LOUD Is How I Love You – HUB CITY ebook series launch show

LOUD Is How I Love You – HUB CITY ebook series launch show

SAT MAY 5th 2016 at PINO’s in HIGHLAND PARK, NJ a whole slew of 90’s indie rockers will be playing some tunes and listening to book excerpt(s) describing main character’s boyfriend’s penis. It could happen and you won’t know unless you attend. We love Mercy Brown confident nature and sexy personality right off the wiffle ball bat when she doesn’t even take her own advice to not sleep with anybody in the band; as she digs deep in her Hub City e-romance debut series LOUD Is How I Love You.

The show is going to be very campfire style but with full on rock with 20 minute sets followed by a reading or just gabbing on the mic. Members from the different groups will be filling in for those that can’t make it to celebrating words and music from Mercy’s head. A big chunk of the New Brunswick 90’s local music scene will be here and there may or may not be Hello Biafra shots being served.

The book really throws one back to a very exciting time – pre-internet where you actually had to see a flyer, or talk on one of them landline phones devices, read a local paper or hang out in a record store in order to know what local bands were playing in the Hub City. While those in attendance will be tweeting and instragramming like like millennials; what will really matter most is the music that is being performed this evening.
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9pm Three to Six
9:30 The Urchins
10:00 Ex-Vegas/Prosolar Mechanics
10:30 Bionic Rhoda / Holly Hobbies
11:00 Buzzkill / Boss Jim Gettys
11:30 Aviso’Hara / Eastern Anchors
12:00 The Stuntcocks?

PS A new documentary film announcement is coming soon for NOISY BASEMENTS & BARS which will take a look backwards to the punk heyday of 1980’s, the birth of hardcore and the indie rock of the 90’s when music was dangerous and all the way up to the present day New Brunswick local music scene. For details visit VLH FIlms.

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ALL AGES ROCK MATINEE: Eastern Anchors, Overlake, Sink Tapes, Dollar Store Riot, Galanos, Rock n Roll Hi Fives

ALL AGES ROCK MATINEE: Eastern Anchors, Overlake, Sink Tapes, Dollar Store Riot, Galanos, Rock n Roll Hi Fives

What is important to know about this awesome line-up is that it’s ALL AGES. Put together to fill a desperate gap in music. ROCK MATINEE wants Dads & Moms, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles to introduce the kids in their life to music other than what is on the damn Disney Channe! ALL KIDS UNDER 10yr old it’s FREE admission. This organization wants different cities around NJ to host monthly events and help grow the ROCK MATINEE network. There is no hub yet but feel free to email headphonemusic @ gmail.com for advice.

Come see 6 kick ass bands at one kick ass NJ club at a matinee, all ages shows (yes, bring the kiddies)….$8.00 @ Door!

-Rock N Roll High Fives: 1:00 PM
-Galanos: 1:50 PM
-Dollar Store Riot: 2:40 PM
-Sink Tapes: 3:30 PM
-Overlake: 4:20 PM
-Eastern Anchors: 5:10 PM

ROCKNROLL HI-FIVES Joe Centano and family. Joe used to play in local indie rock heroes Plug Spark Sanjay. His family rocks.

the RocknRoll HiFives – "Good with the Bad" from Joe Centeno on Vimeo.

GALANOS is favorite band around review stalker camp and we’re very psyched to be able to see them on Pyrrhic Victory Recordings.

DOLLAR STORE RIOT Maplewood, NJ noise rock.

SINK TAPES – Indie rock from the basements of New Brunswick, NJ

OVERLAKE – Break-out shoegaze music from New Jersey. Features the ever present Tom Barrett on Vocal and Guitar. On Killing Horse Records.

EASTERN ANCHORS Been rocking forever making melodic noise rock features members of Aviso’Hara on Viva! La Hara Records.


Happy Mondays at Wonder Bar Asbury Park

Happy Mondays at Wonder Bar Asbury Park

Happy Mondays Show Wonder Bar Asbury Park NJ

ROCK SCENE: There is a new night in the Asbury Park music scene which has been bringing you FREE shows every monday night at the Wonder Bar all summer long. Don’t try and find out about it on bars official site though as the Happy Mondays music series has its own facebook page. The shows are continuing in the fall with lots of past local luminaries such as Battery Electric, wreaths and others. Tons of give aways and concert ticket at the Stone Pony, Wonder Bar, Convention Hall or Paramount Theater! So get on it and like them on the facebooks you facehookers!

