The best Sublime Summertime remixes – Doin’ Time

The best Sublime Summertime remixes – Doin’ Time

Sublime Summertime Remixes

REMIXES: I know we all hope summertime gets here fucking soon. This winter has been miserable and especially for people down south who have never seen snow! I remember a summertime many moons ago where I was working at the Warped Tour in Asbury Park in 1996 or so. There were bands playing all over the place and our jobs was to cart them to their show from the hotel and back to the stage, take them to get their laundry done; really glamourous work but was a job in the sun. One of the bands that I carted around was SUBLIME. The kids went nuts for them and their dog was pretty chill too. They pilled into my VW fox station wagon and away we went; watching what was left of the sunset. This tune of theirs always reminds me of that chance encounter. Here’s a bunch of remixes or bootlegs by various artists. Was originally released as a single in 1997 after the singer died; The alt version with Wyclef Jean and The Pharcyde is what has promoted so many remixes. The tune now is called Summertime because of the chorus but the feeling of cheating girlfriend is still in tack. This song heavily samples a cover of “Summertime” by jazz flautist Herbie Mann. At the top of the heap is the latest from VooDoo Farm checking in with this classic.

RIYL: Southern California, Fish Tacos, Pot, Beach Babes, corona’s and waves (Not in any particular order)

VOODOO FARMDoin’ Time(Remix VOODOO FARM ) MP3 Sublime Remix – Samples include marvin gaye, four tops, supremes, aaron neville, j dilla, snoop, and the jackson 5. Also live sax, guitars, bass & vocals. Give Voodoo Farm a like on FB and a Follow on Twitter. It’s a heavy remix that you may hear at the club tonight.

Pharcydedoin’ time(remix) featuring Pharcyde MP3
Pharcyde & Snoop DoggSublime – Doin’ Timw NEW REMIX

The Original:
Sublime – Doin’ Time MP3 by Sublime from Sublime

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That Summer Concert Feeling

That Summer Concert Feeling

Summer Concerts Hoboken - Maxwells

I’m guest blogging for the review stalker while he’s away on vacation.  My summer holiday has consisted of me sending my son off to sleep away camp which gave me the opportunity to see more rock shows since he was born 13 years ago!  The season has offered the usual summer touring from bands from now and then with many noteworthy free shows all over the New York City area.

Many of the nights have been spent reliving several harmonious music memories seeing mostly older acts and hearing songs from my youth.  Over a 6 week period I took in performances from The Zombies, She & Him, Camera Obscura, The Rascals, Leon Russell,Cheap Trick, B.B King, James Hunter Six, New Order, NRBQ,  Bob Dylan, Wilco (w/ special guest Ian Hunter) and a tribute to Big Star.  Combined these acts performed a myriad of unforgettable classic songs including “She’s Not There”, “Sunday Girl’, “People Got To Be Free”, “The Letter”, “September Gurls”, “Delta Lady”, “Surrender”, ‘Blue Monday”, “All The Young Dudes” and so many more.

The Letter from the Big Star Tribute in Central Park on June 30

The Dylan/Wilco show was billed as the AmericanaramA fest and went down on the Hoboken pier on July 26.  That was appropriate since days later and blocks away, the home of American music Maxwell’s was closing their doors.

All The Young Dudes-Wilco w/ Ian Hunter, James Mastro, Warren Haynes & My Morning Jacket on Hoboken Pier on July 26

I was fortunate enough to have had the venue be a big part of my life throughout some of my formative years in the mid-‘80s where I attended more shows there during that period then any other rock club.  I hadn’t had the chance to make it back throughout the month for the final shows so it was imperative that I venture back to Hoboken one last time for the closing festivities on July 31.

The celebration started off with a block party that had 11 street closed off with beer and food stands. Raucous party tunes blared throughout the street as various DJs from the club’s 30 plus years (Guy Ewald, Charles Charas, Gaylord Fields, Vince Brnicevic, Billy Miller, Georgia Hubley, Ira Kaplan) took turns spinning records while the crowd built up throughout the evening to pay their respects to the club. Hundreds of people were packed into the bar spilling onto the street.  Both the Individuals and the Bongos were booked to close the back room.  I was lucky enough to pick up tickets for the earlier set from the Individuals.  The band was in fine form and had a blast playing as one of the final bands on the Maxwell’s stage.  They brilliantly recreated the sound of the early ‘80s NYC rock club scene.  I stood there and realized, this is the sound that’s categorized as post-punk.  I flash backed to watching bands in that same room and other NYC area clubs in the ‘80s.   I realized after seeing so many remarkable bands, hearing various legendary songs and reliving magical music moments over this summer season this tiny back room of a bar/restaurant was where so much of ’80s music was born influencing me and so many others.

