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10 Songs About Pot, Marijuana & Ganja You Never heard

420: Here’s a bunch of songs about pot. So much great music has been inspired by the Weed and on the weed it’s hard to imagine that the shit is slowly being legalized finally and the government has finally figured … Continue reading

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The Truth About the HOLE in Courtney Love’s Head

Courtney Love (49) is a certifiable sycophant with a penchant for the truly absurd and lives to feed her ego with an un-fillable void of narcissism. Obviously, like most celebrities she has her public and “private” time. We can’t tell … Continue reading

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Genius: Beaches…sand seeped into the sun-soaked, bologna and mustard sandwich…

Genius is a band from South Korea but going for an American sound heard many, many times before, yet not easily definable.   If pressed for comparisons with Western counterparts, I would say somewhere between the Night Marchers(San Diego),  maybe even Spoon-like (Austin), even … Continue reading

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Music News – To good to be a lie w/o 2.10.14

The Wrens – album working title is Prepare To Be Disappointed. Sarcasm yes. Is Charles Bissell busy. Yes. But it’s coming… revisit The Meadowlands and remind yourself why you love them deep in your heart because they live to keep … Continue reading

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Interview: Mary Kelly – Modus Operandi of gore-core

– We rarely do interviews around here or are inspired to crank out some questions to bands unless we think we might fish something interesting back. In this case the singer/screamer “Si” from Mary Kelly gave some thoughtful answers and … Continue reading

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Free Electronic and Indie MP3′s of the Day

This is a seriously mixed bag of tunes with semi jeff magnum homages, loud and jangly indie bands and some electronic based musiks but you’ll get the drift as we hip you to some cool stuff for your downloading and … Continue reading

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Free Single Download by Foolish Atoms

FREE SINGLES: We normally run at the notion of what we call bed room rock but this first single “How To Remain Solid Under A Sky Of Gas” by Foolish Atoms is pretty good. Album out Nov 25th: A Crack … Continue reading

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CXCW 2013 online music festival is happening now!

CXCW 2013: Bands, solo singer songwriters and performance artists. It’s not too late to think of an idea and perform a tune to participate in the online music festival for us poor grubs who are NOT going to SXSW this … Continue reading

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Nirvana and Sir Paul McCartney playing at the Sandy Benefit

New song by Nirvana? WTF? The dude from Germs Pat Smear playing with a Beatle. Not sure even the stones could be as cool to do something as awesomely 90′s sounding as this. Even in the 1990′s. Here’s a couple … Continue reading

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Everything Everything Grant Hart Documentary

DOCUMENTARY: I remember a much healthier looking Grant Hart and it seems this film by Gorman Blanchard “Everything Everything” going to show the darkside judging from very ominous looking Kickstarter trailer. It was the year 2000 or so when I … Continue reading

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