Mon 9/9 Eastern Anchors and Corrina, Corrina

Little Giant power pop of The Bigger Lovers

Little Giant power pop of The Bigger Lovers

The Bigger Lovers Little Giant Maxi Single

MUSIC REVIEW:It’s been 7 Years since The Bigger Lovers haunted a stage and about 10 years since their debut How I Learned to Stop Worrying came out. In celebration you can order a 500 limited edition pressing of this 2001 release. I think we need to check the math but regardless here’s a fresh Little Giant Maxi Single from them. Their follow-up Honey in the Hive also delivered succinct pop songs any girl would fall for like a bushel of un-thorned roses. I go back a little with these guys over the year. Bret Tobias used to play drums in Moped & Sonny Sixkiller and were label mates of Aviso’Hara; as was Scott Jefferson the bassplayer who’s solo work was also on the same label with the Diane Linkletter Experience (Vital Cog Records)- We were a little family of indie bands. Before that Scott was also in Gerrymander Bob who also used to play with Aviso’ waaaaaaaaay back in the Brighton Bar days before grunge and music broke (pre-interwebs). Regardless these guys have been working on their pop music craft for some time and it’s super awesome to hear some material and a show coming out of the woodwork March 12th at John & Brenda’s. This is good for the Philly music scene.

If you dig early Costello, Big Star, Posies and your usual poptopia suspects you can put the Lovers right in the line-up. Their soaring guitars and sweeping vocal stylings drift you to different places like Peter Pan in the night could in theory make-up lines like “classic school girls and circus clowns”. A little dream pop never hurt anybody it’s a good thing they found some magic in the basement. The opener “Talon Show” is a acoustic ditty that is sweet as much as it is a vicious little love song. The regular mix of “Little Giant” is destined to some commercial placement that has the potential to bring these guys out of obscurity. It’s a pollination of Pernice Brothers and The Shins but somehow the song craft is all their own. Don’t get fooled by the “Walk This Way” beat as it takes a life of it’s own with this Haircut 100 feel. The thing is about guitar pop music; by it’s very nature it can’t exist on it’s own as it lives in a fishbowl that all these cats keep pawing at, trying to tip the water but the illusivenes little buggers are fast and ever changing colors. We’re happy to just listen and stare to the action over and over again as these songs are like charms on your high-school sweetheart’s wrist you can treasure for another 10 years!

Check them out live at their last farewell show in 2005

The Pop Sounds of The Big Bigger Lovers:
You, You, You MP3 from This Affair Never Happened… (2004) [BUY]
A Simple How Are You_ MP3 from Honey In The Hive (2002) [Buy]
Little Giant (Dub Goddess Version) MP3 from the Maxi Single (2011) [BUY IT!] 5 songs $4.00.

Misuser MP3 By Gerrymander Bob from Meat Town Shimmy Disc (1993)
Never Gonna Tell MP3 by Diane Linkletter Experience from too hard to DISGUISE Vital Cog Records (2000) Recorded by Brad Morrison
Halo MP3 By Sonny Sixkiller from this is your heaven. Features Bret on drums and songstress Kara Lafty guitar/vocals (Vital Cog 2000)

Sounds Like:
Love Plus One MP3 by Haircut 100 from Pelican West (1982)
One by One All Day MP3 by The Shins from Oh, Inverted World (2001) [BUY]
There Goes The Sun MP3 By Pernice Brothers from Discover a Lovelier You (2005) [Buy]

Rock n Roll Court Tavern Seminar Sat 4-25-09

Rock n Roll Court Tavern Seminar Sat 4-25-09

Andy Diamond presents a rockn’roll seminar at the Court Tavern this coming Saturday, April 25th, 2009 featuring sets by The Stuntcocks, Eastern Anchors, Harlot and from Baltimore LandSpeedRecord![ View FB Event invitation ] Now in order to take advantage of this special offer you don’t much preparation to do except get there early by 10PM EST to enjoy everything the bands and court have to offer. You don’t even have to bring your friends. You will make friends but it would be nice if you brought your chick and some money to drink with.

Sample some mp3s by the bands:

Punk Rock Guy” by The Stuntcocks
Release the Dogs” by Eastern Anchors Listen to more on last.fm
Dead girlfriend” by LandSpeedRecord!