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Pyrrhic Victory Recordings: The 65′s + Galanos + Miss Ohio

New Jersey is somewhat a musical paradox.  Outsiders predictably only know about “The Boss” or Bon Jovi being from the Garden State, unless you grew up on Hardcore, then it the same two plus Turning Point, Vision, Bouncing Souls and … Continue reading

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Pet Sounds Covered by Mint 400 Records

COVERS: Today in the covers bin is a whole concept. A whole album in fact from front to back of the famous Beach Boys album Pet Sounds. Mint 400 Records presents bands like The Duke of Norfolk, Fairmont, Cropduster, Michael … Continue reading

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ALBUM REVIEW: Little did these two bands know that their last performance would leave behind rubble and a set of burnt out souls. I’m of course talking about the fire that destroyed the Sound Station in Westfield where above video … Continue reading

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Songs about your Suburban Town

All towns have stories. Sometimes it’s just nice historical folklore or a tale about some out of the ordinary or weird thing somebody did. These are songs that remind me of the suburban town Westfield NJ. This could be your … Continue reading

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117 Seventeen Songs

Quickie Music Review: Seventeen(17) Maine Songs is music performed by Jersey indie rocker and multi-instrumentalists Ben Ross. He has a bunch of other projects of which this is the “pop” music. Reminds us of Matt Pond PA band and guitar … Continue reading

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Sound Station Psych & funk Fallin’ Off The Reel

Record Collecting: Another journey to the Sound Station in Westfield another batch of scores all in one fell swoop! Man I heart Truth and Soul records. Fallin’ Off The Reel III is a great archeological compilation with groovy space jams … Continue reading

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Eastern Anchors Court Tavern w/ Wreaths + Zero for Conduct

Most cop cars are Crown Vics. Any kid could tell you this. You don’t drive unmarked one’s in bad neighborhoods without locking them up and driving one will give you a certain amount of highway respect – even if you … Continue reading

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Project Matters Benefit Maxwells – Kick out the jams

BENEFIT SHOW: From what I can gather the Project Matters Organization will help fund and give good advise to young musicians under 21 who aspire to play music. Sort of a PAL for kids who maybe went to School of … Continue reading

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ExVegas Vs Daisycutter 7inch Friday

Hundreds of bands have sprung from the very ripe boon-dock known as the New Brunswick N.J. Hub City/Rock City scene, even though some of is straight-up emo basement level variety hardcore. ExVegas was one of the more promising urban alternative … Continue reading

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Lucky 13 Best Albums of 2010 – Part II

Continuing, overall this year was a bountiful one musically with our best of list deserving 13 great albums. Yeah! Shit I cut a bunch just because they would have only eeked in based on the merits of previous releases but … Continue reading

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