Irish drinking music to get drunk to all year around

Irish drinking music to get drunk to all year around

Shane MacGowan, Joe Strummer and the Pogues
Here’s a bunch of classic irish drinking songs that you should be able to sing along with when you are getting drunk. Plus some fantastic match-ups with The Pogues one of the worlds most famous Irish bands next to U2 and The Frames. Seriously who the hell thinks of adding horns to traditinal string music? Anyway, there is a video below of Joe Strummer talking about how the accordian player rocks. Happy St. Patty’s Day!

01. The Pogues With The Dubliners –RIP RONNIE DREW MP3 (LIVE TV)
02. The Rattlin Bog –RULA BULA MP3
03. The Wolfe Tones – The Boys of the Old Brigade MP3
04. U2 –Van Diemen’s Land MP3 (LIVE)
05. Shane MacGowan and The Popes –The Donegal Express MP3 (LIVE)
06. The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem –Wild Colonial Boy MP3 (LIVE TV)
07. The Pogues and Joe Strummer –Long Calling MP3 (LIVE 1988)
08. The Pogues and Joe Strummer –I Fought The Law. (LIVE w/ Shane MacGowan 1987)
09. Sinead O’Connor & Shane MacGowan –Haunted MP3
10. The Pogues –Rainy Night In Soho MP3 Live At The Town And Country Club London
11. The Pogues –Dirty Old Town MP3 Live at the Town & Country. Guests: Joe Strummer doing intro for TV, Kirsty McColl, David Byrne and others friends.

Irish Drunk girls doing yoga LOL

MORE DOWNLOADS: Irish Music of The Pogues & The Frames

Best Holiday Singles Round 1 from Ample Play Records

Best Holiday Singles Round 1 from Ample Play Records

Best Holiday Christmas & Holiday SIngles via Ample Play Records

HOLIDAY SINGLES: We like holiday music around these parts. We scoffed in early November because it was just too early but now that the turkey has bought the farm. It’s on and time to annoy your co-workers! This new one is a great Christmas split stocking stuffer single via ample play records(UK)! Classic reverb drenching psych-rock with The Sudden Death of Stars on side A & the Beat Mark on side AA. “What is Winter Good for?” comes complete with a very groovy bass line and church bells. Sound very much early 60’s rock-n-roll in the vein of yardbirds. On the flip side sleigh bells get you in the mood for “Christmas Blossom” by Beat Mark. This will be be available Dec 9th.

If you enjoy classic big band sounds then Rory Partin featuring his wife Alexa James doing up the classic live “Baby It’s Cold Outside” might warm up your coal soaked heart. Yup fans of Frank and Harry Connick, Jr. will be humming this once again.

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Music for bad weather and storm people

Music for bad weather and storm people

Music Playlist for bad weather and bad storms - aka sandy frankenstorm
Fuck you #Sandy the #frankenstorm. To hell with everybody who keeps ignoring global warming issues in politics and not trying to reduce your global footprint somehow. We’re all guilty of this in many ways. I hope we survive this natural disaster and it does not become some apocalyptic scene. Anyway here’s a playlist of a bunch of songs about inclement weather, rain, sleet, floods and snow to help you brave this situation.

Playlist for badweather:
01. Smells Like Rain MP3 by Unsane from Occupational Hazard (1998) When i think of storms and chaos sometimes i think of the walls of guitar gutter these guys create.
02. Raincoat’s Room MP3 by Swell Maps from Jane From Occupied Europe (1980) An instrumental jam that sets up mood. Amazing record all around of an indie guitar sound that has not changed much since.
03. Rain Test MP3 by Aviso’Hara from Our Lady of the Highway (2001) A slow jam with best line from a movie. “Give me the strength to die well” Name that movie!?
04. Date With The Rain MP3 by Frankie Gee from Groove Merchant Turns 20 compilation. This is a funky one. We’re not just noise blog here. We like the funk the boogie.
05. Seven Seas MP3 by Echo and The Bunnymen from Ocean Rain (1984) This originally came out while I was in freaking just in Highschool but it’s such a stand-up album all the way . Great live band too.
06. Thunderstorm MP3 by the original Buzzkill from their first full length CD release I feel like myself again This is dirgy punk. “This is a stormy Monday and everyday after that!” Good mosh-part at the end.
07. Rain MP3 by Bongwater from Double Bummer CD on Shimmy Disc (1988) Is this really a cover written by John Lennon & Paul McCartney? I just know this is one of my favorite NYC bands from the 1980s. Period.
08. Pouring Rain MP3 by Fishbone from Truth & Soul (1988) This is one of their slow soul jams that really shows how this band could groove. Also another amazing live band that I saw about 8x I think in their heyday. Still awesome now. So check them out. Nobody makes music like Angelo and his boys.
09. The Waves MP3 by The Draymin from their new one Should’ve Known Better (2012) This is particular tune is very alternative grunge. Nice acoustic song with great singing. Check them out.
10. Rain Bird MP3 by Love & Rockets from Earth * Sun * Moon (1987) There is used to be this dark band called Bauhaus. this is an off-shoot of that. The music was always ethereal, dark and inspired. File under #Goth
11. Behold The Hurricane MP3 by The Horrible Crowes from Elsie (2011) Would be almost impossible for this band not to sound like the Gaslight Anthem no matter what Brian Fallon does. Good songs on this record.

