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Made Violent: Buffalo Gone Beautifully Violent….

SINGLE REVIEW: Made Violent – Buffalo is your typical sleepy, usually cloudy, upstate NY blue collar type of city and was once my old stomping ground, when I attended SUNY Buffalo in the early to mid-90s.  No, not “Buff State”, … Continue reading

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Belgian Fog – “You Drive Me To Madness” (Single)

SINGLE REVIEW: Seattle’s Robert Dale, aka Belgian Fog, wraps the ghostly apparition of Bryan Ferry into a coolly detached mist of dance floor dry ice in their ridiculously catchy, John Goodmanson-produced new single “You Drive Me To Madness.” This follow-up … Continue reading

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Singles: “Taste the Diff” by Obits + Those Foreign Kids

SINGLE REVIEWS: Fuck, I know it was Bon Scott’s Birthday the other day but Rick’s voice is sounding a little blown out like he’s just had to many smokes or he’s on the whiskey. It’s a really gritty throbbing song … Continue reading

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Single Review: We Are Scientists “Something About you”

MUSIC REVIEW: oh this band… Lots of harmonies and nice guitar with subtle touches alla Johnny Marr; are what is We Are Scientists. This new A-Side is strictly for indie pop fans. “Something About You” is coming out on heavy … Continue reading

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Sleep Sleep Morning Light electronica Single

SINGLE REVIEW: If godflesh were 50% a little mellower and Air a little more agressive that is where this electric jam by Sleep Sleep falls comfortably with a mix with the spacial sounds of the flaming lips in mind. You … Continue reading

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Single Review – Crystal Garden (Lasers VI) by Relaxer

SINGLE REVIEW: This song floored me like a blast in the face from a whip-it. Really. Made me feel pretty lazy as a musician, ‘cuz these dudes have some serious chops. You can safely call Relaxer progressive, as they are … Continue reading

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Single Review – When I’m Dead by The Dead Heads

SINGLE REVIEW: The first song I listened to this morning was the new single “When I’m Dead” by the Aussie band, The Dead Heads. It was a good way to wake up. I’ve heard writers using words like “grunge” and … Continue reading

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Single Review from In Planetery Sugar by ATRINA

“a Drone” by ATRINA from atrinamusic on Vimeo. SINGLE REVIEW: Dear America, somewhere in Connecticut is a band called ATRINA. Which has a new video and single called “a Drone” in support of the album called In Planetery Sugar. At … Continue reading

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Single Review: Wildlife Control – Ages Places to love space

SINGLE REVIEW: We know we’re late to this party but there is something cozy about sleigh bells when they are used as a percussion instrument in songs. The brother duo of Neil and Sumul Shah’s band Wilflife Control from PA … Continue reading

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IT Girl please fix my “Neon Signs” says The Men

SINGLE REVIEW: I’m not sure this Glasgow band’s sound qualifies as post-punk or at least the american version of this concept but if you dig The Nationals barritone type singing or Bloc Party then this will fit comfortably in the … Continue reading

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