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The Gaslight Anthem’s Get Hurt… Surprisingly and Pleasantly Painful…

ALBUM REVIEW: Brian Fallon, frontman for the Gaslight Anthem (GLA), always spoke in interviews of what to musically expect with each new upcoming GLA album.  Ironically, every time he declared the band was taking their sound in a bold, new direction, they delivered … Continue reading

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What was the New Brunswick Music Scene like in the 90′s?

PART 1: Before todays bustling New Brunswick, NJ basement scene, Screaming Females and Don Giovanni Records there were 6 clubs to play a gig at that were not sequestered or are hard to find in the 1990′s. The times o’ … Continue reading

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CXCW 2013 online music festival is happening now!

CXCW 2013: Bands, solo singer songwriters and performance artists. It’s not too late to think of an idea and perform a tune to participate in the online music festival for us poor grubs who are NOT going to SXSW this … Continue reading

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The Court Tavern Scene Dominates the Years on 5.19.12

SHOW PREVIEW: Beware this is celebratory and shameless plug for a bunch bands that used to play The Court Tavern in New Brunswick, New Jersey a whole fuckin’ bunch. Before the Gaslight Anthem & Screaming Females there were these bands … Continue reading

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Skin Yard vs. The Sirs on 7 Inch Friday

Jack Endino is one of the godfathers of the Seattle grunge scene. Mainly because he recorded bands cheap and fast for a bunch of Sub Pop bands. He also was pretty good head banging guitar player and Skin Yard was … Continue reading

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American Slang for Jersey youths

ALBUM REVIEW: Good and hearty tunes from Brian Fallon and the boys on American Slang. No doubt about The Gaslights Anthem’s 4th release is a winner. Could be it’s own reality show taking place in the suburbs of Jersey and … Continue reading

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Ex Models live at the Court Tavern

I was digging in the archives a few months ago looking up video footage to lend to the Cruel but Fair movie [CBF on Facebook] and i cam across half a set by Ex Models from a Aviso’Hara Record release … Continue reading

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Save the Court Tavern from their ungodly taxes

Open letter from Eileen Albert Family,Once again I am in the position of writing an extremely difficult letter. We have 24 hours to raise $20,000 or we may be forced to close. I know that times are tough and it … Continue reading

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Hub City Cruel But Fair the show

Well the first show in support of Stuart Wexler’s ambitious documentary on the 90′s New Brunswick Music scene was a huge success. I never saw so many gadgets and die-hard fans all in once place. The “Scene within the scene” … Continue reading

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Mr. Thumb Flowers are not Evil

Based out of New Brunswick, NJ in the early 90′s there was prog funk alternative rock metalish band called Mr. Thumb. The group had two singers and a running gaggle of drummers. Above is the cover for a 3 song … Continue reading

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