Going Down In History Waco Brothers at Monty Hall 4.16.16

Going Down In History Waco Brothers at Monty Hall 4.16.16

ALBUM REVIEW: Here’s a good way to celebrate DIY country punk the day after tax day with the Waco Brothers at Monte Hall in Jersey City and their newest studio album in years called Going Down In History (Bloodshot Records). Seasoned alternative guys mostly Chicag0-ians and one brit ex-pat with guitar lineage (Mekons, Jesus Jones, Dollar Store). In the New York area go see them in all the halls.

04/13/2016 Union Hall
04/16/2016 Monty Hall


The rock shuffle number “We Know It” is one of our favorite tracks on this album, respectfully the opener “DIYBOYB” gets political in way circling up the wagons talking of the posthumous world where artisal world will live on through ideas as they sing “you can’t kill us because we’re already dead”. We asked Jon Langford thoughts on playing WFMU’s venue Monty Hall and he said “I did a session there with the Mekons but haven’t played a full on show there yet so I am very interested to see what mayhem will ensue.” We also ask John like where they find the energy to make grizzly music like this still? and he said “they bottle their rage in the winter time and unleash it in spring!”

Tonight 11/13/15 at Asbury Park Yacht Club – Dead Stars with the mighty Overlake

Tonight 11/13/15 at Asbury Park Yacht Club – Dead Stars with the mighty Overlake

Tonight on Friday the fucking 13th, 2015 at Asbury Park Yaht Club, New York’s indie rock band Dead Stars rock the jersey shore with the sneakergazing and well groomed Overlake.

ALBUM REVIEW: Dead Stars – Slumber

Here is a cassette/digital release that is equal parts malt liquor guitar distortion grind alla J-Mascis and melodic rock vocals akin to jets to brazil. So as far as classic rock fans go you could throw in Dave Grohl there as an audible influence too by his long hairs but without the idiocratic persona. Maybe I also like it because it’s a strong 90’s nod to his upstate band called Tugboat Annie or even teenage fanclub. Many good reasons but this record stands on it’s own and is the good shit so you should support them on bandcamp.

Dead Stars ‘Someone Else’ Old Flame Records

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November Listings of Punk and Rock Shows 2015 in NY & NJ

Here is our vanilla show listing selects for November thru Jan 2015 in New York and New Jersey

Trace Mountains Shea Stadium – Brooklyn, NY Wed, Nov 11, 2015

Adam Rubenstein Rockwood Music Hall – New York, NY Fri, Nov 13, 2015

Come BoonTunes – Boonton, NJ Sun, Nov 15, 2015

GWAR Webster Hall – New York, NY Sun, Nov 15, 2015

White Collar Crime The Grand Victory – Brooklyn, NY Sun, Nov 15, 2015

Doug Gillard Union Pool – New York, NY Fri, Nov 20, 2015

Bodega Satellite Fat Baby – New York, NY Sat, Nov 21, 2015

Craw Saint Vitus and Brain Tentacles New York, NY Sat, Dec 19, 2015

Those Mockingbirds Mexicali Live – Teaneck, NJ Fri, Jan 08, 2016

Best of Rock News – NJ and NY Rock shows – Jan 2014

Best of Rock News – NJ and NY Rock shows – Jan 2014

MUSIC NEWS: We recently started a NJ/NY rock shows page on the Review Stalker music blog ( oh hey that’s us) so we can keep track of everything we get invited to go to on our facebooks and are normally missing out on. This month there’s about 10 shows we think you should check out by Lightouts, Brian Fallon, Man Man, Black Wine,Dave House, Shayfer James,Greg D,Reagan Youth, Social Decay,Wharton Tiers Ensemble, Unbutton, Risk Relay and a whole ton more. Check out the shows page!

Vivian's Girls end the band and break-up
In other rock news this week:
Vivians Girls have decided to call it quits as the cute factor has worn off and their new bands are much better with this whole playing guitar business. They booked two ALL AGES shows as a see ya later as noted on their website. The first will be on February 14th at The Church on York in LA. The second will be on March 1st at Death by Audio in Brooklyn. Now shall begin more in-breeding in brooklyn with more off-shoots and who knows what. Also as FYI if you google Vivian’s girls plural you will get a dominatrix website.

On January 14, 2013, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit struck down the Federal Communications Commission’s open internet rules, commonly known as “Net Neutrality” because ISPs are not classified as “common carriers”. This ruling allows ISPs to charge companies for access to its users and charge users for access to certain services. Fewer companies will be able to afford access for innovative ideas and products. Which mean the big media agencies can charge you more for our already sucky bandwidth and choose which website get a faster speeds and connectivity. You should be fucking Pissed about this so help restore Net Neutrality now!

As reported in Guardian/UK Noel Gallager reviewed Oasis videos and guess what? He hates them all! Not a surprise. He’ll be the first rock star to fire himself from his band because of artistic differences I’m sure in future.

BIG TAKEOVER – Heading Towards A Shallow Grave: New York’s Nepotistic Music Scene: New York’s punk scene love itself too much by Cody Conard. There is reason we really don’t know who is who anymore or why bands sorta all sound alike. Cody goes into some details in this rant.