CBGB’s Exile Christmas Playlist

CBGB’s Exile Christmas Playlist

CBGB's Exile Christmas 2011

Bowery Electric: CBGB's Exile X-Mas Jahn Xavier with Lenny Kaye, and Tish & Snooky

Here’s a very special Christmas Playlist treat straight from DJ Tone. Once upon a time there was a little club called CBGB’s OMFUG which was owned and operated by Hilly Kristal. He developed a home where a legacy of bands that defined NYC’s underground music from The Ramones, Blondie to the The Patti Smith Group could perform. Every month these wayard punks that defined an era of music get together once a month. Punks in Exile from that little club with the amazing sound system. I was lucky to play the stage myself at least a dozen times and be a witness to later era bands who graced the stage from Jesus Lizard, Sonic Youth and Bongwater to name a few. The was a iconic cultural destination. I swear everytime I walked by the place there were always tourists taking photos in front. I’d say they enjoyed quite the walk-in crowd. Anyway, here’s a playlist from our own DJ Tone who made this holiday mix called “Carols Buddies Goodfortune Bounty and Much Joy to celebrate the Holiday Season in EXILE at Bowery Electric this past week. We’re 99% certain that all the bands on this playlist played CB’s or at least in Shane Macgowan’s case he at least had a drink there.

In memory of Laura Kennedy, Steve Mach, Claire O’Connor and Susan Palermo.
01) Jesus Christ MP3 by Big Star
02) I Wish It Could Be Christmas Ever MP3 by Lenny Kaye
03) Run, Rudolph Run! MP3 by The Fleshtones
04) It’s Cold Outside MP3 by Stiv Bators
05) We Three Kings MP3 by Blondie
06) Silent Night MP3 by The Dickies
07) Little Saint Nick MP3 by The Kustard Kings
08) Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight) MP3 by The Smithereens
09) Santa Bring My Baby (live) MP3 by Marshall Crenshaw
10) Bundle Up (demo) MP3 by The Replacements
11) Christmas Weather MP3 by The Student Teachers
12) One Christmas Catalogue MP3 by Captain Sensible
13) Christmas Day MP3 by Squeeze
14) Fairytale of New York MP3 by The Pogues with Kirsty MacColl

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Songs About Love & Giving Thanks

Songs About Love & Giving Thanks

Don't Throw  Stones - Thank you!

As we prepare to feast today I thought I’d post some songs about love and giving a big thanks to the Review Stalker readers, Twitter Followers, music fans and bands. All 3 of you know who you are so a sincere thank you! Finding good songs that are a true thank you was hard. Anyway, It was little over a year ago we went big time with the official RS blog domain. Everybody wants to own their own brand. Right? The unofficial one lived for many years on blogger. Not a huge leap really just more control on this end. I basically just promised myself to put more than 5 cents of my time into it because I spent a lot more time than that listening to all sorts of music anyway and visiting other great music blog sites. Plus it’s always nice to keep one’s ears fresh. So I built a better mouse trap. Anyway, thank you for sending the latest and greatest new music so keep it coming people! Now go get stuffed. I have to go work on my best of 2011 list.

