Video: Meet Me in Orbit – “Lightyears Away” – from EP debut Traveller

Video: Meet Me in Orbit – “Lightyears Away” – from EP debut Traveller

VIDEO OF DAY / SINGLES: Meet Me in Orbit’s music is created out of analog synthesizers, vintage gear and decent knowledge of what is possible with soundscapes. This dream-synth duo (Yea I know we rag on duo’s around here a lot but mostly regarding a band that is just a drummer and guitar player and too lazy to find a third member to play the fucking bass.) Anyway, these San Francisco based guys Jared Brannan and Brandon Bews will release their debut EP, called Traveller on April 7, 2015 via Sky Council Recordings. If you are fan of grandaddy, trip hop and old sounding keyboard tones then you might dig them. Due website


LISTEN: Nunk (New Wave Funk) (12″ VOCAL) – Warp 9 – 1982 Prism Record

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Famous people and bands from New Jersey Featuring: The Everymen, Screaming Females and Dentist

Famous people and bands from New Jersey Featuring: The Everymen, Screaming Females and Dentist

VIDEOS: Here’s a bunch of recent videos from bands from new jersey that we like for one reason or another.

Check out the latest Video for the song “NJHC” off the album Givin’ Up On Free Jazz by the love-able rockers The Everymen. You probably could write this song if you wanted too but you might have to be a pretty good googler to make the lyrics work. I’m proud when I see such Jersey pride. You can buy their album at | facebook them



Produced and Directed by Lance Bangs and Edited by Pete Larsen. We like this song. I think these two ladies from these first two bands could be sisters. It’s as close to pixie-like song as it gets for The Screaming Females. Catch them on tour! Jim from Cool Dad Music does a nice and goes into a lot of detail song for song reviewing their new record Rose Mountain – Visit the official Don Giovanni Records website space for music:


New video directed by City Gardens ex-bouncer turned videographer our pal Mr. Jim Norton. Takes the band to the snowy lanscape of new jersey. Singer shows off her pearly whites and comes-off very angelic. The tune is is vert pop-alt. The vibe is good in this song. The other songs on their record are faster, punkier, surfier and just as sweet. Get their latest on bandcamp page.

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Singles and Bands to Watch: Surfer Blood, Ghastly City Sleep, Duke Evers, and Waltzer

Singles and Bands to Watch: Surfer Blood, Ghastly City Sleep, Duke Evers, and Waltzer

We Are Scientists Surfer Blood on tour poster
Bands from germany, brookyn, down south and all over the place grace our pages and here 24/7 music for 24/7 you music creeps because it’s the internet and shit.

Listen to: Surfer Blood “NW Passage” co-headline tour with We Are Scientists and Eternal Summers support, October 1 – 10 and the jam is pretty is cool. Rad space guy poster too.

Listen to: Ghastly City Sleep – “Clumsy One” for radiohead fans

Listen to: Waltzer – “Superfine”- indie pop grunge light

Listen to: Duke Evers “Seaside” – twisty alt country


Singles and Bands to Watch: The Young Wild, Manna Frost Trio and Galkin

Singles and Bands to Watch: The Young Wild, Manna Frost Trio and Galkin

Ok vacation is over but still working to get real life going, in particular my new business venture for making videos on a full time basis and digital support for viva la hara films + digital. Please take a moment and check it out.

THE YOUNG WILD - Just released their electronic data inspirared EP called For Now Not Forever. The 8 bit lyric video below is awesome. “Moment goes” is the name of the single and it’s pretty nice. We recommend seeking out the whole record. Think EMF meets YAZ in echoing Depeche Mode keyboard let chamber which should make your feet do the dancy dance. The kids were expecting another DJ spun EDM set but instead get these guys who can sing and have enough guitar tangle. Perfect for a movie soundtrack.


Stacy Harden - Manna Frost trio

MANNA FROST TRIO – Mellow yellow acoustic american folk rock. We dig this single “Empty Seats” from their new record Overgrowth. Sorta pink floydish psych on the other tracks but mostly not this song swoops along giving you plenty of visuals. The video mostly looks like it was shot by one person in the woods of North Carolina somewhere. I’m guessing Stacy Harden is the hippie camper depicted behind the cinematography but its all good. This will appeal to greatful dead and Neutral Milk Hotel fans a like. Maybe it will make you cry. Comes to you via sky core records.