Apparently there was a “Last show” at some place called 285 Kent and Brandon Stosuy from Pitchfork can be heard crying all over the streets of Brooklyn or complaining about people not curbing their dogs. It’s a sad world when a grown man cries for no apparent reason. (as heard on twitter). This is the Yipsters 911.

Just when Vinyl reports record sales because new music lovers are digging the experience of handling the wax. Dr Dre launches beats meusic yet another streaming service! The ironic thing is a lot of hip fans are super into fidelity so is streaming some shitty bit rate gonna cut-it? Check out the article by Brad Wheeler on Why the reports of vinyl’s death are greatly exaggerated.

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Go to The Jersey Shore Music Fest – Lakewood, NJ

Go to The Jersey Shore Music Fest – Lakewood, NJ

Jersey Shore Music Fest Lakewood Nj Schedule

MUSIC FESTIVALS: Next weekend on Saturday July 20th if you are down in the South Jersey area we recommend you go check out The Jersey Shore Music Fest with about 70 bands you mostly probably never heard of. Some of the highlights are four our taste at Review Stalker Music Blog are: Brick + Mortor, The Front Bottoms, School of Rock and The Battery Electric. The shows start around noon taking place on six different stages so there will be an opportunity for you to check out some of these bands, get some music and I’m sure all sorts of swag. Here’s their facebook and twitter to follow the shenanigans through out the day. Lets hope there are no scattered sharknados to mess up the fun. The usual rules apply. No Guns, knifes, Booze or camping. It’s all about the music.

THE FRONT BOTTOMS “Twin Size Mattress”

BRICK + MORTAR “Move to the Ocean”

Main Stage
Sophistafunk, Turtle Soup, Main Squeeze, Jimkata, Echo Movement, Brick + Mortar, Front Bottoms, Aer, River City Extension, Hush Sound, Papadosio

EMPIRE ESCORTS – “Electric Whiskey”

Harrison/Lakehouse Stage
Proverbial, Quincy Mumford and The Reason Why, Monterey, Bounders, Batten Down the Hatches, ASL, The Racer, The Blind Tellers, Crobot, Jakes Gorilla, Empire Escorts, Only Living Boy, Special late night set with The Black Jesuses.


Skyland Stage
Tim Gysin, Ross Ottman, Down to Fox, On Your Marks, Cross Town Train, The Luna Laval, Gifford’s Lane, The Careless Kids, Fight or Flight, Mad Feather Group, The Battery Electric, The Shady Street Show Band, Joanna Burns, Elevator Art, Julian Fulton & The Zombie Gospel


The Atlantic Stage
Alex & the Jam Co., Blendmode, Garden State Line, A Verbal Equinox, Asphalt Green, The Hevtones, The Fax Machine Situation, eastbourne, Reach, Magic Thrust, The Porchistas, Taylored, Chemtrail, End of an era

WOODFISH – “Sunlight and Save My Soul”

The Garden Stage
Mayday Rising, Citrus Distress, Anomaly, Washmen & The Fisher, Darrin Bradbury, Jay Everett, The Small Horse, Thomas Wesley Stern, Woodfish, Damn The Canaries, Offshore, Loose Fit, Karmic Juggernaut, Midnight Mosaic, Morning Fatty

LOWER THE VEIL – “This Disillusion”

The Gateway Stage
Sick Mind, Xenophile, School of Rock, xero gravity, Audio Machine, Casualty, Local Demise, Black Ocean, Back to Good, No More Pain, Shadows of Dawn, Beyond Visible, New Theory, Lower the Veil

TONIGHT: at The Rock Shop Brooklyn – Eastern Anchors, Gladshot & Adam Rubenstein

TONIGHT: at The Rock Shop Brooklyn – Eastern Anchors, Gladshot & Adam Rubenstein

The Rock Shop Brooklyn Shows

TONIGHT WEDS JUNE 26th: This should be a great night of redefined indie rock all around at The Rock Shop in Brooklyn. First on the bill is Adam Rubenstein who was an ax-man in the band Chamberlain. Who is evangelizing his release Excavator via Arctic Rodeo Recordings.So get there early. Like by 8:15.

Following his jams wil be Review Stalker Music Blogs’s house band Eastern Anchors. If you don’t own any Anchor swag you should. Since you already have all music right if not get on the bandcamp? Seriously, folks come for the handsome and leave with the rock stapled back in their heart. Do check out the latest lead track called “It Made Me Cry” on the Songs for Molina Compilation put out out by Steven Vineis which was recently featured on My Old Kentucky Blog.

Sewing up the night will be local, locals Gladshot. We hear their previous release was done up by our twitter pal John Agnello. He owes RS Blog a cocktail but either way from way back during a Male Bonding rant last year. Either-who they will be bringing melodies galore.

Singer-songwriters Debbie Andrews and Mike Blaxill front this quintet…great harmony-laced pop with a touch of 70s California. Infectious songs like “Feel You” and “Running Past Rosetta” should be drop-kicking inferior tripe off radio playlists everywhere. They have everything – sing-a-long hooks, strong harmonies, efficient but great guitar solos .. Gladshot is one of the nicest suprises I have had all year
– Pop Matters