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The Trouble and the Best Parts about Record Store Day

SATURDAY – APIRL 19th,2014 is the next Record Store Day; which is now a worldwide phenomenon. RSD is even bigger than Christmas! We interviewed some High-Fidelity geeks who I know hate music as much as they love it, have record … Continue reading

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Black Gold Records in Carroll Gardens Brooklyn

We love buying records and last summer when we stumbled on Black Gold Records and Antiques I felt like a found a little mecca. I was so excited I had them take off their first T-shirt of a mannequin so … Continue reading

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Donate and Help Rebuild the Sound Station

So when I started this documentary project on the Sound Station last summer in 2011 it was really to celebrate something that was pretty unique to my dear old town of Westfield, New Jersey. The hope is that this story … Continue reading

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Gil Scott-Heron televised the revolution

It was 1987. Public Enemy had just popped into the scene. We were clueless pre-adults about to be released into the world. We knew who Malcolm X was from English class which only really came together after hearing their words … Continue reading

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WFMU Funk, Soul, Junk and RocknRoll Freedom

I stepped it up this year with WFMU and this week the delivery made it to my humble doorstep. Five compilations which will take a couple months to listen to and fully absorb their eclectic and number one hit hand-picked … Continue reading

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Post-Mordem Record Store Day 2011

EDITORIAL: Over-all I feel Record Store Day was a smashing success all over the world and as I watched the tweets and the enthussiam eb and flow it’s apparent the fans sort of loosely fall into a few categories. 1) … Continue reading

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Record Store Day at Jersey’s Sound Station

Tomorrow you shall Carpediem the crap out of some amazing schwagg and limited record releases. One spot and item that you should know about is this rarities Tape being offered to special customers at the Sound Station in dear old … Continue reading

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Sound Station Psych & funk Fallin’ Off The Reel

Record Collecting: Another journey to the Sound Station in Westfield another batch of scores all in one fell swoop! Man I heart Truth and Soul records. Fallin’ Off The Reel III is a great archeological compilation with groovy space jams … Continue reading

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Third Man Rolling Record Store by Jack White

“A recent study shows that 97% of all High School students have never set foot inside a record store” Thank you Third Man Records Jack White for this roving record machine. What a great idea to bring commerce back to … Continue reading

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Sound Station Grooves & Collectibles

PLACES: Sound Station, Westfield NJ. You can always count on Bob and Liz to have some great stuff right there on the waterfall rack begging for you take them home. So if your’re wondering where to take a drive to … Continue reading

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