Thanks Giving Playlist:
01) Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) MP3 by Sly & The Family Stone (1970) Nothing says family like a Sly song. Such great music for such song that was written during the middle of the Vietnam war.
02) Very Nervous and Love (Album) MP3 by J. Mascis from Several Shades of Gray (2011) Fantastic mellow J release from this year. It’s going in the consideration pile for best of the best.
03) Thank You Jack White MP3 by The Flaming Lips from the Flight Test EP (2003) Funny personal diary song by Wayne Coyne and the boys giving thanks to Mr. White.
04) Inside of Love MP3 by Nada Surf from Let go (2002) One of the best guitar pop bands of the past two decades. I’m on the hunt for the female fronted version of this band. Any recommendations?
05) We All Love Mother MP3 by Crowder Brothers (1936) From Robert Crumb’s The Stuff That Dreams are Made of A very rare and obscure hillbilly song.
06) True Love Will Find You In The End MP3 by Daniel Johnston from 1990
07) You Don’t Love Me Yet MP3 by Bongwater from Double Bummer CD (1990). Probably one of my favorite covers & around songs all in one. I think I’ve posted it at least 3 times in the history of the RS blog. My daughter just mad my day already by asking to turn this one up. Usually it’s the opposite.
08) Lovenest MP3 by The Wedding Present from Seamonsters (1991) This is my favorite David Gedge release. Maybe because it’s the first one I ever heard. Warning it contains mountain high guitar walls of sound.
09) Don’t Laugh (I Love You) MP3 by Ween from God Ween Satan The Oneness (1991) Quite frankly no music fan should be without this record. It’s a critical element in the lo-fi genre.
10) Love Buzz MP3 by Nirvana Live in Amsterdam 11/25/91. This is a amazing live recording. Totally in their prime in this live set. If you friend the RS blog on the bookface there you will find a link in the notes to download the whole set.

Now go make a list and support your local record store tomorrow on Black Friday. Happy Hunting!

Playlist – Songs about Water, Devastation & Rain

Playlist – Songs about Water, Devastation & Rain

Hurricane Irene Space photo music playlist We won’t call out some of the obvious one’s in this playlist but we will say this weather channel business is really put the scare in the upper North East. The sheer scale of it has people literally running for the hills to seek higher ground. Anyway this play list goes out to user @daanvanrossum because he asked me what was on my Hurricane playlist and i just told him Idaho’s You Were A Dick was a good rain record and walked away. That was sort of rude but I told him I’d work on it so here it is.

01: Impaler MP3 by Idaho from You Were A Dick (2011)

02: Turn On The Water MP3 by The Afghan Whigs from Congregation (1992)

03: Ocean Rain MP3 by Echo & The Bunnymen title track (1984). Seven Seas on this record is also an amazing song.

04: Thunderstorm MP3 By Buzzkill (NJ) from I Feel Like Myself Again (1994) – Classic debut track from New Brunswick college rock punks who later ended up with releases on Alternative Tentacles.

05: The Sea Is She b/w Water Is Better MP3’s by Bubble/Gum s/t (2004) – Great Jersey Shore duo. If you download anything you never heard of before make it these two tracks from their debut recorded at Technical Ecstasy by Chris Gobo Pierce from Doc Hopper. They were truly a awesome short lived band – like the kin of Pavement & Dinosaur Jr which Gobo the punk rock clown captured beautifully.

06: Tread Water MP3 by De La Soul from 3 Feet High & Rising (1989)

07: Treading Water MP3 by Nada Surf from Let Go (2002)

08: Smoke On The Water MP3 Cover by Pat Boone from In A Metal Mood No More Mr. Nice Guy. (1989). This record is a classic collection of big band interpretation. Freak out your friends and slide this in the playlist.

09: Ship Of Fools MP3 by Fucked Up from David Comes to Life (2011)

10: Surf City (revisited) MP3 by Black Angels from Exit EP / Another Nice Pair (2011) This is no Surfin Bird but it’s dark, slow and evil rock so pretty much the opposite.

11: Wet Work MP3 by Q and Not U from Power (2004)- “Keep splashing in the wet work wet work, so they can cash in on the network network” Great buzzy keyboard groove bass part on this one.

12: End Of Days MP3 by Black Wine – From Summer of Indifference (2011) If you like All/Decendents type thumbing & bumping rock. Check this Jersey band out.

13: The World (Is Going Up In Flames) MP3 by Charles Bradley Featuring The Menahan Street Band from No Time For Dreaming (2011) This is new soul and it sounds like old soul. Amazing shit.

