balboa Park, San Diego 2014

Video: Drive Like Jehu Live Balboa Park, San Diego 2014


LIVE VIDEO: DRIVE LIKE JEHU is one those groups we all hear from so many good indie rock bands that they influenced their sound in some way. Your truly unthankfully included. Jehu existed at the same time as Rocket from the Crypt in the 1990s and we dug them both. And it’s funny we (i mean me) talk about the 90’s like we do the 1960’s like we do Hendrix, Zep and The Who. Not that there is any comparison with the notoriety or the level of world wide influence as lets say Nirvana got who existed at the same time as Jehu. In fact they over-shadowed 100 of bands and Interscope was never really able to cash-in on them when there was the free-for-all. But basically bands from the 90’s are the results of having heard those bands and going the complete other directon by disregarding harmony and infusing a punk ethos and getting the opportunity to record a major label album like Yank Crime at not have a radio hit in the conventional sense. At least in my humble opinion this is one of the bands that defines the energy of Southern California and I am thankful for their existence and can’t imagine part of musical landscape without them. Think about it for a little while and then leave a comment if you want.

Anyway, there were always two sides of the fence and resentment from fans that these guys didn’t get as much fame as lets say Husker Du or The Replacements who came before as the attention Rocket from the Crypt got but in their brief Hey Day they were prolific and continue in the formats of Obits, The Night Marchers and of course Hot Snakes where they continue on building their indie rock empire and chapters in history. I like them all and in partcular enjoy the guitar interplay between Jon and Rick and they happy they get to rock for a living. It’s a rare thing to see and hear. These two are the few who mastered the art of re-invention in exploratory and irritating noise guitar. We say it’s a nusance because they do it so well. Needless to say the grinding in this video has tons of energy and maybe would be a fun show to see at some dive bar since the stage they are playing on is huge but either wayt when Rick Froberg thanks the audience “for watching their retarded music.” That is basically a nice summary of their formula and something for new bands to take notice of. This could be your 1960’s.

The annoying hum you can feel underneath the music is driven by the organ piping in some crazy bass undertones from the GIGANTIC PIPES behind the band. Not sure if you can notice it because the regular bass and drums are not feeding back but for the most part this sounds great and its a compilation of all the people who shot the band from various angles. Some in focus and some not. Eventually the hum calms down and the sound engineer gets it under control. So almost like you are there. Youtuber Fabio Cunha took the time to edit and sync the audio so kudos to that guy. The last song in their set just kills what guitared indie rock is all about.

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Here Come The Rome Plows by Drive Like Jehu from Yank Crime (1994 Interscope)
Rock N’ Roll Will Never Die(live) by Hot Snakes from Thunder Down Under (2006)


Video of the Day: FOH by Superchunk

Video of the Day: FOH by Superchunk

Superchunk Lego Video FOH stop motion
VIDEO OF THE DAY: Youtuber Tasha R claims she made this Superchunk video of their song “FOH” for her son because “he loves legos!” The band’s drummer Jon Wurster says on the facebook they don’t know her. Now we don’t know if her next one will be Kraftwerk backed by Erector sets but time will tell where this goes. It’s really fun stop gap motion 9-fiver storyline and you know how “projects” go when you are doing them for your kid(s). Your more into than they are but this turned out great. Never under estimate the power of the brick.

” God, I remember when the Brick Haus would only book Zeppelin cover bands and Star Wars characters.”

How Vinyl Records Are made (1956) RCA Victor Film

How Vinyl Records Are made (1956) RCA Victor Film


This is a really old technicolor film made by RCA Victor Corporation in 1956 which demonstrates how music goes from performance to how actual vinyl records are made. Going into a step by step examples of the production process which is totally riveting. Starting with a live instrumental recording being taped, how a lacqour master is made (The Grandfather), the duplication of the master, how a mold is created, and getting the duplication of the mold ready for mass production of your latest audio masterpiece.

The biggest take-away is that Loud passages need more space between grooves. Lower passages need less space between the recorded grooves so there are definite rules on much music should go on each side of a album. The cutting stylus is a small piece of sapphire which is heated. This is pain staking operation and in time you will have a laquor master for which you can mass produce records.

