Dear Odd Future – Steve Albini is not a Liar but…

Dear Odd Future – Steve Albini is not a Liar but…

OddFuture Mash-ups vs Steve Albini of Shellac He heard what he heard and wrote what we wrote about his experience in a shuttle airport van in Barcelona about the artists known as Odd Future. Steve Albini is a bluesman by trade and a engineering purest by profession. For all intent and purposes he is not a starfucker. You won’t find him remixing shit. He records things as he hears them and uses the tools at his disposal to capture the noise in the room. Clearly though the internets loves some good gossips. Personally we find nothing redeeming about Odd Future just some kids making a rukus but remixes and mash-ups are not so bad – we respect the “art” form in a cultural sense. We do think Tyler The Creator and his gang should make as much money as they can now and put it away for their future because it’s not going to last. Here’s a direct quote from Albini’s always more than entertaining old school Electrical Audio message boards that started the war of words. Enjoy!

“The whole trip they complained about not being at a McDonalds and repeatedly shouted for the motherfucker to pull over so they could get some fucking McDonalds nigger. Interspersed with the McDonalds requests were shouted boasts about how often they masturbated and fucked bitches nigger and got paid like a motherfucker fifty grand like a motherfucker. They continued complaining that the trip was taking too long and insisted they be fed immediately all the way to the airport, where their minder presumably fed them.”

“I am quite happy none of them engaged me directly, because at least one of us would have regretted it.”

We admit this is a cheap trick and we’re adding to the noise because we actually like some of the indirect output.

See the full Odd Future music debate and rant on the Electrical Audio’s message board Hilarious.

Odd Future Mash-Ups:
This first one of these is the best one of the two mash-upsbelow but download both and compare for yourself.
King of Assmilk Flowers MP3 by Gnarlo (Neutral Milk Hotel).
Communist Future MP3 Neutral Milk Hotel vs. Tyler, The Creator by Cyclpsrock MP3 (Aka Rob Duffy)
Prayer to God MP3 by Shellac from 1,000 Hurts This is not a mash-up but would love to hear somebody make one with the song below.
The Admiral MP3 by Shellac from At Action Park

Shellac shows:
8.20 Echo Lounge, Los Angeles, CA, with Autolux
8.21 Echo Lounge, Los Angeles, CA
8.22 Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA
8.23 Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA
8.25 TBA, Portland, OR
8.26 TBA, Portland, OR
8.27 The Vera Project, Seattle, WA
8.28 The Vera Project, Seattle, WA
9.30 Asbury Park, NJ (all tomorrow’s Parties) w/ Chavez!

Shellac of North America to Rock Brooklyn USA

Shellac of North America to Rock Brooklyn USA

Back in the day I played bass in this little loud indie rock band from New Brunswick, NJ called Bubblegum Thunder. Above is photo of Albini’s basement where we recorded a record and a 7″ to acetate Ampex 24 track tape. I remember looking at the plans for a interface schematic for Electrical Audio with Bob Weston and thinking these guys are total fucking geeks. Catch Shellac live At Bell House in Brooklyn, Tues Sept 7th which is freaking sold out. Somebody please get me on the guest list for crying out loud. Thank you!

Shellac Digital downloads even though Steve hates them:
Prayer to God from 1,000 Hurts
The Admiral from At Action Park
Disgrace Terraform
Holiday in Sun (Sec Pistols Cover) w/ David Yow Halloween @ The Lounge Ax

All of which I nerdly own on vinyl. Always funny when the blank CD with no artwork would roll-out of packaging and I’m like WTF? I’d think if the record had a baby it would at least be a flexi-disc.

BGT @ The Lounge Ax (note: the ween t-shirt)

From the Bubblegum Thunder Cock Monkey LP: (unmastered/unreleased from cassette – lol)
Ghost Town
Acid Gravy
Safe from Me

Brett & Sandor