It reminded me that there were so many punk and new wave spin-offs incubated and championed at Maxwell’s.  Alt-country, grunge, power pop, roots rock, college rock, garage, paisley underground, shoe gazing and the most peculiar named genre, indie rock were all heralded there.  That ubiquitous tag came from the countless acts that recorded for scores of independent record companies.  Twin Tone, SST, Slash, Homestead, Enigma, Dolphin, Frontier, K Records, Ace of Hearts and Hoboken’s own Coyote and Bar/None were just some of the bigger players in the growing soon to be coined “alternative” music business.

Adding to the sounds and styles were cities and towns the labels and music originated from.  Musicians arrived from all over the USA.  They piled in vans and drove miles to play at the club.  Some performed at Maxwell’s numerous times over several years.  They traveled from Los Angeles, Portland, Minneapolis, Athens, Boston, Seattle, Chapel Hill and many other American regions.  The list of acts I’d seen (or heard from the front bar!) is endless and in no particular order.

The Replacements, The dbs, Husker Du, X, Alex Chilton, Meat Puppets, Long Ryders, Pylon, Dreams So Real, Tommy Keene, Young Fresh Fellows, Redd Kross, Gun Club, The Three O Clock, Jason and the Scorchers, The Dream Syndicate. Dumptruck, Miracle Legion, Del Fuegos, EIEIO, Soul Asylum, The Chesterfield Kings, Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper, Game Theory, Let’s Active, The Neats, Ben Vaughn Combo, Leaving Trains, Guadalcanal Diary. The Minutemen, Rain Parade, Green on Red, The Wipers, Daniel Johnston, Camper Van Beethoven, The Bodeans, 10,000 Maniacs, Beat Happening, Rank and File, The Lyres, Dinosaur Jr, Galaxie 500, The Morrells, True Believers, Fetchin’ Bones, Big Black, Southern Culture On The Skids, House of Freaks, Naked Raygun, Salem 66, Big Dipper, The Dead Milkmen, The Dogmatics, Swimming Pool Qs, Drivin’ N Cryin’, Green River, The Flies, Pontiac Brothers, Giant Sand, Scruffy The Cat and many others.

Some bands traveled from overseas: Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians, The Go-Betweens, Hoodoo Gurus, The Lime Spiders, The Fall, The Mekons to name a few.

And then there were those from the NY/NJ metro area that kept the venue thriving as opening acts for many out of town bands or headlining the club and packing it with their family, friends and fans:

Sonic Youth, Yo La Tengo, The Feelies, Mofungo, Syd Straw, The Nightmares, The Raunch Hands, The Wygals, The Clintons, Pianosaurus, Laura Cantrell, The Scene is Now, Deep Six, The Last Round Up, World Famous Blue Jays, Beat Rodeo, Gutbank, The Vacant Lot, Fleshtones, Das Damen  Del-Lords, Hugo Largo,  The Raybeats, The Golden Palominos, Phantom Tollbooth, The A-Bones, Crazy Sunday, Chris Stamey Group, Soul Attack, The Ambivalent Brothers, House of Usher, Leap of Faith, Fish & Roses, Winter Hours were just some of the local names that kept the scene and spirit alive.

There isn’t one room in the NY metro area that could boast all of these accomplishments showcasing quality music with integrity for over three decades.

It was a space and a moment in time that will never be recreated.  I feel lucky to have been there when both the club and I were coming of age.  It’s bittersweet that Maxwell’s is gone but its legacy will continue to live on through the music and the influence it had on a vast group of music fans that sometimes fit into a small room with a legal capacity of 200 people.

VIA NJ.COMClosing song at Maxwells-Thank You Friends (Big Star) with the Bongos and friends

Summer Tones Playlist 2011: Something Old, New Borrowed and Blue Part 2

Summer Tones Playlist 2011: Something Old, New Borrowed and Blue Part 2

Soon enough review stalker Dave returns from his extended holiday in the sun.  Before he gets his blogging groove back on I have one more guest posting of summer playlist tones for y’all.  Here’s 4 more that reflect upon the time of year.

