Eastern Anchors + Zero For Conduct Split = Melodically Pounding Sonic “Ummph….”

Eastern Anchors + Zero For Conduct Split = Melodically Pounding Sonic “Ummph….”

So when was the last time you jumped out of your workstation chair and shouted “holy fucking shit” at the (un)shocking dismay of your co-workers after discovering the kick ass sound of that next big band? Yeah, I don’t remember either since it rarely to never happens, but I did just that when I stumbled upon Eastern Anchors.

Researching them after learning my comrades in Tri-State were sharing the stage with the Red Bank trio at Parkside Lounge, NYC somewhere back in 2013.  I stumbled across their 2012 full release,  Drunken Arts and Pure Science which boasts a consistent shit-load of hits (“James the Viking”, “Crown Vic”, “Far From OK” “Herzog, Help Me” and on and on and on…).  The heavy but melodic, sonic, ball-crushing of their sound is just that and beautifully so.

Then they released their 2014 single release “Above Your Station”.  I wish I could honestly say I jumped out of my work chair and shouted “holy fucking shit” at the (un)shocking dismay of my co-workers again but I recently upgraded to an office.  Again, the onslaught of a perfect blend of melodically sonic “ummph” continues like a speeding train of alternate tuning, chugging bass and earth-shaking drums, charging full steam ahead and not stopping for shit.  If this track is just an appetizer, I can’t wait the main dish.  Check out the cute video for the tune below….

Flip the 7 ” over and you will find the delightful sounds of Zero For Conduct and their catchy single “Average Marks Makes Shitty Sparks.”  I don’t know much about this New Brunswick two piece except that I like this first release, though I can’t help thinking post-hardcore DC bands of the late 80s/early 90s, especially early Jawbox between the pounding forward, off the rails music and the singers J. Robbins-ish vox.  Nevertheless, I dig it and looking forward to more from them.

Overall a solid release from the Nefarious Industries label…..let’s hear some more….!

Buy From: Viva La Hara Records | Nefarious Industries

Fuckin’ Up Young by The Dirty Nil

Fuckin’ Up Young by The Dirty Nil

Fuckin' Up Young by The Dirty Nil


SEVEN INCH FRIDAY: We’ve been avoiding our 7″ Friday posts shamelessly for months on end and finally here’s a good reason to bring you one. Fuckin’ Up Young by The Dirty Nil. Fucking-A! Blindly and without even thinking about it you should send them 5 bux for making a record like this. The b-side “Verona Lung” is just as good as the A side with it’s raw and distorted guitars. The vocals just belt out melodies and it’s indie rock just like should be. Reminds me of Tim from Kentucky or something from Tossing the Seeds by Superchunk.

Fuckin’ Up Young MP3 by The Dirty Nil

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Skin Yard vs. The Sirs on 7 Inch Friday

Skin Yard vs. The Sirs on 7 Inch Friday

Jack Endino is one of the godfathers of the Seattle grunge scene. Mainly because he recorded bands cheap and fast for a bunch of Sub Pop bands. He also was pretty good head banging guitar player and Skin Yard was his band which literally influenced Screaming Trees, The Melvins and Green River. Matt Cameron was the original drummer before going over to play with Soundgarden. Skin Yard had releases on Toxic Shock, C/Z and Cruz Records. I got to see them on the 1,000 Smiling Knuckles tour at Maxwells. In fact I still have the T-shirt! Somehow it’s made it through several moves and girlsfriends. Sort of a hat trick if you ask me to still have the relic. They eventually broke-up shortly after recording Inside the Eye which was one of the cool 10″ records they put on C/Z. Which was in fact their last official active release. The other notable 10″ had a cover of “Hey Bulldog!”(Beatles cover). Anyway. Dig it.

1. Inside The Eye Side A title track
2. Undertow Side B
3. Drunk on Kerosene (Live)

Skins In My Closet from Skin Yard’s s/t debut (1987)
Hey Bulldog from 1,000 Smiling Knuckles

Here’s The Sirs from the New Brunswick, NJ punk creep scene on Psychic Volt & Devildance records. This is a rip right from the 7″ so go ahead and buy the rest of the 4 songs on this record. Pretty good stuff paying homage to sing-alongs akin to Pegboy or Social D in certain spots. This song should not be confused by The Stuntcock’s song “She gets her pets high“.

DOWNLOAD: She Gets Me High [BUY]

She Gets All Her Pets High by The Stuntcocks from their 10 Song Tape

Descendents vs Elvis Costello Live at Hollywood High

Descendents vs Elvis Costello Live at Hollywood High

Welcome to 7″ Friday again! A little late today as I was distracted by the new 13th sign (see last post) but anyway here’s Elvis Costello And The Atractions Live at Hollywood High recorded in 1978. I found this EP at Vintage Vinyl in Fords, NJ the other day. I think its from a recent Record Store day goody but I don’t know. I got the last copy and that is all that matters. The whole show is available if you’d like to hear the master of pop in his prime.

