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What is Dreamgaze, Psych and Peyote jams by Wreaths

MUSIC REVIEW: Dreamgaze or psychgaze by any other name is a long jam and the WREATHS own it. Led by maestro’s Shaun Towey and Ralph Nicatro who are old bros from back in the day before there was a back … Continue reading

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Water Graves EP psychedelic electronic music for mystics

MUSIC REVIEW: Perth Australia, I don’t know much about this country but we sure do get a lot of amazing music from there and Water Graves are no exception. Their new EP is mystic. Like fluffy little clouds ┬ámystic. Like … Continue reading

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Video: The Dirty Rivers with The Kid

SINGLE REVIEW: We love any rock music and all things that remotely mirror bands we love. Here’s a new single with the vocals drenched in reverb and delay called “The Kid” via DeltaSonic Records. In this case these five young … Continue reading

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Black Manila’s psych drink is called ‘Fiasco’

SINGLE REVIEW: We like our jangle garage psyche and this track by Black Manila called “Fiasco” is right in the sweet spot of all groovy things 60′s. Naming their top 5 influential bands as The Velvet Underground, Captain Beefheart, T-Rex, … Continue reading

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New Animal Psych Pop from Atlanta

SINGLE REVIEW: This is going to be quick, easy and painless for you psych rock fans. Actually you may have never heard of them until now but I think you owe yourself this if you’re a Black Angels fan to … Continue reading

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Reverb as an Instrument by The Trashies

ALBUM REVIEW: If you’re going to name your record Space Jam there is no way of getting around the fact I’ll think of Space Balls. Thanks John Candy; but if you made a statement like it’s a speed amp test … Continue reading

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June Crop O’ Pop, Rock & Psych Singles

Here’s a mish-mosh of some recent musical treats from the deep within the RS inbox for your listening pleasure. Nothing Here Worth Staying For by JJ & The Rogues‘s EP Stare Down from Fort Worth Texas is somewhere in-between Elvis … Continue reading

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Lil Daggers through my psychedelic heart

ALBUM REVIEW: Florida has some general weirdness. Kramer from Bongwater moved there some time back, there’s a decent agency and an art school in Miami. It’s got modern scenic architecture and a psychedelic band called Lil Daggers. One of my … Continue reading

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June Hunters from Moscow with Psychedelic Love

ALBUM REVIEW: Howdy psychedelic music fans here’s some jams from a Moscow band called June Hunters. If you are a aficionado of Psych Rock and house of LSD’s light touch like faves 13th Floor Elevators or Black Angels you might … Continue reading

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Dumbo Gets Mad with Elephant At The Door

ALBUM REVIEW: If you like psychedelic rock too much then ignore this because you’ll be addicted to Dumbo Gets Mad’s sounds from tail to snout on Elephant At The Door from the first walk. Wedging itself on the wake of … Continue reading

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