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Why Green Arrows & The Project Matters

ALBUM REVIEW: Benjamin High’s Green Arrows record Matters is pure like salt. The music and lyrics can melt the ice off young and old hearts in it’s simplicity, confidence and cadent delivery. Ben was a regular young man. He played … Continue reading

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The Enthusiasts 7 inch review infirmary phonographic

I like bands that are born out of boredom the right way vs lost emo kids pretending to be wolves. The Enthusiasts are proud suburbanites brought-up the right way by annoying their neighbors making rockn’roll even gilfy grandmas could admit … Continue reading

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Review: The Gaslight Anthem 59 Sound jersey punk lite story

The strict state of rock is always trying to re-invent the storyline where the county lines have been defined for quite some time. To get your six string on and give it something new is as hard as making new … Continue reading

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Review British Sea Power Vs. The other Brits

Damn the Admirals, Britsh Sea Power was my bewildered discovery on emusic this month. The secret service folks on the other side of the pond have known for years. This band has got all the qualities I enjoy from the … Continue reading

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QUI harmonies and prog rock bullshit VV review

i love sarcasm but not till I actually heard LA based band [download freeze mp3 I ROCK CLEVELAND's blog] QUI now featuring David Yow on drunking prog yapping did this review in the Village Voice restraining the lizard By Shaun … Continue reading

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Sir Indie Paul McCartney Memory Almost Full Review

Here is an Artist in full, making an ernest record that lost all that polish, and if he had to go in his twilight years this is a nice way to step out. He layers and steps up the production … Continue reading

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00 Rock Records: The Ponys vs. The Comas

Hi Folks,It has been awhile do to new baby on board for me. Needless to my days have been turing into night and night into day where I’ve found some great new bands. From Matador you should check Turn the … Continue reading

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Review: The Frames, The Cost of traveling all the time

Live Glen Hansard and The Frames kick ass soft loud and everything in between. They probably can be considered world ambassadors because they tour so much, and maybe even to a fault. Dance the Devil and for the birds were … Continue reading

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Hot Snakes Thunder Down Under

I don’t know where his record was hiding from me in 2006. I’ve heard stories but for the un-initiated Thunder Down Under is a great Hot Snakes starter kit; temporary proof that the golden age of ‘indie roc’ died with … Continue reading

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