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Claude Coleman Jr – on a “Summer Road” with another great Amandla Jam

SINGLE REVIEW: “Summer Road” is a great closer for the Summer of 2014. Fuck, so much ear-candy on this song. He of course has fucking phasers on the drums. Classic Claude move – smoother than a brazillian waxing with plenty … Continue reading

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Singles & Bands to Watch: Dead Waves, Street Eaters, Weird Womb and Hive Bent

Lots of heavy as shit singles and bands to watch for you today on review stalker. Keep things coming and know that we do listen and share things first on our soundcloud. To start check out the A-side off this … Continue reading

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Made Violent: Buffalo Gone Beautifully Violent….

SINGLE REVIEW: Made Violent – Buffalo is your typical sleepy, usually cloudy, upstate NY blue collar type of city and was once my old stomping ground, when I attended SUNY Buffalo in the early to mid-90s. ┬áNo, not “Buff State”, … Continue reading

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Belgian Fog – “You Drive Me To Madness” (Single)

SINGLE REVIEW: Seattle’s Robert Dale, aka Belgian Fog, wraps the ghostly apparition of Bryan Ferry into a coolly detached mist of dance floor dry ice in their ridiculously catchy, John Goodmanson-produced new single “You Drive Me To Madness.” This follow-up … Continue reading

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Singles: “Taste the Diff” by Obits + Those Foreign Kids

SINGLE REVIEWS: Fuck, I know it was Bon Scott’s Birthday the other day but Rick’s voice is sounding a little blown out like he’s just had to many smokes or he’s on the whiskey. It’s a really gritty throbbing song … Continue reading

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Single Review: We Are Scientists “Something About you”

MUSIC REVIEW: oh this band… Lots of harmonies and nice guitar with subtle touches alla Johnny Marr; are what is We Are Scientists. This new A-Side is strictly for indie pop fans. “Something About You” is coming out on heavy … Continue reading

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Sleep Sleep Morning Light electronica Single

SINGLE REVIEW: If godflesh were 50% a little mellower and Air a little more agressive that is where this electric jam by Sleep Sleep falls comfortably with a mix with the spacial sounds of the flaming lips in mind. You … Continue reading

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Single Review – Crystal Garden (Lasers VI) by Relaxer

SINGLE REVIEW: This song floored me like a blast in the face from a whip-it. Really. Made me feel pretty lazy as a musician, ‘cuz these dudes have some serious chops. You can safely call Relaxer progressive, as they are … Continue reading

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Single Review – When I’m Dead by The Dead Heads

SINGLE REVIEW: The first song I listened to this morning was the new single “When I’m Dead” by the Aussie band, The Dead Heads. It was a good way to wake up. I’ve heard writers using words like “grunge” and … Continue reading

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Single Review from In Planetery Sugar by ATRINA

“a Drone” by ATRINA from atrinamusic on Vimeo. SINGLE REVIEW: Dear America, somewhere in Connecticut is a band called ATRINA. Which has a new video and single called “a Drone” in support of the album called In Planetery Sugar. At … Continue reading

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