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The best Sublime Summertime remixes – Doin’ Time

REMIXES: I know we all hope summertime gets here fucking soon. This winter has been miserable and especially for people down south who have never seen snow! I remember a summertime many moons ago where I was working at the … Continue reading

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Best Electronic and Indie tunes for the week

The listening process is painful and sometimes it’s amazing. AMAZING. We don’t like being the curmudgeon that has heard it all. We’re not a bearded music historians yipster either but when we hear music that reminds of some cool things … Continue reading

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Reverb as an Instrument by The Trashies

ALBUM REVIEW: If you’re going to name your record Space Jam there is no way of getting around the fact I’ll think of Space Balls. Thanks John Candy; but if you made a statement like it’s a speed amp test … Continue reading

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60ish Surf Music

I’m not a huge fanatic of Surf Music genre but there are a bunch of great bands that have kept this type of homage alive to 60′s nostalgia, drive-in movies and the Hawaiian shirt. Ok a lot of images come … Continue reading

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