Joe Strummer Hustlin’ his show in Atlantic City

Joe Strummer Hustlin’ his show in Atlantic City

DOCUMENTARY: Joe Strummer hustlin’ folks to go see him play in Atlantic City back in 2001 in the film “Let’s Rock Again!”(released in 2004). A documentary film Directed by Dick Rude. Needless to say we’ll always miss Joe for his honesty and candor. From “hero to zero” his ambition was to be able to survive the post-Apocalypse of The Clash and make more records by just breaking even and being able to entertain himself, his friends and feed his family. Hard to imagine in this scene that barely anybody recognized who he was when to a whole culture in the 80’s he was cultural rebel as big an icon as Dylan ever was but for a brief minute in time. Miss your way Joe so yes lets rock Again! If I could have a wish come true it would be being able to buy you a beer.
Lets Rock Again! DVD Cover
Up In Heaven (Not Only Here) MP3 by The Clash from Sandinista!
Burnin’ Streets MP3 by Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros from Streetcore
Love Kills (dub) MP3 by Joe Strummer from the 12″

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Happy 66th Bob Marley – Soul Rebel Revolution

Happy 66th Bob Marley – Soul Rebel Revolution

Bob Marley Vs Lee Scratch Perry by the Upsetters was recorded in 1970 and originally released as two LPs, Soul Rebels and Soul Revolution. To say Bob touched many facets of life would be a understatement as he brought Reggae and peaceful idea of brotherhood to the masses. The Clash recognized Lee Scratch Perry just as much as what Bob and the Upsetters laid down early on before the Wailers existed. This record has some killer psychedelic reggae that Lee Scratch Perry produced and even had influence on Hendrix & Sly and Family Stone. I think I knew about Bob Marley before The Clash but when they did their reggae like on “The Guns of Brixton” it was as natural for as them as embracing disco.

Mr. Brown MP3 from The Best of the Upsetters
Soul Rebel MP3 Also from from The Best of the Upsetters (70-71)
Stir It Up MP3 by Bob Marley & The Wailers from Catch A Fire – Original Mixes.
One Love MP3 from The Very best of Bob Marley by the Reggae Night Crew mix.
Africa Place MP3 by Lee “Scratch” Perry
Roast Fish and Cornbread MP3 by Lee Perry from Roast Fish Collie Weed & Corn Bread

The Guns Of Brixton Mp3 Live in Passaic NJ, 1980!
Police & Thieves MP3 by The Clash Written by Junior Murvin and produced by Perry. Apparently way back in 1977 Perry mentioned this cover to Bob and he in turn gave them a shout out in a song called Punky Reggae Party MP3. I need to find a better version of it!
Revolution Rock MP3 by The Clash from London Calling originally written and performed by Jackie Edwards, Danny Ray as Danny Ray and the Revolutioneers in 1976.

This is a original written by Joe Strummer and was played at his funeral. Here’s Joe doing the song with The Mescaleros in 1999 at a festival in Cologne, Germany. I originally thought it was a cover but apparently not!

Joe Strummer Know your Rights

Joe Strummer Know your Rights

Direct from Julien Temple’s movie The Future is Unwritten a great bit from Joe Strummer (RIP 1952-2002)when he’s waxing philosophic, he says “without people, you are nothing”. What I think Joe was driving at is we live in a insulated society and we need to pay attention to those around us to make our and their lives richer. Still to this day with dominance of office culture in our social networks this fact is even more true. Your head is down trudging along to the next email. In a recent interview, with my now friend Jack Rabid (for a project I’m doing), who had the pleasure of buying Mr. Strummer a beer when he interviewed him for his magazine The Big Takeover. I saw this intensity for people in Jack’s eyes and in how hiss a passion for the people who make music, and in the things he said, and in particular when he recalled said interview. I won’t be the spoiler until it’s released on Create or Else just yet. but somehow the vibe was transferred to guys like Jack and between the sub-text and fascination with culture and class that The Clash and Joe cared about so much. The notion that you can affect the future even if it is one soul at time is pretty great. Here are few tracks that if anything will enrich your day but for a moment every time you listen to them or they randomly come up on your ipod. They do for me anyways. Enjoy.

Joe Strummer’s Midnight Dream – By Angledust featuring Chris Harford and Andrew Weiss
Without People, You’re Nothing” – Joe Strummer from The Future Is Unwritten (Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The Clash Live Passaic NJ 1980 (When everything happened)
Guns of Brixton
Spanish Bombs
Police & Thieves
Complete Control
Tommy Gun

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Music for haters, liars and cheaters

Music for haters, liars and cheaters

I did a rant about a social network for karma police site on my life/tech blog today called which didn’t work when i tried to login to vent! ha! The site did inspire some songs about liars, haters and cheaters though.

Anybody know any good tattle-tale or whistle blower songs? I’m sure this is just the tip of the proverbial ice-burg.

Listen to some hate for now:
Liar – Built to Spill – mp3 from you in reverse
Cheater – Bubblegum Thunder
Hateful – The Clash – London Calling
Hate Paste – Archers of Loaf
I am the Jury – Moistboyz

OK that is it. Enjoy.

Live Guided By Voice, Clash, Sex Pistols and Bob Mould

When in doubt a summer day can be spent lurking around various mp3 blogs and finding a bunch of live jems and forgotten b-sides. To kick it off, with the little Zoester at my side or lap is: Ex-Husker Du maestro Bob Mould live in Santa Monica,CA at McCabes Guitar Shop. His life took a strange turn when he wrote scripts for the WWF. Strange world of rock indeed but allas forgotten disc friday’s blog comes through. Mr. Mould does a nice sprinkling of Black Sheets of Rain and cuts from Workbook.

Next up: one can never get enough live Guided By Voices, here they are live @ Austin City Limits from their last tour from the Aquarium drunkard. Check out his podcast when you get chance.

For whatever reason a few bloggers have been going nuts posting studio and live Clash covers. Both Berkeley Place and Can you see the sunset put up complimenting tracks.
Stands outs are Social distortion doing “Death or Glory”, and anytime Ben Folds does a cover it’s always
with class. Check out his version Of “Lost in the Supermarket”.

And while we’re going down this old punk road, Licorice-pizza posted the set from the last Sex Pistols show in San Francisco, where you can hear the famous
one liner, “Ever Get the Feeling You’ve Been Cheated” by Johnny Rotten.

Bonus: Bandit B-sides posted “A Chain of Flowers” by The Cure.