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MUSIC REVIEWS: I have A.D.D when it comes to music. I need fireworks or something to draw my attention to new music. Either way, here’s some tunes for you we’ve gotten this past week we think is pretty decent or we would not share. Along with some of our belated 4th of July Instagram videos to watch while you listen. First band up is Blue and Gold with a track called “It’s Only You.” It’s blues. It’s not JSBX but more like the poor cousin of Deer Tick. What’s it called? Oh yes Diamon Rugs mixed with a little bit of that Jack White greatness. They got a vibe. So check it out.

Here is… It Came Without Warning​.​.​.​As Most Disasters Do. Sorta proggy with movie samples. I hope they don’t get sued but if you like Don Cab and or Shellac this might be your bag. Lots of guitar swank and arpeggios masked with delays. No Eddie Van Halen in this band but more like Godspeed You! Black Emperor or some other off-shoot like that. It’s space rock. Fuck this band is called Cmn ineed yr hlp from Chicago. I give up on vwls.

Gaytheist Stealth Beats Vs. the Science of Mosh Pits

Gaytheist Stealth Beats Vs. the Science of Mosh Pits

Gaytheist Stealth Beats Album Review
ALBUM REVIEW: Gaythiest – Holy thrashing power ballad metal I might wonder if this band was created by bear loving lawyers or a small fleet of Navy destroyers. If distorted bass, fast beats, your vocals a little below Geddy Lee’s range almost gang style but definitely singing is your thing. Stealth Beats might just album you’ll need in fast moving vehicle to keep up with the mother fucker racing you in their 18 wheeler semi who is doing trucker crank. Now you might not partake in that nasty shit but you would challenge their notion of metal. Brought to you by the fine folks at good to die records. In summary if you need a pump of adrenalin mixed with the need to race down the highway in your muscle car then the Gaytheist’s Stealth Beats might be the thing that will allow you to own your next Mosh Pit encounter.

Now if you attend one of their shows (see tour listing below) this coming March on the left coast please keep the following in mind. Human collective behaviors at concerts vary considerably with social context. For example, lane formation in pedestrian traffic, jamming during escape panic, and sports waves (I don’t think these are particularly Mexican see ref PDF link) at sporting events are emergent phenomena that have been observed in specific social settings. A bunch of students at Cornell University have studied large crowds and attendees of people under the extreme conditions typically found at heavy metal concerts. Often resulting in injuries [or maybe Death -Ed], the collective mood is influenced by the combination of loud, fast music (hitting the over 130 dB mark involume, or as fast as 350 beats per minute, synchronized with bright, flashing lights, and frequent intoxication [Cheap beer may also be involved – Ed].

This variety and magnitude of stimuli are atypical of more moderate settings, and contribute to the collective behaviors that were studied for Mosh Pits. The study goes with something about qualitatively that the phenomenon resembles the kinetics of gaseous particles, even though moshers are self-propelled agents that experience dissipative collisions.

Gaythiest Tour Most-Pit Dates:
FRI MAR 8 – Portland, OR @ Branx (w/ Lord Dying, Atriarch, Nether Regions)
SAT MAR 9 – Boise, ID @ The Shredder (w/ Wolfang, The Unhallowed)
SUN MAR 10 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Urban Lounge (w/ Worst Friends, Yaktooth, Rile & Baby Gurl)
MON MAR 11 – Denver, CO @ 3 Kings (w/ Glass Hits & Joy Subtraction)
TUES MAR 12 – Albuquerque, NM @ Peace & Justice Center (w/ Gusher, Ether Island)
WEDS MAR 13 – Tucson, AZ @ District Tavern
THURS MAR 14 – Los Angeles, CA @ Silverlake Lounge (w/ Totimoshi, Stripper Pussy, Dolphins-N-Shit)
FRI MAR 15 – San Francisco, CA @ Hemlock (w/ Tartufi, Tigon)

The Speaking Canaries Vs. Marnie Stern

The Speaking Canaries Vs. Marnie Stern

Marnie Stern
Somehow the kids dig prog rock. I’m not quiete sure how you get to Captain Beefheart from what it is today as a truly misunderstood and wide genre of music. Prog rock used to be a dirty hippie word until the math geeks slowly adopted copious notes and the notion that it’s ok to mix your metal with your jazz. Mostly though it’s just a “Other” category. Now it’s cool. Not sure how the leap happended but it did. Somewhere in the basement stax is the vinyl for Songs for the Terrestrially Challenged(1995) LP which is The Speaking Canaries first release. I have no freaking clue if it’s the hi-fi or low-fi version. I’ll have to dig it up and remind myself. The first and only time I saw Damon Che’s “other” band was them opening for Chavez at Brownies on Ave A. I dragged my friend Elie and Walter promising the guitar riffage was akin to Eddie Van Halen so we could get there early. Secretly I was checking them out as through a friend I was asked if I wanted to play bass in the band through my housemate Brett Martin from Nasty Little Man. Needless to say I didn’t take them up on it or even try out (stupidly) because I think I was in like 3 bands at the time. Anyway, already drunk and sullen from the bar the E-man was telling us “these guys don’t sound nothing like Van Fucking Halen -Chamo”. Walt did. Well at least the guitar tone and occasional note hammering made for a good segue and ocasional leg-kick. No DLR for sure. Thinking back I should of gone for it. Anyway fast forward from 1996 to 2012 and this stuff still holds up on the latest and most available Canaries release up on the emusic Get Out Alive: The Last Type Story (2003).

In 1976 Marnie Stern was born into progressive rock. She’s had critical acclaim early on and been wearing her influences on the sleeve with her brand of Vai inspired guitar tapping. Personally I always thought the Zappa prodigy looked like a goon then he went solo and I was proven correct. I guess the point is once you start adding the guitar noodling bringing you back to the one become irrelevant which is what is so interesting to hear how these groups with no choruses perceive music. They have no anchors except for the drums and the melody if you can find it; is just out there floating in space for you to get it and grab on to the vocals. Marnie does her brand pretty girl makes indie music fairly damn well with the drums really tightening the reigns. If you like her singing I think you may also like Le Butcherettes. End of the day her music is enjoyable. Check out her most recent self titled music.

Get some music:
Terristrial Famous / No Space MP3 By The Speaking Canaries from Songs For The Terrestrially Challenged
I Wear Glasses in the Most Brutal Sport Ever Invented MP3 by The Speaking Canaries from Get Out Alive: The Last Type Story
Transformer MP3 by Marnie Stern from one of the longest ever album tittles ever called This Is It And I Am It And You Are It And So Is That And He Is It And She Is It And It Is It And That Is That Seriously?
Obey Your Concert By U.S. Maple from Acre Thrills