What’s the story Matt Pinfield 120 Minutes

What’s the story Matt Pinfield 120 Minutes

Ah man you haven’t heard of Matt Pinfield? What’s wrong with you? You must of been really stoned in the 90’s or your’re from Canada. The music industry in the world of DJs and VJs was pretty much catered and curated by him all the way from with his early College Radio days in the mid 80’s to today. If there is a up and coming act Uncle Matty knows about them — no researcher tells him. He just listens and literally gives them a spin. One of those place was the old Melody Bar on French Street in New Brunswick, NJ. He was involved with music from his early days on 99.7 on WRSU as the youngest DJ ever on the air, to 106.3 WHTG Program Director down the Jersey Shore, and recently was on the now format changed RXP in NY. The Music Business is relentless indeed so what’s one to do? Companies buy companies without though of any cultural repercussions.

Matt Pinfield 120 Minutes MTV2

"Hi I am Matt Pinfield and this is 120 Minutes"

“It’s about going past the mainstream and showing you that there was other great music out there that you might not know. And always presented with passion, rather than hipster cynicism.” – Uncle Matt

The bad news he’s off the radio right now but still somehow the good news for the music industry is that he’s back in a big way nationally and globally for that matter on MTV2 at 1-A-freaking-M in the morning but then streaming on the hive when-ever we want. What makes him a sonic alternative music godfather is he really gets so much respect from bands from Oasis to the Foo Fighters to all the up coming indies because they themselves found influence in the bands he picked out of the record bin and spun. It’s not fake and it’s not an act. He’s a real music fan in the same way Jack Rabid is. He reads the liner notes, knows the record producers, seen the bands live countless times, knows their history and has interviewed just about everybody there is to know I think.

His presence on MTV2 is the one thing that is right today,even though NY radio is a total horrible fucking mess right now; is that Uncle Matt is now hosting 120 minutes again . Not the current faux-reality MTV bullshit but a monthly show where they show some pretty “edgy” music that’s not your run of the mill auto-tuned boring-ass pop or whatever it is that is being played in clubs these days. The stress of it all and rewards have made his life a disastrous roller-coaster for sure dealing with his own demons through the years but in this debut episode he plays videos by bands we’ve been talking about recently here on the RS Blog like Joy Formidable and Black Angels and he also digs in the vault with something off The Bends where we see Thom Yourke as a punk. So tune-in the last Saturday of every month for 2 hours of rock history and check out some new stuff.

Alternative Playlist circa 80-90’s for Junkies & Alcoholics:
Cigarettes & Alcohol MP3 by Oasis from Definitely Maybe (1994)
That’s Entertainment MP3 Jam cover by The Wonder Stuff off Never Loved Elvis (1991)
Aneurysm MP3 Live Nirvana cover by Local H (1997)
Beetlebum MP3 by Blur s/t (1997)
I Am One MP3 by Smashing Pumpkins from Gish (1991)
Flavor MP3 by Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Live Tuscon

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Read the retard comments on Brooklyn Vegan’s 120 Minutes piece. The kids today have no respect for their shit music they take for granted.

Summer Tones Playlist 2011: Something Old, New Borrowed and Blue Part 2

Summer Tones Playlist 2011: Something Old, New Borrowed and Blue Part 2

Soon enough review stalker Dave returns from his extended holiday in the sun.  Before he gets his blogging groove back on I have one more guest posting of summer playlist tones for y’all.  Here’s 4 more that reflect upon the time of year.

Something old:

Appears the unusual heat dome has broken and the temps are now near 90 degrees in most parts of the country.  That’s a bit of relief after the sweltering 100 degree dog days of last week.  Some of that was broken up with a scattering of precipitation.  Every time it rained it poured and each time I kept humming this oldie but goodie.  Next time it rains this summer hum this chestnut and try and get it out of your head.

Summer Rain video by Johnny Rivers from the album Realization (1968)

Something New:

The Fiery Furnaces have been making some nervous art rock for over 10 years.  The Brooklyn based duo have had moments of greatness on some of their albums. But it appears Eleanor had to leave her brother behind to record her sweet NYC tribute album. Included on her debut album, ‘Last Summer’ are songs about city ‘hoods Bensonhurst, Roosevelt Island, Coney Island and Owl’s Head Park. The lead track ‘My Mistakes’ could be the summer song of 2011.  Check out the video and you’re sure to be sold with its inspiring imagery and catchy melody.  It’s a hook laden beauty of a tune.

