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Wow you can embed Instragram video?

MUSIC REVIEWS: I have A.D.D when it comes to music. I need fireworks or something to draw my attention to new music. Either way, here’s some tunes for you we’ve gotten this past week we think is pretty decent or … Continue reading

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Gaytheist Stealth Beats Vs. the Science of Mosh Pits

ALBUM REVIEW: Gaythiest – Holy thrashing power ballad metal I might wonder if this band was created by bear loving lawyers or a small fleet of Navy destroyers. If distorted bass, fast beats, your vocals a little below Geddy Lee’s … Continue reading

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The Speaking Canaries Vs. Marnie Stern

Somehow the kids dig prog rock. I’m not quiete sure how you get to Captain Beefheart from what it is today as a truly misunderstood and wide genre of music. Prog rock used to be a dirty hippie word until … Continue reading

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