“And I’ll always get sad
listening to the Dead
Driving down to Assateague
in my head”



GALKIN – Find some slacker rock on the EP called Pity Party. Some weenesque vocal effects and some mildy droning guitar strumming gives you Toronto’s Mikhail one man band. We dig this so give these jams a go and space-out.

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Spray Paint – No-No Wave/Dub/Scum Rock band

Spray Paint – No-No Wave/Dub/Scum Rock band

Spray Paint Austin Texas band

We like noise. We like trash. We like Austin’s Spray Paint’s tune “Threesome Can Wait” from their third lp Clean Blood, Regular Acid. If you like shit that seems to crawl on the walls and stick there with some weird stuff glistening as if you injected some delay into a box full of devo bobble heads then that is what this song sounds like. Plus drugs but I don’t think I can agree with the topic. Unless they are being sarcastic. Given the opportunity I would probably would give a long frozen stare. “What did you just ask me?” Then this noise would start to play in my mind at which point. I would get it. I would. website | Bandcamp

RIYL: Scratch Acid, Butholes, The Fall, Swell Maps

Catch their noise on tour in September.

! – w/ Ghetto Ghouls
# – w/ The Rebel (Ben Wallers from Country Teasers)
$ – w/ Merchandise and Institute

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Singles and Bands to Watch: Plankton Dada Wave, Hidden Charms, New Mike Watt & Black Lady Soul

Singles and Bands to Watch: Plankton Dada Wave, Hidden Charms, New Mike Watt & Black Lady Soul

We like to champion new bands here at Review Stalker. Mostly because we wish there were sites or magazines or writers who looked beyond the hype and wrote about our bands or paid attention to the sounds that were hitting their ears. We like passionate writers and if you think you want to take a stab by all means get in touch. Join us. We’re just here bubbling up and weeding through all sorts of shit in our boring days to give you first listens to bands that might be just coming-up around in their scene. No matter where it is. We listen then judge your band name or band photo. Not the other way around. Honestly, if we had more time to listen and feature more than we do – we would. Important to know it is a total labor of love who we do decide to put on the site. We don’t get paid to do. Anyway, enough about us here’s a bunch of quick blips on some music.


First up here’s Hidden Charms which are four young lads from London who play Rhythm and Blues. You know like the stones used to claim. These guys sound more like the Zombies at least from the vocal perspective and are no where near as proficient as the Rolling Fucking Stones but still well produced getting some nice breaks with just their very first single being made available here.

Black Lady Soul from Ontario Canada give you some slow soul grooves on their latest bandcamp offering. Stand-up basss that swing you along along.

Black Lady Soul “The Fall”

VIDEO: Mike Watt in il sogno del marinaio “il songo del fienile”

One minute we’re checking out the latest offering from Mike Watt with some dudes from Italy from a band called il Sogno Del Marinaio and then BLAMO. We get bands from Italy sending us music. Which is the is coolest thing I love most about doing this blog. We get music from all over the world and always make a point to check them out because we’re all about your maximum rock-n-roll experience. Dangerous Minds has more details on this one.

 Haus Of Dada Plankton Data Wave

So Ladies and Gentlemen here’s Plankton Dada Wave and their latest bandcamp offering available as a 10″ called Haus Of Dada which goes for 13 Euro which I think is like 26 USDs or something(don’t quote me? Anyway comes with a nice multi-coloured Tee-shirt which is worth it right there. Oh the music you ask? Well son, if you dig when XTC got arty or watts bass playing on DOS. Then this interesting mix of psuedo prog punk will be your thing. This music is frenetic and whimsical. You know like a crazy persons must feel like with an entire circus of clowns going nuts in the inner lobe of their brains. The featured track “Ygolohcysp”, which if you were backing up into my blog you would see in your rearview mirror what this really spells. So tricky these Dada-o-ist. The lead track totally samples Trio and their tune Da Da Da and then they just blow it out from there. The lyrics are all in Italy so we have no clue what they actually singing about but the mood is totall fun. This music is brought you by Ghost Records. One listen through and you’ll feel nuts. Trust me.

