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Get there with Minor Alps

ALBUM REVIEW: It’s not a very long climb to imagine once you are there and in the case of Minor Alps it’s was a journey worth waiting for. The two voices of Matthew Caws and Juliana naturally layer on the … Continue reading

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You’re An Ocean Deep, My Brother by Firesuite

ALBUM REVIEW: Firesuite – You’re An Ocean Deep, My Brother delivers on all sorts of levels. Imagine postal workers being let loose in an empty warehouse full of your unopened mail. With so many possibilities in these communications this band … Continue reading

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Monthly Crop of Singles: More Indie More Pop Music

SINGLE REVIEWS: The inbox has been flooding with music on a daily basis so the listening queue is getting longer and longer. So if I don’t get right back to you please don’t take it personally. When my ears perk-up … Continue reading

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Metal Geek Copulation by Gondoliers EP2

EP 2 MUSIC REVIEW: If you would have told somebody you could play this many notes in the 1930′s they would have thought you were an octopus or a carnie but yet here you are on the eve of closing … Continue reading

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Killer mp3 blogs for the moment

In no particular order of hipness or musical taste. Was just cruising for some new music up on and came across these folks plus a few of my normal mp3 haunts. has been too elitists recently. So enjoy … Continue reading

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