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Happy Mondays at Wonder Bar Asbury Park

ROCK SCENE: There is a new night in the Asbury Park music scene which has been bringing you FREE shows every monday night at the Wonder Bar all summer long. Don’t try and find out about it on bars official … Continue reading

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Little Giant power pop of The Bigger Lovers

MUSIC REVIEW:It’s been 7 Years since The Bigger Lovers haunted a stage and about 10 years since their debut How I Learned to Stop Worrying came out. In celebration you can order a 500 limited edition pressing of this 2001 … Continue reading

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The Big Takeover Bell House Show Photos

Coming soon will be videos and short documentary on Jack Rabid from the Big Takeover’s 30th Anniversary show that I am working on. For now you can check out some of the photos from the show this past weekend at … Continue reading

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Rock n Roll Court Tavern Seminar Sat 4-25-09

Andy Diamond presents a rockn’roll seminar at the Court Tavern this coming Saturday, April 25th, 2009 featuring sets by The Stuntcocks, Eastern Anchors, Harlot and from Baltimore LandSpeedRecord![ View FB Event invitation ] Now in order to take advantage of … Continue reading

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Free Labor Day Schlock Show at Maxwells

The mighty Ff from Brooklyn, Stuyvesant, No Pasaran! and the Eastern Anchors are going to grace Maxwells with their presence on Sat Aug 30th for FREE!

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Butthole Surfers reunion tour starts tonight

Mommy why is daddy insane? What is acid like? Who is Gibby and Timmy? Why are they playing in New Jersey at Asbury Lanes tonight? Can I go with Dadddy? What do the butthole surfers sounds like live circa 1988!? … Continue reading

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