The Bell EP by Post War Years – the invisible remix

The Bell EP by Post War Years – the invisible remix

This great epic soundscape music. If you are a fan of The The or other such ambient mysterious music you will love this remix by Post War Years from their coming EP called The Bell. This track is good for just looping it a few time at your next faux dj sprockets dance party. Pretty upbeat as far as gothy tunes go. The video is warped and beautiful. The metal creatures in it are very playful.

The Bell (The Invisible Remix) MP3 by Post War Years

If you dig this you’ll love this old stuff:
Never Let Me Down Again (Aggro Mix) MP3 by Depeche Mode from Music For The Masses (1987)
Wise Up! Sucker [12″ Youth Mix] MP3 by Pop Will Eat Itself (1988)

Good Morning Beautiful MP3 by The The from Mind Bomb (1989)
Basswrecked MP3 by RKTR from Uprising EP (2010)

Once you check out these songs you will notice not much has changed in the genre since it began. All the same makes it just as enjoyable when you are in the mood. Except for maybe the video quality is better. 🙂
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Your Techo Funk Soul Playlist Revisited

Your Techo Funk Soul Playlist Revisited

Here’s a perfect example of what we were talking about recently with PE & Gil Scott Heron influencing the many borrowing and sampling from the best with a permanent effect on pop music. This can’t be denied.
Give The Drummer Some MP3 by Ultramagnetic MC’s.

Not Now James, We’re Busy MP3 by Pop Will Eat Itself from This Is The Day…This Is The Hour…This Is This! (1988) Legend has it that when PWEI toured with Publi Enemy they got bottled off the stage. I also did not realize that treece & Miles hunt from the Wonder Stuff were part of this band. The singer of course is Clint Mansell one of Trent Reznor’s pals who got him into film scoring. I always thought “Can you Dig it” pailed in comparison to this song and the deepest remix track Wise Up! Sucker [12_ Youth Mix] MP3

Rebirth of Cool - keep it funky Fever MP3 by Stereo MC’s from The Rebirth of Cool — A Deeper Shade Of Blues (1992). This is first of a series of amazing CD comps that came out on Island Records. If you see any of them pick them up in the used bin or pay lot of dough on the ebays. On this next track I love the congas and how jazz really open it all up with xylophone jamming throughout Taurus Woman MP3 by The Subterraneans.

Skimming the skum lefties soul connection Funky Chick MP3 by Lefties Soul Connection from Skimming the Skum. I love the show Treme mostly because it really paints a realistic picture of the musical culture where The Meters are from and what the people of New Orleans have been dealing with in rebuilding their way. This instrumental funk band is raw like that show except they are freaky Dutch white guys! Seriously be a fan and get some of this.

DJ Spooky Subliminal Minded DJ Spooky vs. Dub Pistols (Peace In Zaire Mix) MP3 by DJ Spooky from Subliminal Minded EP. This track has such a great undergroove you want it to keep going and going until you fall down. I think if I ever got a chance to slip this in the party would have to really be bouncing I’d play it twice in a row. Try it! Here’s a bonus track called Organ Donor MP3 from Endtroducing… Which has this church like keyboard part that reminds me of pink floyd a little bit intertwined with a dream beat. Ever see the Phillip Glass movie Koyaniskaski? It’s like an excerpt of that.

CD of JB James Brown's Sex Machine & other Soul ClassicsSoul Power MP3 from The CD of JB Sex Machine & other Soul Classics. Any comp of his best of is an amazing feat in rhythm and blues but you gotta listen with your funk because it’s about the notes they don’t play my brother. In particular on the bass part of Licking Stick – Licking Stick MP3. It’s mostly bass, with some drum clicking and with intermittent horns and guitar playing down and up beats as your’re doing the James Brown. Love it when he works himself him in as an actionable word. I don’t know can you dig it?

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