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Get there with Minor Alps

ALBUM REVIEW: It’s not a very long climb to imagine once you are there and in the case of Minor Alps it’s was a journey worth waiting for. The two voices of Matthew Caws and Juliana naturally layer on the … Continue reading

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Nicole Atkins sexy voice with The Magic Eyes

We recently did a bunch posts of women in rock that matter so here’s our favorite Jersey Girl Nicole Atkins doing a couple covers and a series of video vignettes from her new record Mondo Amore (Lots of love) for … Continue reading

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Ten songs about the future and aliens

Homemade Spacecraft from Luke Geissbuhler on Vimeo. Today is 10.10.2010: Here is what earth looks like from an alien’s point of view. ok this father and son duo with small team of enthusiasts figured out how to send a balloon … Continue reading

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Nada Surf If I had a hi-fi re-discover some covers

ALBUM REVIEW: It’s becoming quite the indie thing to cover things that inspire you. Used to be old form for labels in 50′s 60′s and 70′s to have their big star play a great song by up and coming artists. … Continue reading

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Nada Surf Lucky Record Review

The general consensus around the mp3 blogosphere is that the new Nada Surf record Lucky, is mellower but worth the get. It’s got great lyrics and guitar layers as expected. “Whose Authority” and “see these bones” are the straight away … Continue reading

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Lucky Nada Surf tune out in the wild

Like all good nada Surf Songs, they are full of great pop-layers and not so moldy love themes. “See these bones” is no exception, as it’s harmonies weave and lift the spirit, this suckers got basketball legs down the court. … Continue reading

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