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The Court Tavern Closes my 20s & 30ths

Nobody knows the answer Why Bobby Albert Jr would one day wake-up on a cold January and decide The Court Tavern(124 Church St) would close it’s doors forever. Maybe he got an offer he could not refuse — but I … Continue reading

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Eastern Anchors Court Tavern w/ Wreaths + Zero for Conduct

Most cop cars are Crown Vics. Any kid could tell you this. You don’t drive unmarked one’s in bad neighborhoods without locking them up and driving one will give you a certain amount of highway respect – even if you … Continue reading

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Save the Court Tavern from their ungodly taxes

Open letter from Eileen Albert Family,Once again I am in the position of writing an extremely difficult letter. We have 24 hours to raise $20,000 or we may be forced to close. I know that times are tough and it … Continue reading

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Aviso'Hara Boss Jim Gettys and Bionic Rhoda

…and they said damn the creatures will rise again, rise again for one night only: Aviso’Hara, Boss Jim Getty’s and Bionic Rhoda to perform at the Court Tavern Saturday Nov 28th, 2009. This show is being taped for the Hub … Continue reading

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Buzzoven vs Buzzkill

Seven Inch Friday: This little punk rock story is probably one of my favorites although I probably won’t do it justice; it’s funny none the less. It’s the story of how the whole New Brunswick NJ scene got a Buzzov•en … Continue reading

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Rock n Roll Court Tavern Seminar Sat 4-25-09

Andy Diamond presents a rockn’roll seminar at the Court Tavern this coming Saturday, April 25th, 2009 featuring sets by The Stuntcocks, Eastern Anchors, Harlot and from Baltimore LandSpeedRecord![ View FB Event invitation ] Now in order to take advantage of … Continue reading

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