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Hey this is rock

Who knew that so many great songs start with the word “Hey” in the title of it. Total excuse for a quickie playlist but here’s a few attention getters to fill your brainspace when you’re trying to make a point … Continue reading

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Big Black Vs Supersuckers 7 Inch Friday

No two bands are more concavely opposite in their genetic rock-n-roll make-up than Big Black and Supersuckers other than the fact that Steve Albini and Eddie Spaghetti have been prolific in their output and play music on a pretty consistent … Continue reading

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Live awesomology by The Supersuckers in Asbury Park

SHOW REVIEW: Thurs May 14th 2009. I know when I venture to a show like this I’ll see at least a few rock-n-roll addicts and sure enough Tom from the Stuntcocks was leading the pack, the guys from The Sex … Continue reading

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Hot Snakes Thunder Down Under

I don’t know where his record was hiding from me in 2006. I’ve heard stories but for the un-initiated Thunder Down Under is a great Hot Snakes starter kit; temporary proof that the golden age of ‘indie roc’ died with … Continue reading

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