Wow you can embed Instragram video?

MUSIC REVIEWS: I have A.D.D when it comes to music. I need fireworks or something to draw my attention to new music. Either way, here’s some tunes for you we’ve gotten this past week we think is pretty decent or we would not share. Along with some of our belated 4th of July Instagram videos to watch while you listen. First band up is Blue and Gold with a track called “It’s Only You.” It’s blues. It’s not JSBX but more like the poor cousin of Deer Tick. What’s it called? Oh yes Diamon Rugs mixed with a little bit of that Jack White greatness. They got a vibe. So check it out.

Here is… It Came Without Warning​.​.​.​As Most Disasters Do. Sorta proggy with movie samples. I hope they don’t get sued but if you like Don Cab and or Shellac this might be your bag. Lots of guitar swank and arpeggios masked with delays. No Eddie Van Halen in this band but more like Godspeed You! Black Emperor or some other off-shoot like that. It’s space rock. Fuck this band is called Cmn ineed yr hlp from Chicago. I give up on vwls.