How to make a record lacquer to stamper

Nothing but the highest fidelity standards here kids in this film…

Video of the Day: “BEAR” by Slim Wray

Video of the Day: “BEAR” by Slim Wray

Slim Wray Album review
VIDEO OF THE DAY: We like the foo fighter style nerd character thing in the storyline in this rock video co-direct by Slim Wray and Tamara Lee. Pretty funny situation comedy thing not to be undermined by the thick sounding rock duo that they actually are. All bands should have a sense of humor and not take themselves so seriously.

If we had to compare the voices on their debut Sack Lunch we could easily say Jim Morrison and not just because they included a Doorish sounding cover of Van Morrison’s tune “Gloria”. Definitely a southern accent kind of thing reliving the rockus days when tube amp rocknroll was the wild wild west. Which is basically what they are going for. We want to believe they are having a good time doing it. Which is not the usual sloppy mess duo’s get away with. The Jack White formula is fairly easy to follow for a bit.

RIYL: Jim Jones Review, Chuck Berry, JSBX

Wilco covering “Color Me Impressed” w/ Tommy Stinson

It does not get much more rock-n-roll than this. Here’s Jeff Tweedy just being a lead singer guy while Tommy Stinson from the temporarily reformed Replacements playing “Color Me Impressed” on guitar. This is at some festival in Mass we think. Looks fun. This is the rocking wilco we like.

For more up to date shit like this facehookers stalk us over there.


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Lou Doillon “Devil Or Angel” Live at Ferber Paris

Hey this tune “Devil Or Angel” Live at Ferber Paris by Lou Doillon is pretty nice. Similar to the “yellow” song by Coldplay. She looks a litte like Patti Smith but has a certain tone we’re ok with over here. Nice. I mean seriously does not take much to be better than Rihanna or some other female pop that passes as music these days.

Video: Woods Party and their Thug Dreamz

VIDEO SINGLE: Got a fresh jam Thug Dreamz created exclusively for Review Stalker by the brooklyn based band Woods Party. Footage totally remixed and borrowed from Silk. Enjoy the crowd as they dance to this slow burner with equal party keyboard bass drones and melodic emotion. This band Features former Bubble/Gum drummer Trevor Hahn and Jason Montagna from Montagna & The Mouth To Mouth.

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Gotta love Dirty Laundry TV!

Gotta love Dirty Laundry TV!

Karrie K from Dirty Laundry TV
Yea man there are so many cool online start-up music programs that remind us of the days of cable access we think there is room for even more like this. Dirty Laundry is no Uncle Floyd Show but the premise is pure and the execution is simple. Bands at some point are on tour need to stop and clean their undies. Host Karrie K (ex-Delta Mirror) and sometimes Special Guest Host Katy Goodman (Vivian Girls, La Sera) interview bands cleaning their jeans or at least interview them in local laundromats sometimes. They talk and sometimes they might be under the influences that our bros in Deer Tick. Simple, real and devoid of pretension. Enjoy!

Here’s a few of our favorite recent episodes.




COLOR ME Impressed Documentary

COLOR ME Impressed Documentary

Color Me Impressed Replacements Documentary

I’m wondering when this Replacements Documentary will be On Demand so I can just watch it already. Gorman Bechard interviews Jack Rabid and Jesse Malin . My only claim to fame is I saw the Mats last show at Ritz. Anyway, the bar for a lot of documentaires is getting lower. This one is pretty raw looking judging from couple trailers but seems like they did their homework. I don’t think Paul Westerberg is interviewed. Is he? That would make it really good. There sure have been a shit load of screenings. What people really want is access. What’s the point then right?

From Shit, Shower and Shave by The Replacements
Left of the Dial MP3
Can’t Hardly Wait
Unsatisfied MP3

Total Slacker documentary on VHS!

So dudes, there’s a Brooklyn band called Total Slacker and this dude Norris C. Guncheon made a short documentary on them called Total Slackers. And it’s totally on VHS. Pretty damn cool. If you like pavement and male bonding mixed with The Fall. You might like this noise. Below is a Grimes cover they did for Brooklyn Vegan. They ain’t no rappers but the jams are good.

Oblivion (Grimes cover) MP3 by Total Slacker

Gramme Friday MP3 By The Fall from Totally Wired