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GRIZZLOR – Destroys your alien face

MUSIC REVIEW: This is a noisy punk band by definition. Big mucky-pup dumb guitars with distorted “alien-like” vocals in the vein of Gibby Haynes from the butthole surfers and when you add bigger dumb punk drums; the formula gives you … Continue reading

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Majestico Love is God on wax

MUSIC REVIEW: Do you like Lux Interior inspired garage psycho-billy? We think Majestico has got some threads a little loose in this Rolling Stones inspired meets pico de gallo wax on this new 7″ EP called Love is God. It’s … Continue reading

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Christine Leakey has Lovely dreams

MUSIC REVIEW: Christine Leakey’s tunes are part orchestrated noir, part dark forest and yet very much a real dream. These first free songs from her coming record Tapping Trees in a Trinket Box of Treasure are a smooth decoupage straight … Continue reading

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The 60′s girl pop of The Like is back

Album Review: I am a little late to the game to this group but in the grand skeem of things not really because The Like is retro gal 60′s pop in the vain of She & Him via Downtown Records. … Continue reading

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Metal Geek Copulation by Gondoliers EP2

EP 2 MUSIC REVIEW: If you would have told somebody you could play this many notes in the 1930′s they would have thought you were an octopus or a carnie but yet here you are on the eve of closing … Continue reading

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Internet Hits that retred that sound man

As I sit here on this Saturday night drinking beers and it occurred to me how much I sickly like sharing my thoughts on music for the four or five of you who care. There are lots of new bands … Continue reading

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Review Pronto All Is Golden today and always

The early description of 70′s icons like Randy Newman, Jackson Browne and Glen Frey come to mind when listening to Pronto’s debut All Is Golden. Under the analog edge is a indie band playing retro, sparse and working to let … Continue reading

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Deep Elm Bonfire of Trust review

Deep Elm is giving away 16 songs for free for the next few days. Some of the high-lights include: the spacey guitar rock of Moving Mountains and the big guitar goodness of Desoto Jones. Do it now. There are lots … Continue reading

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Holy Crap Best of 2008 lists

I found the craziest list which I think was compiled by a nutcase programmer. Check out Largehearted boys 2008 Year-end round-up list o’ lists. Has every damn site best of listing — everybody’s list! We’re still listening and trying to … Continue reading

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Stuyvesant Linden Calling Album Review

New Jersey has been producing great music for some time. In fact we will grandstand here and say all the fools who move to newborklyn or la to “make it” or be entertained are retards. Stuyvesant is all parts equipped … Continue reading

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