1. Pump It Up (Live)
2. Lip Service
3. Waiting for the World to End

Here’s a bootleg of some mostly untitled Descendents songs from a 7″ EP called I Don’t Want To Get Bootlegged (1994) put out by some of their fans -parts unknown. This is a pretty rare release that turned up in NJ so I have no clue who printed or pressed it but I own one. The only song on here that has a known title is the 4th track called “3 Red” which is around the “Enjoy” sessions era. Their pop-punk blend is unmistakable in particular with vocal styles of Milo Aukerman.
1. Song 1
2. Song 2
3. Song 3
4. Song 3 Red

Some of the best pop-punk ever recorded [Buy some Descendents]

ExVegas Vs Daisycutter 7inch Friday

ExVegas Vs Daisycutter 7inch Friday


Hydrostatic b/w Trepid

Hundreds of bands have sprung from the very ripe boon-dock known as the New Brunswick N.J. Hub City/Rock City scene, even though some of is straight-up emo basement level variety hardcore. ExVegas was one of the more promising urban alternative legends that morphed into another band called Prosolar Mechanics. EV had a double guitar storm featuring Alex(Saville) the sonic reducer and T.Sands on the V2 Rocket which were more Chicago sounding than anything from Chicagoland(you know jesus lizard, rapeman, etc) Their guitar combo was as serious as a trailer truck on biodiesel fuel injected with amphetamines with a starfire voice led by Amy (now married with children to the sonic reducer). This 7″ cover artwork was illustrated by the very talented and sorely missed E.Gun Aka Eric Gundry (RIP) who used to book The Court Tavern in New Brunswick NJ after Tom Crow for awhile in the early 90’s. This music was recorded at Trax East by Steve Evetts (Supultura, deadguy, Nudeswirl, buzzkill) and was pretty damn close to what they sounded like live. Everything is thick and messy sometimes like rock should be.

DOWNLOAD MP3s: Hydrostatic b/w Trepid

Prosolar Mechanics Brighton Bar Long Branch

Fast forward the time continuum and put the date below in your rock calendar in advance because I’m emailing your from the future. Their next show is gonna be spacey if their latest tune that I have “Primer” is any indication of your coming future.
Prosolar Mechanics Live March 12, 2011 Maxwells!
The Future of Sex from Kitra Vol 2
Primer from the web release Last song of the Month – Orchestra of distorted noise meets angry mountain of insects yelling and crawling on your skin like a jungle of mites on your scalp is the best way I could describe it with a electronic infusion of something ecstasy like.


It’s not a secret around these parts were big on the grunge psychedelic scene. In particular when it about the home grown NJ Variety. So here’s Daisycutter from the Jersey Shore noise scene from back in the day when drug references were still cool on the Rockville label. These folks were more big black tribal jam rock. So if your’re a Monster Magnet fan you’ll like it but more than likely if your a Jersey MM fan you know this schwagg already since at one time it featured Ed Mundel on guitar and of course Reg Hogan on drums and Jim Hogan on the slithering bass. Drop in, dope out & do some crimes with the Shithammer.
Download MP3s:
Glutton (5 mg)
Glutton (10 mg)

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Love Buzz Groovey Tunes 7″ Friday

Love Buzz Groovey Tunes 7″ Friday

Happy Christmas and winter solstice. Heres a four song Nirvana bootleg 7″ put out on Teen Spirit Records(001) from a performance on the Mark Goodier Radio 1 Sessions from Nov 1991. The actual vinyl says they are “Groovey Tunes” by a band called Love Buzz, which is an awesome song on their Sub Pop release Bleach(1989) but most hardcore fans know this but you may not have these live versions which is proof positive they were an awesome live band. Fair to say this is out of print. Enjoy.

MP3 Download:
Something in the way
Been a son
Bonus: Love Buzz Live in Amsterdam from the same tour 11.25.91. This whole bootleg show is actually the Nirvana record I love to listen to the most because it fuckin’ rocks all the way through and captures the Nevermind (Sept 91) grunge spirit right before punk broke and shit hit the fans and the whole world caught on to the band.

Adrenalin O.D. vs Rodan 7″ Friday

Adrenalin O.D. vs Rodan 7″ Friday

Adrenalin O.D. Lets Barbeque

Adrenalin O.D. Let's Barbeque 7\

Let’ Barbeque (1983)
Adrenalin O.D. is Paul Richard Vocals, Jim Foster Guitar, Dave Scott Drums and Jack Steeples Bass. This was released on On Buy Our Records. a few roving members but were one of fastest bands on the planet. Or at least in New Jersey.
Side 1
Suburbia, Old People Talk Loud, Trans Am MP3’s
Side 2
House Husband, Mischief Night, Status Symbol MP3’s

rodan how the winter was passed
how the winter was passed 7″(1993)
rodanis: Tara Jane Oneil, Jeff Mueller, Kevin Coultas, Jason b. Noble. side 1 drums by jon cook, side 2 drums by john weiss Recorded by Tony French in Baltimore, Maryland. Put out by Three Little Girls Recordings, Louisville, KY

side 1miilk & melancholy milk & melancholy b/w side 2 exoskeleton MP3

Shellac Vs Bubblegum Thunder

Shellac Vs Bubblegum Thunder

Shellac The Rude Gesture a pictorial history

I know how Albini loves digital. In respect i ripped this from the actual 7″. This is Shellac’s first record and first pressing. Each cover is created by hand so each is unique.

