Get there with Minor Alps

Get there with Minor Alps

Minor Alps Get There Album Review
ALBUM REVIEW: It’s not a very long climb to imagine once you are there and in the case of Minor Alps it’s was a journey worth waiting for. The two voices of Matthew Caws and Juliana naturally layer on the music contained on their debut together called Get There that they co-wrote together. As much as two celebrated and hard working songsters can write a song together. The magic happens once you put their voices together as you listen it’s impossible hard to tell who originated kernel of the idea if you were not there. At which point it does not matter because the pastiche becomes it’s own original color. They have perfectly blended together and not just for a celebrated show-me the money single, but for a whole bunch of songs, where in the universe where we revere celebrities these two souls have figured it out. Not an easy task. Granted both with their fair share of alternative hits in their not so far past. It can’t be easy to be humble enough to make something like this light touch album that proves the concepts can work in a variety of flavors. A real drummer here and drum machine there. The years of craft and balance are present.

There are lots of intimate lyrical moments like two lovers exchanging thoughts and memories. We’re lucky they have let us in. We’re all very lucky that they went through so much for us. Start with the rock radio tune then work your way inside their heads and like us we’re already looking forward to the next set of tunes.

Juliana and Matthew have made a metaphorical musical union that if your ears know justice and some of the anarchy happening in music. This is the kind of justice that will GET you THERE with them away from ignorance of what is completely wrong. FUCK YOU PITCHFORK your ignorance is bliss to help the rest of us filter out the noise. The rest of you fans should own this perfectly crafted pop album made with the engineering and the co-producer cranium skills of Tom Beaujour.

Minor Alps Matthew Caws Nada surf & Juliana Hatfield black Babies


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Nicole Atkins sexy voice with The Magic Eyes

Nicole Atkins sexy voice with The Magic Eyes

We recently did a bunch posts of women in rock that matter so here’s our favorite Jersey Girl Nicole Atkins doing a couple covers and a series of video vignettes from her new record Mondo Amore (Lots of love) for her single “Dark Magic in Your Eyes”. She’s remisicent of a rocking Patti Smith and the country style of Juliana Hatfield but with her own vocal style. When listening to her music and watching her videos you get this sense there’s a lot of demons but not in a evil Courtney Love way but more of a Anais Nin old soul kind of way. If in victorian times there was rock music she’d be the queen of the scene. Which is passion recomposed for 2011.

Sexy Nicole Atkins Photos by Lucia Holm

She’s been at this music thing probably since her birth 32 or so years ago and putting out records, playing and singing on other people’s records. A hardworking musician with a mission slowly building up a following from North Carolina to New York and about to embark on a short tour to make her mark a little deeper in your heart. Lets see kicking it off with Bowery Ballroom show ain’t too shabby.

Here’s a Video of another track called “Vultures” directed by my pal Mandy Bisesti and photographer Lucia Holm (actually I think these Jerzy girls have done all of the videos from Ms. Atkins’s new album). This one seems to have been shot in Monmouth County from the looks of it along the banks of Red Bank, New Jersey — one of my old stomping, rocking and drinking grounds. It’s deep, dark and beautifully shot; really giving the song and the listener a baptism.

Download music and covers:
Inside Of Love MP3 Nada Surf cover by Nicole Atkins from Digs Other People’s Song’s – Probably one my favorite Matthew Caws tracks and she builds it beautifully. [Buy]
Under The Milky Way MP3 Cover by The Church Also unadulteratedly good. She was 10 when Starfish came out. Must have discovered them when lived in Australia.
Cool Enough MP3 from Neptune City (2007 Columbia)

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Ten songs about the future and aliens

Homemade Spacecraft from Luke Geissbuhler on Vimeo.

Today is 10.10.2010: Here is what earth looks like from an alien’s point of view. ok this father and son duo with small team of enthusiasts figured out how to send a balloon into space with their iPhone to get this amazing footage and documented the whole thing for their own Brooklyn Space Program.

