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Overlake – Giant Sighs of Beautiful Relief…

My band, Dollar Store Riot, humbly shared the stage with Overlake back in January 2014 @ NYC’s Parkside Lounge.   When the show promoter told me we will be playing with a “shoe-gaze band from Jersey City” I was immediately intrigued.  A … Continue reading

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Singles & Bands to Watch: Mutes, Stagnant Pools, Milan Jay, The Van Doos and Distortion Girls

Here’s your weekly dose of excellent FREE singles and MP3s from around the globe of indie. Some of them are even exclusively found here. We highly suggest you fan them, then support likes of The Van Doos, Milan Jay, Stagnant … Continue reading

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Sleep Sleep Morning Light electronica Single

SINGLE REVIEW: If godflesh were 50% a little mellower and Air a little more agressive that is where this electric jam by Sleep Sleep falls comfortably with a mix with the spacial sounds of the flaming lips in mind. You … Continue reading

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Stagnant Pools Vs Monks & Melrose

Here’s a couple dope brothers from Indiana in a band they call Stagnant Pools making this shoegaze rock dark and dank like Pyscho Candy. Not sure I need to say much more except we’re looking forward to hearing more of … Continue reading

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The Big Takeover 30th Anniversary Show Documented

I’m going to try and keep these documentary style installments coming. Part II is already done. Here’s Part 1 of the what will be a Über trailer from a truly american shoegaze treasure as Jack puts it – The Sleepover … Continue reading

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The Sorry Kisses vs The Joy Formidable

In keeping with our fem fatale singers theme this week. Here’s a a couple crushers that could easily mystically cut you up with their guitars or voice or both! Leaving behind a puddle of manhood from their gaze if they … Continue reading

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