Something old:

Appears the unusual heat dome has broken and the temps are now near 90 degrees in most parts of the country.  That’s a bit of relief after the sweltering 100 degree dog days of last week.  Some of that was broken up with a scattering of precipitation.  Every time it rained it poured and each time I kept humming this oldie but goodie.  Next time it rains this summer hum this chestnut and try and get it out of your head.

Summer Rain video by Johnny Rivers from the album Realization (1968)

Something New:

The Fiery Furnaces have been making some nervous art rock for over 10 years.  The Brooklyn based duo have had moments of greatness on some of their albums. But it appears Eleanor had to leave her brother behind to record her sweet NYC tribute album. Included on her debut album, ‘Last Summer’ are songs about city ‘hoods Bensonhurst, Roosevelt Island, Coney Island and Owl’s Head Park. The lead track ‘My Mistakes’ could be the summer song of 2011.  Check out the video and you’re sure to be sold with its inspiring imagery and catchy melody.  It’s a hook laden beauty of a tune.

My Mistakes video by Eleanor Friedberger from the album Last Summer (2011)

Something Borrowed:

When it comes to songs about this time of year fellow Brooklyn-ite George Gershwin nailed it. In 1935 he wrote the music for the American folk opera ‘Porgy & Bess’.  The hit song from the show has been covered countless times by so many including Janis Joplin, Sonny & Cher, Billy Stewart, Peter Gabriel, Sam Cooke, Brian Wilson, Sinatra and numerous others.  But when Terry Hall took a stab at the classic in ’82 he ho-hummed his way through it while his “Fun Boys” from The Specials chanted away.  An inspired and inventive take on the standard that sums up the season quite nicely whatever year it is.  Hush little baby don’t you cry.

Summertime video by The Fun Boy Three (1982)

Something Blue:

When Jack White married British super model Karen Elson he may have subconsciously had plans to record her.  Once the 6 year marriage ended her debut album was released.  She had been singing occasionally over the years with Robert Plant, Cat Power and with the NYC “cabaret” group, the Citizens Band.  The album is a haunting countrified treat that includes a song about the season that Bananarama (The Fun Boy 3’s girls) also complained about back in the’80s.  This is not that happy new wave ditty but one that is extremely sad and blue.  It’s a tearjerker that may require a tissue.  Can’t help but wonder, did she write this for Jack?

Cruel Summer video by Karen Elson from the album The Ghost Who Walks Out (2011)

Summer Tones Playlist 2011: Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue Part 1

Summer Tones Playlist 2011: Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue Part 1

While Dave’s away I’m filling in with some stalker style posting.  So while the review stalker soaks up the sun and catches those great big waves of the Pacific the NYC pavement soaks up the heat and humidity making it time for more songs inspired by the summer and the weather.

Something Old:

With 90-plus degree temperatures in most of the country this week I cant help feeling and singing this song. It’s the Velvets at their most poppiest. It’s sure to get stuck in your head especially throughout the heat wave.  Who really loves the sun?  Not everyone.

Who Loves The Sun MP3 by The Velvet Underground from Loaded (1970)

Bonus cover alert!  Here’s a faithful version performed by Scotland’s favorite jangly pop band.  They most certainly don’t love that fireball in the sky.

Who Loves The Sun video by Teenage Fan Club from Sparky’s Dream single (1995)

Something New:

These new brit-rockers channel the Ramones clocking in at 1 minute and 39 seconds of sheer pleasure.  They even name drop and mention that great Queens thoroughfare, Cross Bay Boulevard!  Joey would be so proud.  And all for the love of this pretty Danish face. Guaranteed satisfaction after watching this clip.

Norgaard video by The Vaccines from What Did You Expect From The Vaccines (2011)

Something Borrowed:

Mods rule as they collect soul singles, tear up the dance floor and wear real cool clothes.  Witness all of that as The Who were captured here live from London’s Marquee Club in February of ’65 while being filmed for a French TV documentary, Les Mods as they rip through their version of the classic Martha Reeves and the Vandellas song about the weather.  Try not to break out in a sweat.

Heat Wave video by The Who from A Quick One (Happy Jack) (1966)

Something Blue:

It’s time to chill out with the wind down track for a hot summer’s day. It’s so beautifully haunting.  Follow it up  with a big ol’ glass of ice cold chardonnay or sparking rose.

Summer Wine video by Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood from  Nancy & Lee (1968)

Stay tuned for part 2 sometime next week.  Try and keep cool.