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Singles & Bands to Watch: The Silence Kit, Lines West, Buffalo Sex Change

Singles & Bands to Watch: The Silence Kit, Lines West, Buffalo Sex Change

Lines West - Stop Look Listen
Lines West – Never judge a band with their obessions with trains. I know there are train people as I tend to be one every once in awhile but prefer the bus. Don’t ask. The answer is boring. However, this album by Lines West has all of the elements we love about Fountains of Wayne, Nada Surf all mixed in this alt-country kind of tinge with perfectly crafted pop songs that should be all over terrestrial radio at the very least. Founded by John Radzin and Brian Larney via Bridgeport, Connecticut. This is the good shit with a nice balance of keyboards, piano and well placed harmonies and smart song writing. Great for Sunday mornings driving over bridges vacation bound somewhere. Buy Itunes | Amazon | Visit:

DOWNLOAD: Down To Me MP3 by Lines West from Stop Look and Listen

The Silence Kit album review
The Silence Kit has been making original alternative indie rock for awhile now and every track is crafted with care. We respect this and it comes through very clearly these guys know what they are doing. Here’s a cool song equaly parts baritone new wave vocals with some Haircut 100 thrown in this song called “Looking through” Swizzlings keyboards and a mix of Cure-esque simplicity from their new album Watershed. Check out their deep catalog on their bandcamp. If you love all the amazing sounds of real 80’s alternative then dig this man.

Buffalo Sex Change
Buffalo Sex Change – Here’s something for all you slow psych fans from upstate NY via Dadstache Records. Think Velvet Underground doing whip-its with the Black Angels and you shall have a Buffalo Sex Change experience. Order this debut on cassette you freaks from their bandcamp store. For fans of early Jesus and Mary Chain.

All three of these bands are awesome and you are welcome.
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Singles & Bands to Watch: The Tallest Tree, Immigrant Union and Captain Baby

Singles & Bands to Watch: The Tallest Tree, Immigrant Union and Captain Baby

The Tallest Tree single indie rock

Here’s a debut single from Dundas, Ontario, Canada by a band called The Tallest Tree. Super cute power-pop all packed in nice little romp down inde rock lane called “Boat”. Two of the three are married in the trio. I swear I listened to this tunee 4x times in row. Definitely should be single for your summer twitter crush playlsit so go download it from their soundcloud space and give them a good stalking on their website.


immigrant union single review

Check out this video of a song called “I Can’t Return” by Immigrant Union, which features Brent DeBoer of The Dandy Warhols. This is the first single from their fourth coming album calledAnyway to be released Sept 23rd, 2014. It’s pysch-pop. There is dude making out with a very hot chick then he has regrets and jumps out of plane because of another girl stuck in his phone. I don’t know maybe another Twitter tryst romance gone wrong? Call me crazy. This terantino-esque video was shot in the desert somewhere and was Directed by Mike Bruce (Noel Gallagher, Black Mountain, Paul McCartney) and stars Omar Doom (Inglorious Bastards) and Carolyn Stotesbery (Love and Mercy). Yes, this is hollywood baby. The tune is super hooky and twisty so makes it good also for a classy single and another tune for your mix-tape. Check out their site for the latest.


From sunset alliance here’s Captain Baby and a track called “Olive In the Ocean”. I think I like this mostly because the face painting has been taken to the next level. I could do without the 16th notes never changing but the singing is pretty cool. Just watch you’ll see what I mean. Their front-man guy and artist Asher Rogers has fun in his role being unserious. This track is the single from their debut called Sugar Ox. Very creative. A music is a little 00’s derivative but still twists and turns in the right places. Thankfully it’s not all EDM at which point we would just burn this part of the internet if bands like this didn’t try to be arty. Which is rare so we like this a fuggin lot. Ok? Check out the rest of their album on bandcamp.


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Soundcloud Singles: new Jeff Tweedy, Pissed Jeans, Chris Staples, and Speedy Ortiz

Soundcloud Singles: new Jeff Tweedy, Pissed Jeans, Chris Staples, and Speedy Ortiz

Pissed Jeans single sub pop

New from Pissed Jeans‘ from their coming record called ‘Shallow‘ out October 7th on Sub Pop. Here is a single called “Boring Girls”. Sorta grinding drunk noise with some yelping and banter. If the guy from The Falls got really, really wasted. We dig it.

Switching up gears somewhat here’s Chris Staples “Hold Onto Something” on Barzuk. With 60’s sounding vibe future soudns and acoustic sparsly record from a release called American Soft. If you like Spoon, Wilco and Grandaddy this is a nice mix of those three.

New Jeff Tweedy and son and a song a called “Wait for Love” via dBpm Records. It’s simple with a couple acoustic layers.

