Industrial sounds like The Land of Rape & Honey

Industrial sounds like The Land of Rape & Honey

Land of Rape and Honey by MinistryLets look at the facts. Ministry’s – The Land of Rape & Honey came out 23 years ago today. The governmant has given away trillions of dollars to the banks. So much so they might as well had given each of US born Americans 50 thousand each. We’ll never see it and somehow we’ll be paying for that as the dept grows day by day. Billion and billions. That’s sort of like rape or the gift that keeps giving — ain’t it? The best part about industrial music is that it’s relentless. There is a punishment. A Pounding drive your soul to this dark side. Disturbing sounds relentlessly are measures of music mess with your guts. Make you question your sanity. Your ears bleed when it’s good. Your body is taken over by satan or some dark figure wearing leather. You’re haunted and entranced at the same time by the bass which threads your mind all together with visions you know are wrong. Copulation with sewn-up wounds somehow sound appealing and the norm in this world is taking everything to the edge.

Stigmata MP3 by Ministry

If you like this noise you like this other noise:
Hit by a Machine | Dogsbodycorpsegas MP3’s by Transilvia from Imaginary Midgets – Lots of distorted bass and magnetic inspired guitar tones. These guys were New Brunswick faves until they moved to the City of Angels.
The Power Of Independent Trucking MP3 by Big Black from Songs About Fucking (1987)
Dream Long Dead MP3 by Godflesh from Streetcleaner (1989)
Mercy MP3 by KMFDM from Symbols (1997)

Ten songs about the future and aliens

Homemade Spacecraft from Luke Geissbuhler on Vimeo.

Today is 10.10.2010: Here is what earth looks like from an alien’s point of view. ok this father and son duo with small team of enthusiasts figured out how to send a balloon into space with their iPhone to get this amazing footage and documented the whole thing for their own Brooklyn Space Program.

Here is some music for aliens and humans:
Subterranean Homesick Alien(radiohead cover) by Easy Star All Stars from the album Radiodread
Watch Me Jumpstart by Guided By Voices from Alien Lanes
Like an Alien by Transilvia
Body Snatcher by The Dynamites from the album Kaboom!
First In Space by the band Tim from Kentucky off the record German Engineering.
Crushed by the Brian Jonestown Massacre from the record Space Girl And Other Favorites
Neither Heaven Nor Space by Nada Surf from Let Go(2002)
Space Gun by Poster Children from Daisy Chain Reaction (1991)
Wish you were here (featuring sparklehorse) by Radiohead from Lost Treasures 1993-1997.