Fantastic Hot Wax by Grant Hart

Fantastic Hot Wax by Grant Hart

(Photo from Aviso’Hara tours pics circa 2001, 40 watt Athens, GA – Grant and his bag-o-money. Note can of PBR in my hands. Was part of our pay and we stole Grant’s since he was not drinking at the time and was throwing out into audience in this strange fit.)

ALBUM REVIEW: So many records go beneath my radar mostly due to my headpsace being over-run by lifestuff. If I had seen this record on the shelf at my local dealer I would have put HOT WAX right in a stack of wax and plastic. This record is great, although short with weird mastering timing between songs; but to tell you the truth I might prefer it that way with just the hits –who needs all the filler and fluff. Sounding like The 60’s in all these perfect ways alla Brian Jonestown Massacre, Costello, The Creation and Zombies, etc. This is the good shit not for sale in dime-bags on the corner or from the indie geek pumping out crap on his computer. This is song craft. Grant is an artist who got strung up and in tax trouble from his early days. We lost him for 10 years and he’s survived to give us this slice of post-husker-du. Well worth a visit.

You’re the Reflection of the Moon on the Water by Grant Hart from the record Hot Wax(2009). This is the lead off track setting the tone to drag you into his world with modish keyboards looking in the background on this particular track which The Original Sins used to do really well too(see sample below). Grant’s got song skills no doubt. Also on the record is a track called “Barbara” in his traditions of female titled songs but sounds more like the Zombies – in all great mix of music and instrumentation.[BUY HOT WAX]

Not Gonna Be All Right by the Original Sins from Big Soul (1987). Hailing from steel town of of Bethlehem, PA. The Sins were started by JT singer/songwriter/guitarist. If you like those velvet underground james where you just get lost in the swirl of distortion you will love this garage band. This is the second track from their debut full-length. They have put out tons of records since, super prolific but start with this one and then hunt the rest down. You won’t regret it. [BUY IT]

What Goes On (COVER) by the Screaming Trees from Unpiecing the Jigsaw – A Tribute to The Velvet Underground Not sure I would have expected this version from these guys but they totally rock it out. I think this song has been covered more times than I can count but this is a great version and deserves a blog post devoted just to that song. [Buy]

Straight Up And Down by The Brian Jonestown Massacre from Take it from the man! I hope to god he’s taking the checks on this one. This song is featured in the intro credits to the Boardwalk on HBO based on prohibition in Atlantic city, New Jersey. Great cast. This record is great to for all of you garage music fans. Happening 60’s revivalists already own it and are familiar with the guitar twangs and constant tambourine. [Buy]