Speedy Ortiz - “Bigger Party” – you can download this track for FREE at beginning July 14. Sadie is the queen of the underground. Big fans around here of her band.Guitar jams like pavement meets the sonic youths. You decide.

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Singles and Bands to Watch: Yes Sunshine, Friendly Faux, Colour of Bone, Drunk Robots & Ryan Joseph Anderson

Singles and Bands to Watch: Yes Sunshine, Friendly Faux, Colour of Bone, Drunk Robots & Ryan Joseph Anderson

Here’s the latest singles and bands to watch with some really great tunes and sounds from the US and across the pond.

Yes Sunshine band mint 400 records

Recently added to the Mint 400 Records roster is a fast mod psyche band called Yes Sunshine from Coventry,England. We think they embody that fast paced feel we dig from UK type bands like Pete and The Pirates and a more polished version of The Jam.
Yes Sunshine band on Mint 400 Records
Here’s a quick 5 question interview with the band Yest Sunshine to peak your interest. They will be featured on the coming Mint 400 Records Compilation “Patchwork” which is due out this September! So watch our twitter space for more.

What genre of music do you consider your work to be? Who are your major influences?
Well we consider our music to be a mixture of indie,rock,and punk. We are heavily influenced by artists such Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, Oasis, Pixies, Libertines and of course The Beatles.
What are your songs about? (What specific themes do they cover?)
Well our songs are mainly about, social observations, experiences, teenage angst, and I guess you could say of course love and girls.

What are the differences you see between US rock and British rock at the present moment?
At present we are really enjoying the current New York scene. Bands like Skaters and Drowners are really influencing us. I think there is a visible punk vibe at the minute that new wave UK bands are representing more than US bands.

What has been your biggest challenge as a songwriters? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?
The biggest challenge has been over coming the brick wall. Some days nothing clicks, tensions run high and you can’t even string a sentence of lyrics together. We find that the process of song writing can’t be forced. If it’s going to happen, it will happen when it’s ready. When it does, everything falls into place and everything flows. There’s a buzz and you know you’ve got a worthy song.

What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?
Be committed. Make the necessary sacrifices. Never give up. And practice, practice, practice.

Friendly Faux three left EP review
Psyche, Grunge, Alternative rock whatever it is if it has distortion delivered like Friendly Faux we like it and if they “don’t make any rights” is what I’m usually known to say to my driver when I’m skunk drunk I think we’ll get along here people. We’re super simple this way especially if the bass player is digging in like he is in this mother fucker. Seriously, check out these Columbus Ohio rocksters who can swing the blues big time if they want and rock it out with a few classic arena rock Alice in Chains type backing vocals but yet keep it dirty like a diesel monster truck drag racing down main street. I’m a sucker for power trios and these guys hit it and quit it in all the right places with their no frills rock. These tunes are from their second digital release EP called Three Lefts and we think you should grab the whole thing from them on their bandcamp. The s/t lead track is the dope we’re talking about and make it one louder.

DOWNLOAD: three lefts MP3

Colour of Bone sympathiser single

Next up is the UK’s Colour of Bone – which is this weird electronic mix of big house bass romp and roc-rave music on their single called “THE SUPERSTITIOUS TWIST”; whilst I’m not sure why all songs must yell at me in capital letters. This one at 80hz is sure to leave you a little deaf perhaps. The artwork is explosive in that BIG DATA kind of way but i guess people like their head exploding. Classify ‘Sympathiser’ under Alt-Elec-Rock along with your mescaline and speed. This music brings out certain musical texture you don’t actually need to be high to understand. It grunges out when need when the Beasties bring that beat around.

Drunk Robots glorious noise

I don’t know much about this electronic slow dub project called Drunk Robots from Portugal but I like it. Here’s a track called “have you seen my glasses” from the 22 track album organiosed. Good experimentation with noise, ambient sounds and electronic rock. Pretty mellow but not put you to sleep mellow. Creepy yet carries a melody like Air intrumentals. Drop-off and explore Drunk Robots.

“Fortune and Fate” by Ryan Joseph Anderson from his record The Weaver’s Broom, which was recorded in Nashville by engineer/producer Andrja Tokic (known for his work with Alabama Shakes). Good alt country. Very dark stop motion video which is back by a great whiskey voice teetering on to raspy but much better than Deer Tick’s country swagger. We like this Ryan Joseph Anderson fella.

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