Summer is here with the promise of beer

Summer is here with the promise of beer

Movie Beach Scene Music Mix Summer 2011
This summer playlist is somewhat of a time warp but not the kind you would think because more than half this music I consider perfect for summer because of it’s tone or theme. The lyrics or title might mention the sun or burn the sort of imagery that you’d want in the perfect beach movie soundtrack.

It’s Summertime MP3 by The Flaming Lips from Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots This song always creeps into almost every playlist but still qualifies since it’s movie like.
Booty City MP3 by Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears from Scandalous The crew makes a wrong turn or right turn into some bar called Booty City and let the bump begin.
Divagando MP3 by Sexteto Electronico Moderno is a group from Montevideo Uruguay (1967) – Killer organ jams with a mix bossanova and Latin jazz to pop. This is very breezy music even with the dark shades on.
Red Hot MP3 by Billy Emerson (1957) Great swinging tune from a Sun Records compilation he sings. “My girl is red hot, my girl is red hot.”
Everything Looks Better In the Sun MP3 by Obits from Moody, Standard, and Poor (2011)
Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win MP3 by Beastie Boys from their new one Hot Sauce Committee Part Two (2011) – featuring Santigold. This is a total island jam complete with horns and Lee Scratch Perry analog delay. Summertime Bossa Nova MP3 by Seth Kauffman from the record Research (2007). Lots of different sounds on this record. This track is exactly what it says.
Pretty Good At Drinkin’ Beer MP3 by country singer Billy Currington
Behind The Sun MP3 by Red Hot Chili Peppers from The Uplift Mofo Party Plan (1987). The sun is coming up from the end of evening as the gang recounts the rest of the evening.
Hot Fun In The Summertime MP3 by Sly & The Family Stone (1969)

Past Summer Mixes:
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2010 Summer Rock Mix II – Can you say jail-bait?
Hot Summer Rock Mix[2009]
Summer Surf and turf driving Mix
End of Summer Playlist 2008

2010 Summer Rock Mix II – Can you say jail-bait?

2010 Summer Rock Mix II – Can you say jail-bait?

Try some of these jems in your mix this hot summer. Haven’t really had anytime to make a podcast so you’ll have to make your own. I’ll call you up on the phone and mumble a couple things about any of these bands after I’ve had a few beers. Do you sense a theme? Do it to impress the ladies.

Nervous Breakdown from the Drunken Confessions Whiskeytown demo by Ryan Adams and friends. Get all these bootleged tracks from CaptainsDead

Hot Tub by Full of Fancy – Killer distorted bass playing on this. This jersey band is really coming into their own. These girls know how to partay. Check out some more jerseyrock on the nj underground.

I Will Be by the Dum Dum Girls s/t – Great shit, Riotgurl throwback but not as low-fi but just as likable despite all the reverb. It’s the fem fatale version of Obits.

All Things This Way by Male Bonding From Nothing Hurts – Dig this Brit-Rok band. “Produced” by John Agnello to boot. If you like We Were Promised Jet Packs you might like these guys because they are more fIREHOSE and husker du in their approach. At least IMHO.

Karma Police(cover) by Easy Star All Stars – Was reminded of this band when I heard Amanda Palmer covering Idioteque on a Ukele? WTF? Strangely fitting.

Little Red Corvette (Cover by you know who) by Montagna & The Mouth To Mouth from L’avenir. This is the closer on this record and it really caught me by surprise since I first listened to it in reverse. This track came-up first. You should try that some time if your’ into ignoring bios and other liner notes.

The Go Getter by The Black Keys from their new one Brothers. Is it me or does everything sound like its a soundtrack for Treme? Distorted and un-pretty groovy sounds on this one posing as down and out New Orleans street music. It works for me.

The Newborn Hippopotamus / Jazz Rock Machine Curated by DJ Shadow from his Schoolhouse funk compilation. I picked this CD up at the Sound Station as a reco from my bearded friend there. These are a bunch of one-off Highschool jazz band records. Super rare obviously.

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Quick Summer Mix for cruisin down the beach

Quick Summer Mix for cruisin down the beach

I wait all year for this time of year. I love coming in from the scorching outside into the cool breeze of the air conditioning. I love beer more in summer and it loves me. Cooking outside is much easier and then there are all those interesting drinks and margaritas to fulfill the soul.