My Mistakes video by Eleanor Friedberger from the album Last Summer (2011)

Something Borrowed:

When it comes to songs about this time of year fellow Brooklyn-ite George Gershwin nailed it. In 1935 he wrote the music for the American folk opera ‘Porgy & Bess’.  The hit song from the show has been covered countless times by so many including Janis Joplin, Sonny & Cher, Billy Stewart, Peter Gabriel, Sam Cooke, Brian Wilson, Sinatra and numerous others.  But when Terry Hall took a stab at the classic in ’82 he ho-hummed his way through it while his “Fun Boys” from The Specials chanted away.  An inspired and inventive take on the standard that sums up the season quite nicely whatever year it is.  Hush little baby don’t you cry.

Summertime video by The Fun Boy Three (1982)

Something Blue:

When Jack White married British super model Karen Elson he may have subconsciously had plans to record her.  Once the 6 year marriage ended her debut album was released.  She had been singing occasionally over the years with Robert Plant, Cat Power and with the NYC “cabaret” group, the Citizens Band.  The album is a haunting countrified treat that includes a song about the season that Bananarama (The Fun Boy 3’s girls) also complained about back in the’80s.  This is not that happy new wave ditty but one that is extremely sad and blue.  It’s a tearjerker that may require a tissue.  Can’t help but wonder, did she write this for Jack?

Cruel Summer video by Karen Elson from the album The Ghost Who Walks Out (2011)

Summer Tones Playlist 2011: Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue Part 1

Summer Tones Playlist 2011: Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue Part 1

While Dave’s away I’m filling in with some stalker style posting.  So while the review stalker soaks up the sun and catches those great big waves of the Pacific the NYC pavement soaks up the heat and humidity making it time for more songs inspired by the summer and the weather.

Something Old:

With 90-plus degree temperatures in most of the country this week I cant help feeling and singing this song. It’s the Velvets at their most poppiest. It’s sure to get stuck in your head especially throughout the heat wave.  Who really loves the sun?  Not everyone.

Who Loves The Sun MP3 by The Velvet Underground from Loaded (1970)

Bonus cover alert!  Here’s a faithful version performed by Scotland’s favorite jangly pop band.  They most certainly don’t love that fireball in the sky.

Who Loves The Sun video by Teenage Fan Club from Sparky’s Dream single (1995)

Something New:

These new brit-rockers channel the Ramones clocking in at 1 minute and 39 seconds of sheer pleasure.  They even name drop and mention that great Queens thoroughfare, Cross Bay Boulevard!  Joey would be so proud.  And all for the love of this pretty Danish face. Guaranteed satisfaction after watching this clip.

Norgaard video by The Vaccines from What Did You Expect From The Vaccines (2011)

Something Borrowed:

Mods rule as they collect soul singles, tear up the dance floor and wear real cool clothes.  Witness all of that as The Who were captured here live from London’s Marquee Club in February of ’65 while being filmed for a French TV documentary, Les Mods as they rip through their version of the classic Martha Reeves and the Vandellas song about the weather.  Try not to break out in a sweat.

Heat Wave video by The Who from A Quick One (Happy Jack) (1966)

Something Blue:

It’s time to chill out with the wind down track for a hot summer’s day. It’s so beautifully haunting.  Follow it up  with a big ol’ glass of ice cold chardonnay or sparking rose.

Summer Wine video by Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood from  Nancy & Lee (1968)

Stay tuned for part 2 sometime next week.  Try and keep cool.

American Independence & 4th of July Songs

American Independence & 4th of July Songs

American US upside down flag

...And we want to be free to kick out the jams

It used to be that there was nothing more American than beer, bar-b-ques, Air Conditioners, TVs, car washes, and rock music. You could always count on things that were made proudly in the good ole’ U.S.A. We know where this went. However, the one thing though that will always remain true is on this very short playlist is american made rock-n-roll until they figure out how to outsource that shit. Ok with the exception of the U2 track you know what I am getting at. Here’s some choice ones. Happy 4th!

Kick Out The Jams MP3 by The MC5
4th Of July MP3 by U2 from Unforgettable Fire
Youth of America MP3 by The Wipers
American Heavy Metal Weekend MP3 by The Circle Jerks from Wonderful
Surfin bird bird is the word MP3 by The Trashmen