David Yow Vs Live from The Barrage

David Yow Vs Live from The Barrage

Live from the Barrage Illustration by Mr. King

Illustration by Mr. King

We’re personally not into sports that much but get why people do and we don’t think David Yow has dialed up the Friday night radio show yet called Live from The Barrage but I’m sure he will soon. Would be funny as hell if he got to talk acting chops and get in a eloquent discussion about the finer points of acting methods with the fake Christopher Walken who frequents the show as well. This past week “Princetron”, New Jersey music personality Jon Solomon from Comedy Minus One and WPRB rang in discussing a Silkworm release coming out on his label; so you know adult alts are slowly paying attention to the show. Even Howard Stern apparently is ripping off bits as they just featured the band My Dick. Anyway, they curse and swear, freely discuss with no advertisers or FCC to be concerned about what regular NewYawkers or cabbies are thinking about or reading in the papers that week. It’s free for all that somehow is surrounded with great tunes that they barely announce when they do feel like playing music so they can take pee breaks and grab a cold one. This is a 2 1/2 hour show and are up to episode #33 which is a very big milestone for a podcast in such a short amount of time since April this past year. They are totally tuned into the New York music scene and pretty safe to say any hipster that dares to step foot in or call the show which takes places in John Houlihan’s garage in Queens better be prepared to piss themselves or leave crying. This is not a place for weak anonymous commentators alla brooklyn vegan. It’s authentic radio and I hope siriusxm radio comes knocking — I really do. Forget the old radio waves your mother-father listened to as there would be more bleeps than if R2D2 were getting raped in the back of the Jawa van for the show to be enjoyable by anybody.

Tune to their Live Stream Friday’s 8PM EST to join the chat while they gab away or subscribe via iTunes.

Here’s David Yow’s Acting reel in case you know the next Terantino I’m sure he’ll be in your next indie movie or television show.

Some music you might hear on the show:
Against The Grain MP3 by Raven from Walk Through Fire
Jailbreak MP3 by Thin Lizzy
Angel Of Death MP3 by Slayer from Reign In Blood
Fire MP3 by Venum
Tonight We’re Meat MP3 by Silkworm from Blueblood
Night of the Living Baseheads MP3 by Public Enemy from It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back

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Greatest American band? WTF are they thinking?

FOX marketing Dollar signs is the Answer to TV’s latest reality show. I have a new found respect of the many ways the judges(John Rzeznick from the goo goo dolls, Sheila E and Dickie) on the Greatest American band show are saying you suck to bands but you should keep trying. My first beef, after the first round which was mildly entertaining with the dude playing bass with his toe, and then it all started to unravel and be so base (SIMPLE) in their choices it’s almost laughable. I am glad Hatch is gone they were terrible and I wish the singer from Rocket would learn to catch her breath singing, Dickie gave her some good advise, regarding some of the best punks can’t sing worth a crap (AKA joe strummer) but their delivery is what sold them. The kid band is arguably the real deal although cliche in every aspect of what is Metal, in fact all of bands are a return to the same old genres its almost emabarrasing there is nothing truly original. i suppose that has always been general problem with things that make it to television. The train wreck though is the way the backlash that johnny rzeznick is getting. The boos are hilarious but to be true you can’t like everybody and these bands are no exception he just says what he hears. The mop heads Tre Bien! are my faves song wise and they sound exactly like the yardbyrds and the strokes but with more retro chops than the later. Not original in the whee bit but alas; Dot dot dot just urks the crap out me, and hooks are so thin it makes you wonder wha else they got. The band is good though. I hate to say it but there should almost be two shows. One for the Alt country/blue grass bands and one for the rock experiments gone bad. Lets Discuss and i’ll keep watching from a distance on dvr. good luck to tres bien and the Clark brothers