Summer…It’s Gone by Grandaddy
Noisy Summer by The Raveonettes
Summer Teeth by Jeff Tweedy(live solo)
Summer U.S.A. by the Rip Chords from Michael Shelly Cut that Out! Vol.2

Because you like it hot:
Hot Summer Mix 2009

Hot Summer Rock Mix

Hot Summer Rock Mix

I’ll be honest. I’m still working on my summer mix of course but one quick gander and sure enough there is some good stuff out there. Heather from Fuel Friends never dissapoints with her take. I’m not quite sure where she finds the freakin’ time but she is the hot one third from the left above. Vinyl district has a few choice tracks to grab. Mars needs guitars also has a good set of summer songs. Anyway here are some to add to your mix not in any particular order, rhyme or reason other than to annoy your friends.

Here’s to summertime, summertime, summer:

Mp3 Summer Here Kids – Grandaddy from Under the Western Freeway
Mp3 Celebrated Summer – Husker Du off of New Day Rising
Mp3 Endless Summer Of The Damned – Bauhaus from Go Away White
Mp3 Summertime Blues – Stones – Made in the Shade 1978
Mp3 Summer of Protest – The Dears – Protest Ep
Mp3 Summer Teeth – Jeff Tweedy Live at the Vic Theater, Chicago, IL, 03-05-2005

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End of Summer Playlist 2008

Summer Surf and turf driving Mix

Summer Surf and turf driving Mix

If you are planning on escaping for the weekend and taking off on a friday let me help with the summer mix. Hopefully you’re headed to someplace hot and with A/C. There are a few classics on here with a little bit of twist backed with some golden nuggets. From the newish bin are Desolation Wilderness from their record White Light Strobing; lots of twirly reverb and delay that can help you get lost during the driving process. To help with surf are The Woggles (not be confused by the Boggles) do Got a Heat on, circa 1993 off their excellent record on Ragged But Not Right. I also put the Wipers from the Is This Real? Box set, who were a huge similarity to Mission of Burma and were a huge influence on nirvana and post-pink bands like fugazi. Download and enjoy.

01. Forget Everything – mp3 by Desolation Wilderness [ Buy ]
02. Got a Heat on mp3 by The Woggles [ Buy ]
03. Doom Town mp3 by the Wipers
04. Venus in Furs Remix mp3 (velvet Underground cover) from the chrome kids blog
05. Run Run Run (another velvet underground cover) by Capsula. This is a killer version.
06. Good friends have gone by Pronto [ buy ]
07. …and you will know us by the trail of dead – Inland Sea mp3 [The whole new album rocks buy it ]
08. Fallout mp3 – The Weirdos
09. I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass mp3 – Nick Lowe – from Jesus of cool (reissue)
10. Lost In The Woods mp3 by Pete and Pirates from Little Death [ buy ]

Here’s the end of summer playlist from 2008. This one is for the beginning.

End of Summer Playlist 2008

End of Summer Playlist 2008

While this has been a busy summer full of local festivals; it is sad to say that the spoils of summer have not been as plentiful as recent memory serves. Show #23 has been changed several times and then there was the Peecee blow out where the most recent playlists were lost to the ether. Now Fall is upon me like the doom of winter and I have to get it in gear. To abide by my self-imposed deadline here is a quick playlist with some mp3 links to said tunes (ethical or not). Enjoy:

1) The Young Knifes of Superabundance with “Turn Tail” – I stumbled on this and if said hey radiohead what would your music sound like if you were 20 years younger when you made the Bends. This is what it would sound like.

2) Idaho from the Forbidden EP “The Thick and the Thin” (mp3via sneakmove)- I am late comer to Jeff Martin’s music, so it is all new to me. Very ethereal soundscape material no wonder he mostly does soundtracks for movies.

3) British Sea Power from Do You Like Rock Music? brought “Waving Flags” – Trance guitars and shoe gazers geeks who apparently speak their own language. Subscribe to their newsletter and you will see what I mean.

4) Bruce Springsteen’s “Girls in their summer clothes” – Probably the best song from this past year. Really captures the essence of the title and reminds of the jersey shore hook line and sinker.

5) Cloud CultEverybody Here Is A Cloud” via their album Feel Good Ghosts (Tea-Partying Through Tornadoes)
(from Fuel Friends) Has this new pornographer/arcade fire, shins vibe that I dig.

6) The Roadside Graves brought me the best title for a song called “Lot Lizards Ain’t Lip Kissers” via Pop Headwound from a Sort of Dylanesque vocals; totally alt country with a hippie lemon-lime twist. Also check out the shit kicking drum dirge “Ruby”. Good stuff fellers. You make Jersey proud.

Update: Summer 2009 playlist go here!