The Guy Who Invented Fire b/w Rambler Song MP3’s

Bubblegum Thunder Albini Basement

Bubblegum Thunder Albini's Basement

I’ll get the artwork scanned if I have it but below are two songs from Bubblegum Thunder‘s third 7″ on Model Rocket Records. Shortly after this came out I joined the band for awhile to play bass. Before that they were a tuned down trio with no bass player. So to make it one lower I came in. Total blast playing with Joseph, Sandor and Brett. This was recorded by Steve Albini winter of 94′ and released that summer. The photo above was from a return trip to record a full length with Albini in summer of 95’ sometime. I remember camping out and drinking some cheap-ass beer in the can on the way there and waking up with a pounding headache like no other. Also got to play the world famous Lounge Ax while we were there. This music will not help cure hangovers that but you will wish you were drunk. It’s pretty rocking stuff if you like the Cows, Poster Children or Don Caballero chances are you’ll dig this. The link above has more.

Cheater b/w Coward MP3’s

Feed Me I love Trash 7 Inch EP

Feed Me I love Trash 7 Inch EP

Feed Me I love Trash

Feed Me I love Trash - Behemoth Records

NJ ROCK SCENE HISTORY: New Jersey has always been a breeding ground for so many amazing bands. The Feed Me I Love Trash record (1990) was put out by the Rodriquez brothers on their Behemoth Records label and is a artifact of the fact. Some of the bands made it out of the pond, some festered and stayed in town while others bred and get out there. The four bands featured on this compilation were Big Nurse, Blisters, Nudeswirl and Leather Studded Diaphram(aka LSD) who unbeknownst to them maybe brought a couple scenes together from New Brunswick and the Jersey shore starting a whole tradition of quality music and cross pollination of sounds and influences on this collectible piece of vinyl. Sure The Smithereens and others were a part of it too but what they all had in common was they played Court Tavern. Here is where they strutted their stuff a club that was open till 3AM on weekends. Those were long nights. All of these bands got drunk in the basement club way back in 1990, destroyed the paneled sealing over and over again and somehow ironically the place is still standing escaping taxes and corporate greed thanks to some serious and devoted music fans. The Court is still in business.

I miss the small back room bar where they used to serve up 16 oz margaritas for $5 bux or shots to candle light while bands blasted the front of the stage. They still make a stiff drink and if luck were a little different folks would be talking about the Hub City Rock City not Seattle but alas it took just one teenage spirit to change an industry that was doing just fine otherwise.

Download some MP3 Vinyl Trash:
1. Don’t Know Why by Big Nurse
2. Etude in D and C by Leather Studded Diaphram
3. Bitch n’ Moan by Blisters – PLAYING SAT DEC 25th w/ P.E.D!! at The Court Tavern. What year is it?
4. Ring Worm by Nudeswirl

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  • Buzzoven vs Buzzkill

    Buzzoven vs Buzzkill

    Seven Inch Friday: This little punk rock story is probably one of my favorites although I probably won’t do it justice; it’s funny none the less. It’s the story of how the whole New Brunswick NJ scene got a Buzzov•en t-shirt but first about the music…

    This here 7″ has three grunge pot smoking epics that came out in 1992 sometime out on the Santa Rosa CA label Kirbdog Records. The band originated out of North Carolina and was led by Kirk Fisher. He was the guy behind the violence. The instigator of sludge metal. Fans of the melvins/eyehategod know exactly who these guys are. They always used horror film samples in-between songs, real smoke and the slower the rock distortion groove the better. After lots of touring and small releases they made it to Roadrunner records and were later promptly dropped. I had the opportunity to see them several times and witnessed first hand their asinine antics of lighting fireworks and kirk pulling a gg allin drawing blood on himself or throwing bottles of bud across the room; then giggling about it like little girls when the victim could not figure out who it was. I thought it was obvious. One time at the Brighton (photo below) Kirk got upset because Sebastian Bach was asked to leave so he wouldn’t get beat up. Sounds funny but apparently he had the good pot. Kirk had his priorities.

    mp3 Hatebox
    mp3 Fade / On Your Knees

    The most notable of nights happened when they decided to get in a fight with Buzzkill (NOt the uk band) after playing The Melody in New Brunswick. Now Buzzkill (formerly Butthead ) with just Dan and Bruce are 12 1/2 feet tall combined. The smelly pot smoking hippies did not stand a chance. For all their stupidity and getting pummeled they decided after being kicked-out of the party by force to take their vengeance on one of the party goers cars. In the end Kirk ended up in a orange suite for a few days in the New Brunswick lock-up and they left behind a whole box of T-shirts. Anyway, be sure to update your calender Sat Dec 26th 2009 as Buzzkill are playing The Court Tavern for a reunion show along with Prosolar Mechanics and The Stuntcocks. Bring back the 90’s man.

    Mp3 “Rock and Roll Gas Station” from the album UP on A/T
    Mp3 “This place sucks” Tooth & Sole
    Mp3 “Dirge” from the debut I feel like myself again

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