Here is some music for aliens and humans:
Subterranean Homesick Alien(radiohead cover) by Easy Star All Stars from the album Radiodread
Watch Me Jumpstart by Guided By Voices from Alien Lanes
Like an Alien by Transilvia
Body Snatcher by The Dynamites from the album Kaboom!
First In Space by the band Tim from Kentucky off the record German Engineering.
Crushed by the Brian Jonestown Massacre from the record Space Girl And Other Favorites
Neither Heaven Nor Space by Nada Surf from Let Go(2002)
Space Gun by Poster Children from Daisy Chain Reaction (1991)
Wish you were here (featuring sparklehorse) by Radiohead from Lost Treasures 1993-1997.

Nada Surf If I had a hi-fi re-discover some covers

Nada Surf If I had a hi-fi re-discover some covers

ALBUM REVIEW: It’s becoming quite the indie thing to cover things that inspire you. Used to be old form for labels in 50’s 60’s and 70’s to have their big star play a great song by up and coming artists. Actually I don’t think that practice ever stopped in this case we must behold Mathew Caws as a curator with exceptional taste on If I had a hi-fi. I’d guess he might have wished he wrote the song picks on this record because honestly if you told me hey here is new Nada Surf i would of said great and carried on with my album review. Actually, that is almost what happened but as looked at the liner notes and production credits it dawned on me. Sure the sticker on the cover gave it away that there were few covers like DEpeche F*cking Mode? So expected a couple but Really and entire Cd’s worth? Cool. I have to admit some of these bands I’ve never heard of but acts poptopia bands like The Go-Betweens. Anyway, you can find most of these bands on emusic so if you are hurting for some selects. Start here and then go crazy.

Covers by original Artists from If I had a hi-fi(Mostly):
Electrocution by Bill Fox
Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode
Love Goes On by The Go-Betweens
Janine by Arthur Russell 70’s scenster and musician
You Were So Warm by The Dwight Twilley Band. I couldn’t find this one but here is I “I Love You So Much” which is just as as good.
Love and Anger by Kate Bush from her record The Sensual World. I have to admit I never was a big fan but this song is great.
The Agony of Laffitte by Spoon, an Acoustic diddy on a Saddle Creek cd single
Bye Bye Beaute By French singer/songwriter intstrumentalist Coralie Clement. I could find this track but found something equally as good. Try “Paris dix heures du soir – Coralie Clément” instead.
Question By Moody Blues. her’e a version live from the Isle of Wright
Bright Side by The Soft Pack formerly The Muslims.
Evolution by Mercromina. This band is from Spain and pretty damn awesome. If you go and scoop up a whole discography blindly from any of these do it for these guys.
I Remembered What I Was Going to Say by The Silly Pillows. Try “Music on my Mind” which has a ripping solo.

Nada Surf Lucky Record Review

Nada Surf Lucky Record Review

The general consensus around the mp3 blogosphere is that the new Nada Surf record Lucky, is mellower but worth the get. It’s got great lyrics and guitar layers as expected. “Whose Authority” and “see these bones” are the straight away hits. Like glass the harmonies remind me of the beach, like smooth sand and feel good like the foam on a decent beer. Warm reminders that good simple song writing and tasteful guitars make the band, not the haircuts or lack there of. If you are cheap like me you will go around and grab mp3s from Hard to find friend | Quarter life party | hearya | filessessourires | faronheit and then go purchase / download the record so you can enjoy the songs in order and support the band.

Don’t forget to get the whole new free DJSPORK and REVIEW STALKER Podcast.

Lucky Nada Surf tune out in the wild

Like all good nada Surf Songs, they are full of great pop-layers and not so moldy love themes. “See these bones” is no exception, as it’s harmonies weave and lift the spirit, this suckers got basketball legs down the court. I’ll put it up there with something off of Weight is a gift or Let Go. I’m sure I can’t wait till Feb 08 for the release of LUCKY but we’ll have to see what additional music stalking will net in the coming months. Catch them on tour this month. Barsuk record | mp3 on fuelfriends